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Portable Wheelchairs / Lightweight Travel Wheelchairs

Portable wheelchairs are a popular option among frequent travelers who are looking for a compact mobility aid that offers the maximum support while taking up the minimal amount of packing space. At AvaCare Medical, we understand people’s needs, know what they’re looking for, and, therefore, carry dependable lightweight travel wheelchairs from some of the most reputable medical supplies brands in the industry. Read more...

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5 Items

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Why to Choose a Portable Wheelchair

There are many reasons why someone may choose a lightweight portable wheelchair, but one thing remains certain – portable wheelchairs are able to be moved easily from one location to another, and can be stored easily. This is why these lightweight folding wheelchairs are perfect for traveling. Combine this with the comfort factor and numerous other benefits (which will be listed later), and one can see why our chairs serve as the perfect regular means of mobility, or as a back-up solution for an electric model. 

Many options exist in terms of electronic portable wheelchairs, such as the Titan LTE Portable Power Chair. However, manual wheelchairs remain popular due to their smooth transfer capabilities and reasonable price. 

Safety Features of a Portable Wheelchair

Removable Flip-Back Armrests

Having armrests that can swing up and back or be completely removable is important, since it provides the user with a bit more moving space, and yet still allows for the wheelchair to be safe and secure. Armrests also aid in convenience when it comes to transferring from the wheelchair to another spot (like a chair or even a bath transfer bench).

Swing-Away Footrests

This is a fairly common feature of lightweight wheelchairs that are designed for use during travel. This type of footrest actually swings up, and away to the sides. Further, as an added bonus, the model can fold completely up. This helps your transportable wheelchair fit into more compact spaces. 

Safety Wheel Locks

Almost every manual wheelchair has safety wheel locks. Safety wheel locks allow the wheelchair to be secured into place when when you’re on a slight incline, or you’re trying to not slide around.

Heightened Weight Capacity

Most portable wheelchairs are able to accommodate anywhere from 250 to 300 pounds, but some portable wheelchairs actually have larger rear wheels and a bit more frame durability. These models have a 700 pound weight capacity.

Durable Caster Wheels

The caster wheels prove important when it comes to choosing a wheelchair because they’re designed specifically for safety. So what are they? They are the small wheels that are closer to the front of the wheelchair. They are not fixed to an axle, and help when it comes to turning. Some caster wheels are larger than others and are able to be turned pretty easily since they swivel on a pivot. The larger the caster wheel is, the easier it is to negotiate turns and to navigate on rougher terrain.

Benefits of Portable Wheelchairs

There are many lightweight portable wheelchairs for sale at AvaCare Medical, and there are a ton of benefits when it comes to using them. The primary benefit for which many people choose portable folding wheelchairs is their compact capability which allows for easy use during traveling. There is no reason why a person with disabilities shouldn’t be able to travel, and a portable wheelchair allows him to do just that. The features that a portable wheelchair offers allows users to take their wheelchairs with them with little to no trouble at all. Other benefits provided by an ultra light travel wheelchair include the following:

  • Standard manual wheelchairs have large wheels which you can self-propel with your arms.
  • Transport wheelchairs are designed with comfortable handles and smaller wheels to help caregivers easily transport the users.
  • Some parts of portable transport and manual wheelchairs are removable – this is perfect for when the user is not completely immobilized.
  • Dual axle wheelchairs are able to be slightly lowered if necessary.
  • The frames are made of high quality hospital-grade material that can last a long time and is easy to maintain.
  • Most portable wheelchairs can even fit in a car trunk so that there is no need for special vehicle transport accommodations.

A Few Things to Consider When Choosing a Portable Wheelchair

Users and caregivers should be sure to consider how wide the seat of the chair needs to be. The seat width of the average transportable wheelchair ranges between seat 16 and 18 inches. Fortunately, AvaCare Medical has an extensive list of options of seat width options, as well as wheelchair height and wheel size choices. Due to individual needs and body type, it’s quite important to consider all relevant factors in order to find the right chair for you!

Of course, a wheelchair seat cushion may be a necessary accessory for more comfort, but nobody wants to have armrests that are impinging on their hips. Therefore, our lightweight portable wheelchairs range anywhere from the standard widths all the way up to 30 inches. This means that anyone can find the right wheelchair for them, whether the person is looking for a small, lightweight wheelchair, or even a larger portable walker wheelchair.

AvaCare Medical has some of the finest portable wheelchairs on the market. We believe that you deserve to travel in style and comfort, always, and we also firmly feel that a wheelchair should never make packing a challenge. 

If you are unsure of the size of wheelchair that you need, call our experienced customer care reps at 1-877-813-7799 or reach us via email during our normal business hours. You can also find some more information and advice on how to choose the right wheelchair for your needs by looking into our Wheelchair Dimensions Buying Guide today!