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Small Lightweight Wheelchairs / Small Folding Wheelchairs

Finding the right small lightweight wheelchair for young adults has never been easier! With AvaCare Medical’s selection of small adult wheelchairs, one can find the best and most comfortable small folding or portable wheelchairs available on the market today. Read more...

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  1. McKesson Lightweight Wheelchair
    McKesson Lightweight Wheelchair
    Starting at $196.56
  2. Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair
    Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair
    Starting at $548.24
  3. Cruiser III Light Weight Wheelchair with Flip Back Removable Arms
  4. Cruiser X4 Lightweight Dual Axle Wheelchair with Adjustable Detatchable Arms
  5. K3 Basic Plus Wheelchair
    K3 Basic Plus Wheelchair
    Starting at $189.00
  6. Blue Streak Wheelchair
    Blue Streak Wheelchair
    Starting at $194.88
  7. Cougar UltraLight Wheelchair
    Cougar UltraLight Wheelchair
    Starting at $721.77
  8. Viper Plus GT Reclining Wheelchair
    Viper Plus GT Reclining Wheelchair
    Starting at $781.31
  9. K2 Basic Wheelchairs
    K2 Basic Wheelchairs
    Starting at $158.29
  10. K3 Basic Lightweight Wheelchairs
    K3 Basic Lightweight Wheelchairs
    Starting at $178.65
  11. K1 Basic Wheelchairs
    K1 Basic Wheelchairs
    Starting at $147.76
  12. Excel 2000 Wheelchairs
    Excel 2000 Wheelchairs
    Starting at $178.59

Items 1-12 of 22

Set Descending Direction

Are Small Lightweight Wheelchairs Suitable for Children?

While of course these wheelchairs may not be the prime choice for toddlers, many older children and teenagers can utilize small collapsible wheelchairs. These chairs have a lot to offer in terms of mobility and function. They are probably the most widely used type of wheelchair, for numerous reasons. Some answers why a youth, teenager, or small adult would want to use these wheelchairs are as follows:

  • Smaller Frame for Smaller Bodies
  • Weight Capacity
  • Smaller Seats

Finding the Right Small Manual Wheelchair

Most compact travel wheelchairs are smaller sized, although sometimes the seats themselves may be as wide as 20 inches. However, the key point to note is that many small portable wheelchairs, and even some small bariatric wheelchairs, are able to be lowered. Since many of them aren’t very high to begin with, lowering them makes them perfect for shorter adults and older children.

There are many options that are distinct to small light wheelchairs. For starters, they are indeed smaller. Aside from this, though, they also often come with the features below. 

  • Being Foldable: All small collapsible wheelchairs are foldable. This makes them easier for use during travel, when every inch of space makes a difference. 
  • Adjustable Seat Height: Most small fold-up wheelchairs feature a seat that is height adjustable. The seats on compact foldable wheelchairs are actually not as wide as some other seats (even the extra wide models span only a maximum of 20 inches in width).
  • Some Models Recline: Some small manual wheelchair models can actually recline up to 180 degrees, making them the perfect reclining wheelchair for younger adults or older youth. Reclining wheelchairs are extremely useful for smaller people who are handicapped or disabled, and allow increased mobility which helps them be more relaxed in certain situations. 
  • Adjustable Axles: Some small folding wheelchairs feature adjustable axles. This lowers and raises the entire seat and backrest a certain amount as well as helps to adjust the chair altogether to the proper height. This has the added benefit of making things easier on the caregiver.
  • Foldable or Swinging Foot Rests: Some compact foldable wheelchairs feature special foot rests and padded leg rests which can aid in stability and motion restraint. Having foldable or swinging foot rests on a small collapsible wheelchair also means that a user or caregiver doesn’t have to completely detach them in order to fold the chair up completely. Another great thing about foldable or swinging foot rests is that these are perfect for users who have some foot or leg mobility. If they use their wheelchair often but are able to get up and down frequently, these legs and foot rests can actually get out of the user’s way in order for them to do what they need to.
  • Lightweight Frame: Many wheelchairs are made of steel, while some ultra lightweight compact travel wheelchairs are constructed with other materials such as aluminum or titanium. The way the materials are fabricated along with the weight of the additional features that are on the chair are both factors that will have an effect on how lightweight and portable the wheelchair is. 
  • Standardized Weight Capacity: When it comes to most standard-sized wheelchairs can vary in seat height as well as construction material. However, the larger the seat is, the sturdier the frame may be. All of this increases the weight capacity. For most manual wheelchairs, and even bariatric wheelchairs, one may find that there is more flexibility, which allows for higher weight capacities all the way up to 700 pounds. One wouldn’t find this kind of weight support in small lightweight wheelchairs – they often only allow up to a maximum of 450 pounds.
  • Adjustable Foot Rests: Foot rests are important features to consider when choosing the appropriate wheelchair. There are numerous options available, and having a footrest that can be height adjustable can greatly increase the ease of use, and keep a user’s feet off of the ground.

Additional Features of Small Adult Wheelchairs 

No matter how small a manual wheelchair is, it’s important to note that safety is the primary factor to consider, with comfort following close behind. For example, not everyone wants to be free to move all of the time, and sometimes inclines can present a challenge when it comes to using a manual wheelchair. Some things that one may want to keep spares of on hand are:

  • Tipping Safety Bars: Also known as wheelie bars, many small wheelchairs have bars with wheels that can help the user or caregiver by ensuring that the wheelchair cannot flip backward on inclines, causing injury.
  • Padded Leg Rests and Arm Rests: Not only do padded armrests and leg rests exist for added comfort, but they are also used to help aid in circulation as well as weight distribution.
  • Safety Wheel Locks: This feature is something that every wheelchair should be equipped with. If these are not already installed, consider making sure that these options are available. This safety measure is extremely important in making sure that the wheelchair is not going to continue to roll when the user doesn’t need or want it to.


If you or a loved one are looking for a small lightweight wheelchair so that you can stay independent, AvaCare Medical has all of the right brands of small manual wheelchairs to help! Our service team is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who orders gets the right wheelchair for their needs, and we will happily guide you through the ordering process if you call us at 1-877-813-7799 or send an email today!