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Bariatric Electric Wheelchair / Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

Many bariatric patients struggle to find the right wheelchair for their needs. Fortunately, you can find some of the best heavy-duty electric wheelchairs right here at AvaCare Medical! These electric power chairs have higher weight capacities so that individuals who are above standard weight limits set by manufacturers can utilize them. Read more...

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    Trident HD Heavy Duty Power Chair
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Bariatric Electric Wheelchairs vs. Standard Power Chairs

Compared to most other electric wheelchairs, bariatric models offer some extra security features, as well as the benefit of being built to maximize comfort. These wheelchairs are built to be super-tough, yet at the same time some models can still be considered “lightweight” to help the user travel safely and easily. Here are some key differences between an electric wheelchair for a heavy person and most other electric wheelchairs.

Seat Width

Seat widths vary greatly when it comes to the different electric wheelchair types. Bariatric motorized wheelchairs, however, often have wider seats to accommodate larger individuals who cannot fit into a standard 16-inch or 18-inch seat. Our bariatric power chairs feature seat widths ranging from 19 to 24 inches for additional comfort and safety.

Weight Capacity

Most standard and lightweight electric wheelchairs have weight capacities ranging from 250 to 350 pounds. Bariatric wheelchairs are made to bear heavier users, and are created specifically for the purpose of people over the standard lower weight capacities. All of our wheelchairs provide users from 400 up to 450 pounds. 

Heavy Duty Power Chair Frames

Most electric wheelchairs, including portable electric wheelchairs, do have very strong frames, which allow for the wheelchairs to hold greater weight capacities and offer more mobility. Extra-wide electric wheelchairs often have slightly modified materials and stronger frames than others so they can withstand more weight pressure, as well as maintain safety and security even while supporting heavier users.

Special Features Accommodate Bariatric Users

Many bariatric users experience moderate to severe discomfort, especially when walking. Therefore, a bariatric electric wheelchair for a large person may be needed. At the same time, some users with severe handicaps, such as musculoskeletal conditions, will eventually need a heavy duty folding power wheelchair due to their chronic lack of activity and limited motion. 

No user should have to deal with discomfort. For this reason, having the ability to make your wheelchair comfortable is extremely important to most power chair manufacturers, and especially us here at AvaCare Medical! Here are some features you may want to look for when browsing through models of extra-large electric wheelchairs on the market:

Comfortable Seats

Most of the comfort associated with a wheelchair is brokered by the seat itself. One of the major things a person needs to realize is that seats come in different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a full-size captain’s seat or even just a foam padded seat, what is important is that the seat is firm enough for support, but soft enough to provide extreme comfort, especially when a user needs to sit in it for long periods of time. If a user finds a seat uncomfortable, he may need to purchase a wheelchair cushion for added support and comfort.

Tip: Make sure the seat width is appropriate for your size, or slightly larger than needed, to ensure maximum comfort. Users should fit in their seat, but not be completely restricted.

Reclining Backrests

The backrest is a component of the wheelchair that is extremely important to seat comfort. Whether it is padded or not, having a backrest that can recline greatly helps to reduce pain and inflammation with users of electric wheelchairs. All of our bariatric electric wheelchairs for sale have the ability to recline some with the backrest to help eliminate pressure on the spine and make a person’s experience more comfortable!

Ability to Fold for Travel

Some models, such as the eWheels EW-M45 bariatric electric wheelchair, have the option to completely fold in half very easily. This can act as an aid in travelling for those who are not permanently incapacitated in a wheelchair, because the wheelchair may be stowed away after a simple transfer to a car seat. It also helps because a user doesn’t have to completely disassemble a mobility scooter or portable wheelchair. Bariatric folding power wheelchairs are a great option for those with handicaps and those who need a power chair for seniors.

Front-wheel or Rear Wheel Drive features

Some models have rear-wheel drive, while others have front-wheel drive. Either way, what is important is how these drive systems work (free-wheel, having non-marking tires, etc.). Another thing to consider in either type of wheel system is which benefits each offers. Some may have front-casters to help travel over almost any type of surface, making them great for outdoor as well as indoor use.

Height-Adjustable Parts

Each user has unique height and weight needs. Therefore, it’s important for the chair to be height-adjustable and length-adjustable. Some users may need a higher headrest than their wheelchair can provide if they’re taller, so it is important to find a headrest that can adjust on their electric power chair. At the same time, they may need to have higher armrests, be able to move the joystick controller further away from or closer, and be able to adjust the specially designed foot plates (or foot rests), among other things. Some heavy duty electric wheelchairs even have height-adjustable seats which ensure that the user’s feet remain safely off of the ground.

Long-Lasting Battery

Battery life of electric wheelchairs can vary depending on a variety of things. Storage and the temperature outdoors or during use can deplete a battery much faster. Using a wheelchair that is not built for your weight limit is another sure way to have your bariatric motorized wheelchair work harder, thus causing your power to drain faster. Do keep in mind that we recommend not going over the weight capacity of your power chair. If a user has trouble finding an electric wheelchair that can accommodate him, he may want to consider a mobility scooter instead.

Most of our heavy duty electric wheelchairs for sale feature an average battery life that allows the user to travel distances up to 15.5 miles. Some electric wheelchairs may have a lower or larger travel range than that if certain conditions are met.

Tip: As a general rule, it’s a good idea to ensure that the user doesn’t use his or her wheelchair without charging the battery. If the battery drops to about 20% charged, it is imperative to charge it. This will help make the battery last longer, as well as optimize the efficiency to ensure maximum travel distances.


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