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Brand: Drive Medical
Seat Width: 20 IN
Frame Type: Collapsible

Best Electric Wheelchair / Best Power Wheelchair

AvaCare Medical has a full selection of the best electric wheelchairs that are available today. By choosing a wheelchair at AvaCare, one is ensuring that he gets an electric wheelchair that is able to move fast enough, and is sufficiently secure. We only offer the best power chair brands such as Drive Medical and eWheels. In order to find the best mobility chair for your needs, simply read on in order to consider all the benefits there are to choose from! Read more...

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Key Features the Best Power Wheelchairs Can Offer

When it comes to having limited mobility, each user’s needs vary according to his mobility level. While there are plenty of people who can manage with a simple walking cane or mobility scooter temporarily, many people live with severely limited mobility, and, therefore, need a more permanent solution. If one is searching for a power wheelchair for long-term use, it’s important to know all of the features, as well as the different types of electric wheelchairs that are available. Some of the more popular options are as follows.

Best Folding Power Wheelchairs

AvaCare carries a variety of power chairs, including foldable chairs for easy transporting. This allows for more functionality and freedom of travel. Many disabled people would prefer to travel in a vehicle just like anyone else, and a foldable electric wheelchair offers this very ability. When a user is able to stow his wheelchair in the trunk, he is then able to sit comfortably in a normal car seat.

Best Electric Wheelchairs For Larger People

If a user is heavier or overweight due to his disability, he may need to look into purchasing a bariatric electric wheelchair. Our selection of these heavy duty wheelchairs all feature higher weight capacities than other standard electric power chairs, in order to adequately support even those with a greater mass body weight. Bariatric models actually feature wider seat width than standard ones. Some of the best foldable electric wheelchairs also have bariatric capabilities, making them not only portable, but also more sturdy, and durable enough to handle any user’s mobility needs.

Best Electric Wheelchairs for Different Terrain Types

Many of the best electric chairs can be used on nearly any terrain, but some are meant primarily for indoor use. All of AvaCare Medical’s electric wheelchairs have exceptional functionality, easy-to-use features, and are perfect for traveling on different types of terrain. This allows for an ideal level of safety in many different situations and helps people in all types of travel scenarios.

Best Electric Wheelchairs for Travel

Some of the best lightweight foldable motorized wheelchairs are quite compact, and therefore easily packable. This makes it much easier to travel with them. This includes many different types of travel, such as flying by plane, and regular vehicle transportation. Although some of these wheelchairs on the market don’t have the ability to be folded into a more compact form, there’s no need to worry - you can definitely find the best lightweight folding power wheelchairs here, at AvaCare Medical! Our primary goal is to help users in terms of additional mobility, security, and comfort.

Best Standard Electric Wheelchairs

“Standard” is a popular term in marketing materials, but what classifies a wheelchair as standard? These wheelchairs have basic capabilities, and they may or may not be foldable. Standard electric wheelchairs usually have a weight limit of about 250 to 350 pounds, and allow users a somewhat decent ability to travel. They don’t feature anything special and have an average seat width, which for most adults is approximately 18 inches. While AvaCare Medical has many 18-inch seat-width models available, mostly all of our top electric wheelchairs have a dedicated functionality and are considered to be more than standard.

Most Important Features of the Best Electric Wheelchairs

When shopping around for electric wheelchairs, there are many factors that should be considered. This is not only to ensure that the product one is purchasing is safe and secure, but also, because providing a high level of mobility for the user at a valuable cost remains important. Some of the points you may want to evaluate are:

Battery Life

While many wheelchairs have batteries that can last most of the day without needing to be charged, one should seriously consider verifying how many miles one could travel on a single charge, as well as how long the battery will last while the wheelchair is not in use. Most electric wheelchairs have an average battery life of 4-8 hours.

User’s Size

Just as we mentioned above when considering bariatric models, it’s important to know what the user is going to need in terms of weight capacity and hip width. If a user has a seat that is either too wide or too narrow, this can cause many problems; not only in terms of comfort, but also in terms of user safety and mobility.

The Max Speed of the Chair

Some very fast electric wheelchairs exist on the market, but they are somewhat unsafe because their higher speeds. The higher the speed, the higher the chances are for falls and tip-overs. Even with wheelie bars, which can help somewhat to deter this from happening, risks still persist. The best power chairs don’t travel much above 5 miles per hour, which allows the user to travel at the same speed as someone walking normally.

Material Matters (Think About Comfort)

When it comes to using the best electric power chairs available on the market, safety isn’t the only thing to think about; a user should be comfortable in his chair, because many other benefits come with this factor. One can increase the comfort level of the chair by choosing the correct seat size, and ensuring that proper foot and head rests are in place. If a user needs to sit in an electric wheelchair for extended periods of time, he can greatly increase his comfort by purchasing a wheelchair seat cushion that can help to provide extra posterior support and comfort.

Here at AvaCare Medical, we have the best lightweight electric wheelchairs on the market, and actually, a few of our models are even considered to be the best electric wheelchairs in the world. If you’re considering a wheelchair from our inventory and have questions or concerns, you can always find out more information in our helpful wheelchair buying guide. Otherwise, give us a call free of charge at 1-877-813-7799! We’d love to hear from you!