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Discount Electric Wheelchair / Affordable Electric Wheelchair

When trying to select a power wheelchair, prices may sometimes be a cause for concern. Fortunately, AvaCare Medical has a select line of discount electric wheelchairs available for purchase. These affordable electric wheelchairs cost less than most others, while still maintaining the high quality you can expect from the best wheelchair brands on the market. Read more...

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Why People Are Concerned About Electric Wheelchair Costs

Since many are concerned about motorized wheelchair prices, it’s important to have options that can deliver the same results as the more expensive electric models. The cost of electric power chairs can be quite high, especially when a person is looking to buy those that have additional functionalities, like folding capabilities. The average cost of an electric wheelchair ranges anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. Deluxe models such as standing wheelchairs, by contrast, can sell for nearly $13,000.

At AvaCare Medical, our power chair prices start at only $1,499. This means that users can find even bariatric power wheelchairs or other good-quality wheelchairs that are actually affordable. The lowest tier of discount electric wheelchairs offered here, however, are the best cost-effective power chairs on the market. These combine mobility, safety, and cost savings.

For an even cheaper option, you may want to consider a mobility scooter, which have prices beginning at just a few hundred dollars.

Benefits of Lower Electric Wheelchair Prices

Of course, the primary benefit of buying lower-cost electric wheelchairs is essentially the savings. Many of our customers are seniors on a fixed income and greatly appreciate these quality, economical options. Some people fear that lower prices suggest lower quality, and in some cases, this is very true. For this reason, it is important to shop around. But users never have to worry about this when purchasing from AvaCare Medical. Our Drive Medical budget wheelchairs have many benefits, such as:

  • Transport Handles: Drive Medical’s Cirrus Plus model comes with transport handles. Sometimes a cheap power chair needs to be maneuvered manually, even though it is designed to move about and be controlled with the electronic joystick.
  • Exclusive Joysticks: Just like the rest of our power wheelchairs, all cheap electric wheelchairs for sale have specially designed joysticks for increased mobility and ease of use. Because these joysticks are ergonomic and have great tactile sensitivity, even users with limited muscle function are able to utilize them.
  • Specially Designed Footrests: Footrests are instrumental when it comes to electric wheelchairs. Drive Medical The Cirrus model from Drive Medical has swing-away footrests, while the Titan LTE model has a sturdy foot plate on its bottom. All of these footrests are adjustable.
  • Flat-free, Non-Marking Tires: Drive Medical’s special flat-free tires won’t ever go flat. However, many electric chairs that are lower priced can scuff up floors. These non-marking tires won’t leave scuffs or skid marks, and they are extremely durable.
  • Standard Weight Capacity: In the past, the standard weight capacity of economical electric chairs was 250 pounds. By contrast, most electric chairs with affordable prices in today’s market have a minimum weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Adjustable Armrests: Users need to feel comfortable when they’re sitting in electric wheelchairs. We understand that people come in all different heights, and therefore, it’s important that an automatic wheelchair at these prices still have adjustability. That’s why the soft cushioned armrests are built for comfort, and are able to be height adjusted for the users. 
  • Adjustable Safety Positioning Belt: Seat belts aren’t just for vehicles - and even if you’re going cheap on the chair, don’t go cheap on the safety. From tip-overs to slips, accidents can happen even in wheelchairs, so it’s important that every motorized chair has an adjustable positioning belt or seatbelt. This feature is especially important when the user is unsteady or prone to sudden jerking movements.
  • Storage Options: Most electric wheelchairs cost more when they have additional features like extra storage compartments. These cheap power wheelchairs may have lower prices, but even so, they still allow users and caregivers space to store some personal items. Some cheap motorized wheelchairs may have a pocket attached to the back of the wheelchair, while others may have storage compartments below.

Why Drive Medical for Discount Electric Wheelchairs?

Drive Medical is one of the top manufacturers of affordable electric wheelchairs in the United States. Their decades of experience have given them ample time to perfect their electric wheelchairs. They also offer exceptional warranties on their products, and produce some of the best power chairs on the market.

Other Factors That Determine Electric Wheelchair Prices

As mentioned briefly earlier, there are some things which affect automatic wheelchair prices more than others. Some of these features are:

  • Reclinable Options: Some automatic wheelchairs recline, while many others do not. If a wheelchair has the option to recline, it may cost more, due to the specialty hardware included.
  • Foldable Options: Some wheelchairs that can fold for easy transport actually cost more than those that do not. Fortunately, AvaCare Medical has specifically selected the best discount electric wheelchairs available that retain this functionality. We can also offer these electric wheelchairs at a lower price-point than some others on the market.
  • Seat Depth & Width: Seat width and depth can generally affect the cost of a power chair. The reason for this is that frames often have to be made larger, meaning more materials are used in producing those with a larger seat.
  • Motor Speeds: Motor speeds can affect the model’s price as well. This is because the more powerful the motor, the higher the price. The motor affects the speed of the wheelchairs, and therefore many wheelchairs that can travel much faster will generally cost more than those that move slower. All of our cheap electric chairs are optimized for safety and therefore don’t travel much faster than a person taking a brisk walk or jogging slowly. 
  • Materials: The materials used in manufacturing a wheelchair include steel, aluminum, vinyl, and even foam. Some other higher priced electric wheelchairs can have material differences and feature variations which add to the price of the power chairs themselves.

At AvaCare Medical, we strive to provide you with the best electric wheelchair that costs less than many of the higher-priced power chairs on the market. If you need help purchasing a well-priced wheelchair, or you’re not sure what factors to look out for, we’re here for you! Get in touch with our customer support team by calling 1-877-813-7799, or by chatting with an agent during business hours. Any inquiries after hours can still reach our offices by way of an email!