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Lightweight Electric Wheelchair / Lightest Motorized Wheelchair

AvaCare Medical has a full inventory of the lightest electric wheelchairs available on the market that provide the same support and security you would get from other heavy models, and even offer some extra features that you can’t get with standard electric power chairs. Some wheelchairs are excessively heavy, and this can pose a problem for some users. If a heavy wheelchair is a preferable option for you, a lightweight electric wheelchair may be a more ideal choice. Read more...

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Benefits of a Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Lightweight motorized wheelchairs offer numerous benefits in terms of mobility for both disabled and elderly users. They feature all of the essential safety features that a standard electric wheelchair offers, while, at the same time, weighing a lot less. Some of the key advantageous features a user can benefit from when ordering one of our ultra-light electric wheelchairs are:

Foldable Functionality

Most of our lightweight wheelchairs are foldable in order to make them easier to transport. Lightweight foldable electric wheelchairs are designed especially for frequent travelers, since they alleviate the need for one to use special equipment for transferring. 

Easy to Assemble & Disassemble

Most standard wheelchairs are quite complicated to assemble and disassemble, and, therefore, can be extremely difficult to transport from place to place. Lightweight folding power wheelchairs are able to be assembled and disassembled (aside from their folding capability), so special lift equipment isn’t necessary in order to transport users.

Ultra Durable

The lightest power wheelchairs are often constructed from strong materials that make them just as durable as their heavyweight counterparts. With durable metal frames and strong wheels that provide maximum traction, these wheelchairs are tough and meant to be used both in and outdoors.

Bluetooth and Easy Joystick Controls

Sometimes, an electric wheelchair will require repair or maintenance. When this is the case, unless you have a manual and diagnostic machine specifically designed for this purpose, it can be hard to figure out what’s wrong with your standard electric wheelchair. Some of our models feature bluetooth capabilities for easy diagnostics and troubleshooting, as well as easy maintenance.

Safety Features

Sometimes, standard wheelchairs feature a safety harness or seat belt. Our light motorized wheelchairs have the same functionality. There are also extra compartments that one can order for them. Other add-ons for safety purposes include safety footrests at the front of the wheelchair which ensure user safety.

Ultra Lightweight

Of course, as mentioned before, ultra lightweight electric wheelchairs weigh far less than the standard electric wheelchair (which can weigh anywhere from 200 to 400 pounds). We offer the lightest power wheelchairs on the market, which range in weight from 59 to 90 pounds. These lightweight wheelchairs are actually from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. 

Long Battery Life.

The battery life of a standard electric wheelchair can vary greatly. Our lightweight wheelchair models offer the ability to have a maximum battery life of approximately 8 hours. The maximum range varies from 8 miles all the way to 15.5 miles, depending on the charge of the batteries, which are easy to exchange.

Lightweight mobility chairs travel at safe speeds.

Electric wheelchairs can operate at phenomenal speeds; some can even travel at 18 miles per hour. This is actually considered very unsafe in terms of mobility even though they are fast, because there is a high risk of tipping. If you purchase a lightweight foldable power wheelchair from AvaCare Medical, be sure not to travel too fast, and rather, set the chair to a speed that is comparable to that of a typical walking pace. 

Electric Wheelchair Prices

Electric wheelchairs that are capable of being folded and are also lightweight can greatly vary in price, but one can be expected to spend anywhere from an average of $1,499 to $1,979 when shopping on AvaCare Medical. This is a typical price range for electric wheelchairs from many manufacturers. Our lightest folding electric wheelchairs are extremely well-priced, so that you’re getting the best value for your money. Many of our products also come with their manufacturer warranties.

Battery Type

Most of our lightweight electric folding wheelchairs come with a lithium ion battery, which is extremely safe, and also lightweight. It’s important that a user gets the right kind of battery for his lightweight fold up electric wheelchair. This will ensure that there are no voltage problems while using it and when charging it.


AvaCare Medical offers exceptional lightweight wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs from premium American brands. Drive Medical is one such reputable brand, and their wheelchairs come with a limited lifetime warranty on the frames, and the electronic components have a 2-year warranty. eWheels is another popular brand in the US; they’re actually one of the leading brands when it comes to mobility products. If you live anywhere in the continental United States, you can get free shipping on your electric wheelchair. 

When choosing an electric power chair, one should be sure to check whether the chair features an appropriate seat depth and width, in order to ensure that the person sitting on the electric power wheelchairs enjoys maximum comfort when seated and traveling, or while simply sitting in one place without moving around. Some wheelchairs don’t have padded seats, but all of AvaCare Medical’s motorized lightweight wheelchairs do. 

At AvaCare Medical, we are happy to offer you a wide range of lightweight electric wheelchairs to choose from, so that you can surely find one that will satisfy your needs! If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding any of our products, you can always call us at our toll-free number; 1-877-813-7799 or simply send us an email. For any other comments, or if you’d like help finding the right wheelchair for your needs, you can always check out our wheelchair guides in order to get the most out of your experience!