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Small Electric Wheelchairs / Compact Motorized Wheelchair

Small electric wheelchairs can provide exceptional safety and mobility for shorter, less heavy individuals who have trouble walking. Although they are lightweight, these chairs still offer the same functionality as heavier models. Small power chairs are definitely able to be used outdoors, and they can also be utilized for indoors due to their lighter weight and features. AvaCare Medical has a large selection of small lightweight electric wheelchairs for sale. Read more...

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Why Choose a Small Electric Wheelchair

Many people have a misconception that small wheelchairs are simply short wheelchairs. This is simply untrue. Actually, a small motorized wheelchair has a lighter frame and less bulk than other power wheelchairs usually have. Aside from being less heavy, small electric chairs also come with many other useful features, some of which are standard, and others which are optional. Certain features are offered by specific brands, but in general, most small electric wheelchairs come with the following features:

Smaller, Lighter Frames

The most significant difference between compact electric wheelchairs and standard versions is the size of the frame, as mentioned above. And yet despite the frame being more lightweight, these wheelchairs still safely seat patients up to 350 pounds and are built durably out of high quality materials like aluminum and steel.

Narrower Wheels

Many standard electric wheelchairs have larger drive wheels. While many smaller wheelchairs also feature these larger drive wheels, they usually aren’t as wide. This allows for the same excellent mobility and traction as larger wheelchairs, but still adds to the ability of small mobility chairs to remain lightweight. Most of these wheelchairs also have non-marking tires, making it a great idea to use a small electric wheelchair for indoor needs.

Safety Seat Belt 

Almost all of the small portable electric wheelchairs in our inventory are made with a safety positioning belt (also known as a seat belt). These are extremely important for safety purposes, and they are built to secure the user in place so they can’t slip out. The safety seat belt can provide critical assistance in circumstances which may lead to a tip-out or tip-over.


Most electric wheelchairs are built with special anti-tip features that help prevent tip-overs and falls. Features usually depend on which brand your wheelchair is manufactured by. From front wheel drive functionality to the smaller, non-driving freewheel support wheels, safety remains paramount. Wheel and seat positioning also make a considerable difference in terms of the user maintaining the right center of balance when riding in the wheelchair.

Easy to Use Controls

Over the years, wheelchair controls have evolved through a series of changes. Nowadays, some wheelchairs feature special controls, and almost all have an easy to use joystick which allows them to move in multiple directions safely, while avoiding the risk of tipping over. Some even have additional features, like Bluetooth® technology in the controller or joystick. Bluetooth® technology can add numerous capabilities itself, from controlling smart devices which are supported, to troubleshooting and diagnostics for wheelchair maintenance.

Small Electric Wheelchairs: Built for Comfort

While some compact power wheelchairs have add-on options that need to be bought separately, they often still provide numerous standard features that make them perfectly comfortable as is. It is very important that you follow the weight limit of your compact power chair, though, as failure to do this can cause a lot of headaches, or even injury. Many electric wheelchairs can have foot rests attached to them, and some can even have foot plates (which allow a little more breathability) to help keep the user’s feet comfortably off of the ground.

Another thing that many people note about small motorized wheelchairs is the seat itself. Even if you use a folding power chair or a portable one, these wheelchairs are all still built with a comfortable seat, and a backrest that is often padded, or made with soft materials. All of our small electric wheelchairs have padded arms, which makes them easier to use and increases user comfort.

Are Small Lightweight Electric Power Chairs Sturdy?

Earlier, the durability and weight capacity of these models was mentioned. The standard weight capacity for electric wheelchairs varies from 250 to above 400 pounds. Anything more than that may require a bariatric electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. All of our smaller electric wheelchairs can support anywhere from 300 to 400 pounds, depending on the brand and type of chair you choose.

Aside from weight capacity, another factor that contributes to whether a power chair is sturdy and comfortable is the seat itself. While having a comfortable chair is important, it is also equally important to choose an electric wheelchair that has a seat that fits you properly. Most electric wheelchair seats can vary in width from 16 inches, all the way to 22 inches for larger people. It is important that a user doesn’t sit in a wheelchair seat which is too wide for him, as this can cause bumps, bruising, and mild injury when jostling about in the seat. At the same time, a user doesn’t want to squeeze himself into a wheelchair seat which is too small, since doing so can cause bruises and discomfort, as well as possible sores and injury to his hips or legs.


Here at AvaCare Medical, we provide you with a comprehensive selection of small electric wheelchairs for sale to ensure that you find the best one for your needs. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply need help with your order, we can happily assist you when you call us at 1-877-813-7799 or send an email. Of course, if you would rather contact us online during business hours, you can always connect with one of our support representatives for immediate live assistance!