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Elderly Scooter / Senior Scooter / Scooters for Older People

Choosing a good scooter for elderly users involves understanding the differences between a standard mobility scooter and one designed for seniors. Senior scooters have to be tailored to meet the needs of mobility just the same as standard ones, but elderly people have different requirements in terms of their physical capabilities. Choose from a wide selection of scooters for older people on AvaCare Medical now! Read more...

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  1. EW-20 Long Range High Speed 3 Wheel Scooter
    EW-20 Long Range High Speed 3 Wheel Scooter
    Starting at $1,499.00
  2. EW-46 Four Wheel Scooter
    EW-46 Four Wheel Scooter
    Starting at $2,999.00
  3. EW-M41 Four Wheel Scooter
    EW-M41 Four Wheel Scooter
    Starting at $1,599.00
  4. eWheels EW-M34 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter
    eWheels EW-M34 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter
    Starting at $949.00
  5. E-Wheels Manual Carrier
    E-Wheels Manual Carrier
  6. EW-M35 Lightweight 4 Wheel Scooter
    EW-M35 Lightweight 4 Wheel Scooter
    Starting at $999.00
  7. EW-M39 Portable 4 Wheel Scooter
    EW-M39 Portable 4 Wheel Scooter
    Starting at $1,249.00
  8. eWheels EW-11 Sport 2 Seater Mobility Scooter, 3 Wheel
  9. eWheels EW-72 Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter, 4 Wheel
  10. eWheels EW-52 Buggie Mobility Scooter, 4 Wheel
    eWheels EW-52 Buggie Mobility Scooter, 4 Wheel
    Starting at $3,599.00
  11. eWheels EW-18 Stand and Ride Folding Mobility Scooter, 3 Wheel
  12. eWheels EW-36 Sport Mobility Scooter
    eWheels EW-36 Sport Mobility Scooter
    Starting at $2,599.00

Items 1-12 of 30

Set Descending Direction

Elderly Scooters: What’s the Difference?

Scooters designed for older users come with various distinct features. Some of the different details a person a person may notice on electric scooters for seniors are:

Lightweight and Portable Options

An older individual will often prefer his scooter to be lightweight, yet durable. Often, he’d also appreciate if the scooter is easily portable. Such an individual can choose a foldable scooter or even one that can be disassembled and reassembled quickly without tools. 

Easy-grip Handles and Controls

Many seniors have arthritis or other conditions that create discomfort when they need to have a tight grip on handles or engage in repetitive motions to operate their mobility scooter. For seniors, it’s important to make sure that the electric scooter will be easy to operate. Some older people also suffer from memory issues. All of our mobility scooters for older persons are designed to have easy operating instructions, making the learning and remembering process a breeze!

Airline Approved Models for Travel

Almost all of our portable scooter models, including our senior scooters, are incredibly lightweight and compact. Actually, these scooters are even approved for most airline flights. This is great because seniors love to travel. We understand and appreciate the reality that seniors should be able to enjoy travel during their golden years!

Best Elderly Scooters for Sale

Here at AvaCare, we have some of the best scooters for the elderly from the top brands on the market. Our inventory is large and varied enough that every senior (with no extreme medical issues) can find one that will suit his needs. Some of our popular elderly scooters are:

eWheels EW-11 Sport 2 Seater

This is one of best eWheels models for seniors; it allows users to ride safely in style. With a classic sport style and a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour (one of our fastest scooters), this electric scooter for older users really scoots! Of course, we recommend that you purchase a helmet if you’re going to travel at maximum speeds. This model actually has an anti-theft alarm that can be turned on and off with a remote start key fob similar to most cars.

EW-M35 Lightweight 4-wheel Scooter

The EW-M35 by eWheels is one of our most popular scooters for older adults. This model will keep users feeling young as they enjoy its fun design and durable, yet portable capabilities. This scooter also has a wireless connection; it can be disconnected and re-assembled quickly and easily. Aside from that, the battery can be charged while attached or detached from the scooter. This model also features special puncture-resistant tires that ensure that these electric motorized scooters for senior citizens won’t get a flat.

Spitfire EX2 Scooters

When a user needs an electric scooter for the elderly, the EX2 doesn’t disappoint. With both 3-wheel models and 4-wheel models available, the EX2 is lightweight, compact, and is, simply put, the perfect motorized scooter for the elderly. It even has interchangeable reflective color panels if red isn’t the user’s desired color. What’s more, it even features a swivel-mounted cup holder! It proves versatile with batteries as well; users can choose 12AH or 21AH to enhance the model’s range. This version has a convenient carrying basket on the front and even an LED headlight for visibility.

EW-54 Buggy with Canopy

Now here’s how you can ride with ultimate protection! This motorized scooter features easy-to-drive functionality and combines style with luxury. This scooter is quite popular; it’s one of our most purchased units. Its offered in a variety of colors, and features a full top and full windshield with an open-back canopy. This one is one of the most innovative motorized carts for the elderly we have in our inventory; it features an executive seat, a collapsible steering wheel (and column), stereo speakers, and a radio. It runs off 60V 20AH batteries and also has a 700 watt motor that can go up to 15 mph. If you want to lock it up, it also features a remote key fob with an alarm for added security. Warning: This elderly mobility scooter has made some people feel young again! 

Mini Coupe 3 Wheel Electric Scooter

Yet another classic by Merits Health Products, this electric scooter for older users can also turn heads. With classic colors similar to the famous mini-coupe, this well-priced l power scooter for elderly people features auto-latching lockup for portability. It proves lightweight, moves at a rate that is slightly faster than the average walking pace, and can be taken just about anywhere.

Ventura Scooters

Drive Medical has been recognized as an industry leader for decades when it comes to medical mobility products. The Ventura scooters for older adults definitely don’t disappoint! With a 350 pound weight capacity, these 3-wheel and 4-wheel power scooters for seniors are made for use both indoors and outdoors. The all-terrain functionality comes with an 18 to 20 inch captain’s seat and features rear-view mirrors for ultimate safety. The seating and padded armrests, which are adjustable, help to maximize comfort, and the handles for operating are ergonomically designed. 

Panther 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter

The Panther 4-wheel scooter is a modern styled option with a ton of features for a comfortable ride all in one electric scooter. Elderly users can maintain easy control with a captain’s seat, and this Drive Medical scooter for disabled seniors is perfect for handicapped individuals as well. Just like most of Drive’s award-winning models, it features ergonomic handles and controls to steer easily. It also features a small, portable basket to pack your belongings in.

Why Batteries Matter on Elderly Scooters

Battery sizes differ in all varieties when it comes to geriatric scooters. Battery operated scooters for seniors are the most common type, as it allows for the motor to run on the least amount of power possible, making it safe and portable. Unlike a car battery, these mobile chairs for seniors offer the lightest possible ride - and the smoothest one at that! Since bumps and bruises represent more of a concern for elderly users, it’s important that these mobile scooters are ideally comfortable as well.


What kind of elderly scooter most interests you? Here at AvaCare, our representatives can help you with your purchase or if you have any questions while navigating our site. If you’d like more information on these options, you can always check out our How to Choose Mobility Scooters Guide or simply give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 today!