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Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters / Bariatric Scooter

Some users require heavy duty mobility scooters that have higher weight capacities, and AvaCare Medical has a full inventory of heavy scooters for adults who weigh at least 300 pounds. If you need a bariatric scooter, check out the many quality models we have available! Read more...

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  1. EW-M39 Portable 4 Wheel Scooter
    EW-M39 Portable 4 Wheel Scooter
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  2. eWheels EW-72 Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter, 4 Wheel
  3. eWheels EW-52 Buggie Mobility Scooter, 4 Wheel
    eWheels EW-52 Buggie Mobility Scooter, 4 Wheel
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  4. eWheels EW-66 2 Seater Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter, 3 Wheel
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  5. Phoenix Heavy Duty Power Scooter, 4 Wheel
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  6. Ventura 3 Wheel Scooter, 20"
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  7. Ventura 4 Wheel Scooter, 20"
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  8. Cobra GT4 Heavy Duty Power Mobility Scooter, 22"
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8 Items

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How to Decide if You Need a Bariatric Scooter

Standard mobility scooters are made for anyone who weighs between 250 and 300 pounds. Heavy duty mobility scooters have a higher weight capacity, to accommodate individuals whose full body weight exceeds 350 pounds. Here are some more reasons, aside from the weight of the user, that can cause one to choose a bariatric scooter. 

Total Combined Weight

If someone bought a large basket accessory and then went to the grocery store and purchased 50 pounds worth of some product, and this person weighs 300 pounds, and the scooter’s maximum weight capacity is that exact same figure, the total amount of weight being loaded onto the standard scooter will still exceed its official weight capacity. According to most manufacturers, the usage and carry-on weight should be included in the weight capacity of a heavy-duty scooter any time it is used. If anything goes wrong while the person isn’t following the weight capacity, or the person gets injured due to the fact that he didn’t follow the weight capacity, then the manufacturer may not honor their warranty, since they may claim the accident was the user’s fault since he put more weight onto the scooter than is recommended.

Individual Height

While many scooters are height adjustable, taller people can benefit from the increased stability provided by heavy duty mobility scooters. Heavy duty scooters for adults often have features that other standard scooters may not have. Fortunately, there are some good options to choose from to obtain that security.

A Smoother Ride

There are many users who say that a bariatric electric scooter allows them to have a smoother and better driving experience than they’ve experienced in the past with lightweight scooters. There could be many things that can factor into this, such as max driving speed, reinforced shocks and wheels, and even the way the frame is made. In fact, many people believe that a 400 lb. mobility scooter provides a more comfortable and stable ride than is possible in a scooter with a lower weight capacity.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters Have Special Safety Features

All mobility scooters have some pretty amazing features, but there are some specific components that you can only find with heavy duty mobility scooters for sale. Some of those things, aside from the increased weight capacity, are:

Larger Wheels 

Most users that choose a scooter that is able to carry 400 pounds or more find that the larger wheels offer more stability, support, and better traction than standard sized and compact scooters that have smaller wheels. These large-wheel mobility scooters actually increase the overall sturdiness of the scooter.

Supportive Padded Seats

While many scooters are built for comfort, the seats on large mobility scooters are crafted to last through heavy use. Having an electric scooter for 400 lbs. and up can keep users quite comfortable, as the seats are padded and cushioned. Some HD scooter models come with extra wide seats, so that even individuals with wider hips will be comfortable.

Easy to Steer

Steering is a very important function when it comes to scooters. Some scooters will offer a larger turn radius, while others are best for navigating on various terrains. 4-wheel heavy duty handicap scooters aren’t usually as maneuverable as 3-wheel ones, and are most often used outdoors, while most 3-wheel models are preferred and designed to be used indoors only, on more level surfaces (like hard surface floors). If a user wants an all-terrain scooter that can allow some off-road use, heavy duty 4-wheel mobility scooters would be an ideal choice.

Mileage Range

Sometimes the size and weight of a mobility scooter itself can affect how far a person can go before having to change the battery. While the actual distance may vary based on terrain, the rider, and other conditions, all of the heavy duty motorized scooters that we have can travel anywhere from the average 15 miles all the way up to 35 miles!

Heavy Duty Frames

Heavy duty power scooters have frames specifically made to support larger people and greater weights. Most scooters have sturdy and perfectly sound frames, but what makes bariatric scooters heavy duty is the fact that their frames are often made of more steel than aluminum (or other metals). This may also, unfortunately, contribute to the weight of the scooter overall.

Can You Increase the Travel Range of Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters?

The answer to this is, quite simply, yes. While our information on-site for HD mobility scooters may vary, these are estimates given by the manufacturers. There are actually ways that people can increase the driving range of their scooters. Earlier, it was mentioned that driving range depends on a variety of factors that can deplete the scooter’s battery faster, but there are some ways that users can extend the life of the scooter batteries. Try driving at a slower speed consistently, and take into consideration that ensuring that the weight that’s put on the scooter is significantly less than the weight capacity of the scooter can increase battery life. 

Another thing you can do is to be careful about your power consumption during the day. For instance, most mobility scooters for 350 lbs. and up come with lights. If a user doesn’t require use of the lights at the moment, then he may as well shut them off. Often, the user can manage even with the lights off throughout the day. Rougher terrain like grass or sand can also contribute to excessive battery consumption, and this can happen more frequently on a mobility scooter for a heavy person.


AvaCare Medical can help you with all of your heavy duty mobility scooter needs! Browse our extensive selection of scooters from Drive Medical and eWheels now to find a bariatric scooter that is a perfect fit! For any questions, call us at 1-877-813-7799. We’d love to speak with you!