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Mobility Scooters for Sale / Affordable Mobility Scooter

Check out the discount scooters on AvaCare Medical now! As many know, mobility scooters can be extremely expensive. However, we offer many affordable mobility scooters for handicapped or elderly users. At AvaCare Medical, we believe that many people want well-priced mobility scooters that can offer the same basic functionality as higher priced models, without the increased expense. The prices of the mobility scooters in this category may vary, but all of them are worth the price, and therefore well worth considering. Read more...

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Cheap Mobility Scooters vs. Cheap Quality

One thing to note about handicap scooters is that they combine mobility with lightweight construction. Most heavier motor scooters that you can buy are built with heavier frames, and therefore may weigh more. 

All of our power scooters for sale at discount prices are made with the highest quality materials and construction. In addition, they all come with free shipping, just as standard wheelchairs and other mobility scooters do.

Aside from convenient shipping and lightweight construction, there are also other benefits to these scooters. Here are some great features most of our medical scooters from Drive Medical, eWheels, and Merits Health Products have to offer:

Portable Options

Many elderly and handicapped users need to buy mobility scooters that are foldable, or that are easy to assemble and take apart. Many of our portable folding mobility scooters have a folding tiller or other parts to make transportability easier. Some even come with snap-apart components which make it much easier to pack the scooter away the scooter away during traveling. Many of the electric medical scooters shown above are also perfect for airport traveling, and are allowed on most planes!

Comfortable Seats

Seating is an extremely important feature to check when researching a mobile scooter. Older people and those with handicaps, who must sit in a seat for longer periods of time, need to have comfortable seats to avoid discomfort and skin issues (such as skin tears, bruising, etc.). At the same time, all of the seats need to be built for safety, so that the user experiences superb balance while riding the scooter at its maximum speed.

Choice of 3-Wheel or 4-Wheel Design

Depending on a particular user’s mobility limitations and balance capabilities, a person can choose between 3-wheel scooters or 4-wheel scooter types. There is a slight distinction usually between the two, with the 4-wheel mobility scooter’s price being a little bit higher. On a positive note, though, these 4-wheel scooters can offer exceptional mobility and balance as long as they’re operated correctly. The same goes with the 3-wheel models, but they’re more for traveling at slower speeds, which allows the user to maintain optimal balance.


Here at AvaCare Medical, our senior scooters are offered at discount prices and prove extremely friendly to people who live on fixed incomes. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of motor scooters that range from $1,000 all the way up to nearly $4,000. All of these electric motor scooters for sale are less than a thousand dollars! Yet they feature many identical capabilities to those offered by higher priced models.

There are a few things that affect the mobility scooter cost the most. One is that 3-wheel mobility scooters for sale generally cost less than their 4-wheel counterparts. The second is the frame itself. Cheap portable scooters are usually lightweight and portable. The more compact a scooter frame is, the more likely it is to be lower-priced.

Variety of Colors & Styles to Choose From

Some people think that when you are choosing an inexpensive mobility scooter, you’ll be sacrificing on a lot of amenities. Here at AvaCare Medical, there are many styles and colors to select from even when only choosing between our low-cost mobility scooters.

Aside from choosing from 3 and 4-wheel options, users can also choose cheap medical scooters with various weight capacities, and features like controller options, handlebar options, grips, headlights, and even reflective color panels.

Disability Scooters for Sale Come with Baskets

All of our electric medical mobility scooters are for sale at lower prices and have carrying baskets (or carrying bags) to help transport a user’s personal items and make things easier to reach. This is important because many people take their cost-effective folding mobility scooter to public places like stores, public events, and more. Just as a person would want to have his wallet close by, he may want other items like drinks, food, and personal items within reach as well. For this reason, this feature is something that many look for when trying to find elderly scooters for sale.

Extremely Sturdy Frames

Despite being lower-priced, cheap electric mobility scooters are made with durable aluminum and steel parts for their frames and bodies. This allows them to withstand higher weight capacities than some walkers and canes, and since they’re motorized, allows the user to move with ease, without exhausting themselves. A lot of seniors can’t walk all day, yet also don’t want a wheelchair. Scooters give them the option of having assisted travel without needing to purchase an electric wheelchair.

High Drive Mileage Range

Don’t ever underestimate the little guy! Many portable motor scooters are able to traverse similar distances to their larger counterparts, albeit usually at lower speeds. Our discount scooters have a travel range that can be anywhere between 14 and 20 miles, depending on the model and style the person chooses.

Environmentally Friendly

All of AvaCare Medical’s cost-friendly disability scooters are electric, so they produce nearly zero carbon emissions, and no exhaust fumes. If a disabled person or elderly person is looking for a greener alternative to travel, he may want to look into electric mobility scooters.


No matter what type of scooter you’re looking to buy, check out our inventory of mobility scooters for sale at discount prices. If you have any questions, you can reach AvaCare Medical’s customer assistance team by calling 1-877-813-7799 during business hours, our live chat feature, or by sending us an email.