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Mobility Scooters / Medical Scooters / Power Scooter

A medical scooter or power scooter from brand names like Pride, Invacare, Drive, and Medline will allow you to regain your mobility and independence. With an electric mobility scooter, you can control your direction and speed with user-friendly controls. Read more...

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What Is a Mobility Scooter?

The medical scooter is a high quality, multi-featured mobility apparatus, offering even individuals with low mobility the freedom to and independence of getting around without the help of others. Power scooters are operated with the use of a tiller, and are equipped with swivel seats to make it easy to access and exit the mobility scooter.

Steering and maneuvering a mobility scooter does require some hand and finger coordination to operate the tiller, as well as sufficient seated balance and the mobility required to sit down and stand up independently.

Features and Benefits of Electric Mobile Scooters

Mobility chairs offer not only a ton of options to choose from, but many benefits and features that render battery-operated mobility scooters both unique and helpful.

Portable Options

Some power scooters are able to be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, allowing convenient stowage into smaller compartments like a trunk or storage space.


Some motorized mobility scooters offer the ability to fold up so they can also be placed in smaller places. These are excellent for travelling, making them great for the active elderly population.

Another benefit of medical scooters is that they offer a longer distance range on a single charge, making them the ideal powered mobility aid for extended outdoor trips.


If you’re looking for a cool mobility scooter, there are options to choose from that also include sporty style finishes as well as those which have 2-seater options, buggy designs and more.


Since medical scooters can cost a great deal, a lightweight scooter, which is often slightly lower-priced, is often an option that will accommodate the needs of someone who is very price conscious. These scooters are often portable or foldable, and the parts themselves can be taken off. These models are great options for those who have a difficult time lifting heavy objects.

Medical Supply Scooters Can Be Cheaper

Many power chairs cost no less than a thousand dollars, but chair scooters can cost significantly less than even that. One reason for this is their smaller design. Some mobility scooter stores offer the standard retail price, but many of them scale the price up significantly. At AvaCare Medical, many of our discount scooters offer the same functionality as some of the ones that are much higher priced! 

Safer Fast Travel

Faster wheelchair models can be unsafe and cause tips, falls, and nasty overturns. Most power chairs travel as fast as many wheelchairs (approximately 5-8 mph), but some power scooters can safely travel at 15 miles per hour. Their ability to travel at faster speeds makes them a great choice for those who are younger, or have less of a handicap. These mobility scooter motors are often higher powered, and, therefore, may require more battery usage.

Ultimate Comfort

The seats on power scooters may be either bucket seats or the same captain’s seat as is on a wheelchair. The smaller the scooter, the less padding and additional bulk a scooter seat will have. Most medical mobility scooters, however, offer padded seats and armrests to help the user achieve the largest deal of comfort along with the freedom to maneuver on their own.

Power Scooter Options

Our large selection of electric scooters for adults include 3-wheel and 4-wheel options, with the 3-wheel ones providing more legroom and better maneuverability. This is especially true when using the scooter inside. The 4-wheel versions provide a more reliable and smooth ride over even rugged outdoor terrain. In addition, you can choose handicap scooters that are designed to easily collapse or disassemble for quick and easy transport. There are even options of scooters with weight capacities of up to 500 pounds.

Prices of Adult Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters remain a great option for users who do retain some of their independent mobility. While they may be higher priced than manual wheelchairs or transport wheelchairs, they are often cheaper than some models of electric wheelchairs. Some people have to pay anywhere from the thousands all the way up to the tens of thousands of dollars in order to have a quality scooter. Here at AvaCare Medical, we understand the needs of those who are on a budget, so we offer competitive prices on all models. With power scooter prices ranging from about $500 to about $5,000, you can find the perfect model that works for your needs and fits your budget.

Medical scooters can weigh up to 400 pounds, so if you're going to be lifting yours on your own, look out for lightweight options, which can weigh as little as 85 pounds, so that it will be more manageable to lift each part after disassembly.

Mobility Scooters vs. Power Wheelchairs

There is a great deal of benefits to be gained by using a power scooter. Of course, some wheelchair models can allow for indoor and outdoor travel. However, a scooter is more popular among those who need to travel indoors at places like grocery stores, retail outlets, etc. Some models of power scooters can be used outdoors as well.

Both of these products do generally give the user approximately the same mobility, but some scooter chairs are more aptly designed for those who are partially mobile or have some remaining general upper body strength and mobility. Electric wheelchairs are designed for those with severe handicaps or those who are unable to move their arms and legs much. These notable differences between electric wheelchair and a scooter can also determine whether one or the other is needed.

Another primary difference is the handle. Mobility scooters operate by a tiller instead of a joystick, and many times they have features similar to a bicycle or regular scooter with handlebar controls. They also have select safety features in place so that if the tiller is not in the upright position correctly, or if there is no weight on the seat, then the scooter won’t operate.


Be sure to read our Wheelchair Buying Guide to learn more about electric mobility scooters and the available options in this category. When placing your order, keep in mind that all power scooters from AvaCare Medical ship free of charge!