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Small Portable Wheelchair / Narrow Transport Chair

Browse our selection of small portable wheelchairs now! These narrow wheelchairs are compact and convenient, and are constructed of quality materials so that they are made to last. Available with seat widths that range between 17 and 20 inches wide, these are the perfect option for petite patients. Read more...

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  1. Aluminum Transport Chair with 8" Wheels
    Aluminum Transport Chair with 8" Wheels
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  2. Freedom Transport Chairs
    Freedom Transport Chairs
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  3. Basic Steel Transport Chair, 19"
  4. Poly-Fly Two-in-One Wheelchair
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Benefits of Small Portable Wheelchairs

There are some excellent advantages to choosing a small portable wheelchair. The narrow transport chair is the best option for many individuals, due to the various benefits which we’ll run through below. 


Small transport wheelchairs are known to be the most lightweight of all transport chairs. They are a type of transport chair, which means they are lighter than standard wheelchairs, and, besides, they are also small, so they weigh less than most transport chairs. Hence, they are the lightest choice you’ll find, with most options weighing a measly 15-25 pounds. 

This makes them easier to propel, since the attendant doesn’t need to push a heavy wheelchair with a patient on it; instead, he’s pushing the patient in a lightweight transport chair. This allows him to conserve his energy so that, if need be, he can push the patient for longer distances.


Narrow transport chairs are quite convenient, for several reasons. Firstly, they can fit through narrow spaces, such as the doorways in your home and tight corridors. This makes them more useful, since they can actually get you to where you need to go. Another advantage of narrow wheelchairs is that they are easier to propel through crowds, since they don’t take up as much space. Ride one through a busy mall or a crowded restaurant, and stay confident knowing that you’re being kind by keeping others in mind and using up the least amount of space possible. 


Most of the small folding wheelchairs on AvaCare Medical are foldable. You may not have realized this just yet, but small folding wheelchairs are the most compact choice you’ll find! This makes them an ideal option for anyone who is tight on packing space and travels often. It also makes carrying them less strenuous, and, ergo, transferring the chair into your trunk as effortless as is possible. 

Who Can Use Narrow Transport Chairs?

These narrow transport chairs are intended for use by petite, skinny individuals, or patients in their upper teenage years. They allow such people to be transported as comfortably as possible, since, after all, it is a transport chair that is designed for people their size. Utilizing a large transport chair when one really requires a small one is not recommended, since it won’t be as comfortable, and the user may slide around dangerously in the commodious seat.

Older individuals, people who have recently recovered from surgery, and anyone else with very limited mobility can benefit from using a narrow transport wheelchair.

These transport chairs are actually ideal for use by frequent travelers, since, as mentioned previously, they are not as complicated to carry, easy to pack, and, from all transport chairs and wheelchairs, small transport chairs are the most simple to maneuver through crowds.

Choosing a Small Transport Wheelchair

Transport chairs can come with many different options. Here are the different choices of features you’ll find on AvaCare Medical when it comes to compact wheelchairs for travel, or for use in tight spaces.


Small transport chairs usually have 4 small wheels. However, if you’re interested in a transport chair that can also be used as a wheelchair, there are definitely such options. The benefit of a small light wheelchair with larger, ‘wheelchair-sized’ rear wheels, is that it allows for the user to maneuver the chair on his own, and, besides, allows for smoother propelling by the caregiver or user over different types of terrains. 

Large back wheels on small portable wheelchairs that mimic wheelchair wheels will always be removable. This enables the user to propel himself until doing so takes a large amount of effort. When pushing the small light wheelchair requires undue exertion on the user’s part, the back wheels can be easily popped off so that the caregiver can take over and propel the patient to the place he needs to go. 


Different small light wheelchairs come with distinct armrests. Some have restaurant style arms, which are the right height so that they can fit under the table in a restaurant, so that the user can sit at the table, and not several inches away from it, for the most pleasurable dining experience. There are transport chairs with permanent arms, and others with removable ones. Choose the small collapsible wheelchair you feel will best suit your needs!


Most of these small lightweight folding wheelchairs feature either removable or detachable footrests, which allow for the patient to be transferred in and out of the transport chair more safely, with less risk of injury. Small fold up wheelchairs also make storage easier.


Some of these transport chairs have dual brakes, some have hand brakes, and others have foot brakes. Dual brakes are definitely the most secure option, and hand brakes are the easiest to use, but foot brakes do the job just as well. 


Find the compact travel wheelchair that meets your needs best on AvaCare Medical, every senior’s favorite online medical supplies source! We don’t have a huge, massive selection of small portable wheelchairs - but that’s on purpose. Instead, we have a carefully curated, quality collection of the best small transport wheelchair options, with choices from Medline, Drive Medical, and other top of the line medical supplies manufacturers. We’ve narrowed down the choices to save you time!

If you’re still finding it difficult to choose a small transport wheelchair, or you’d like assistance in order to do so, feel free to contact the AvaCare Medical customer care team, and you’ll be connected with a mobility product specialist who can assist you competently in finding the best small transport chair for your needs. Email the team at [email protected], or call now at 1.877.813.7799.