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Travel Wheelchair / Lightweight Travel Wheelchair

Many people look to purchase travel wheelchairs in order to maintain an active social life. AvaCare Medical understands people’s needs, and offers a full selection of lightweight travel wheelchairs from the best companies who have been making wheelchairs for years. Whether transporting a patient at a hospital, or even transferring a user to his vehicle or airline seat, our wheelchairs can help! Read more...

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  1. ProBasics Aluminum Transport Chair with Swing Away Foot Rests 19"
  2. Lightweight Transport Chair with 12" Rear Wheel, Blue
  3. Classics Transport Chair, Metallic Blue
  4. HybridLX Rollator Transport Chair
    HybridLX Rollator Transport Chair
    Starting at $250.90
  5. Duet Transport Wheelchair/Rollator
    Duet Transport Wheelchair/Rollator
    Starting at $231.92
  6. Fly Lite UltraLight Transport Wheelchair
    Fly Lite UltraLight Transport Wheelchair
    Starting at $227.72
  7. Super Light Folding Transport Wheelchair
  8. Bariatric Aluminum Transport Chair
  9. Aluminum Transport Chair with 8" Wheels
    Aluminum Transport Chair with 8" Wheels
    Starting at $148.30
  10. Freedom Transport Chairs
    Freedom Transport Chairs
    Starting at $154.97
  11. Hybrid 2 Transport Wheelchair Chairs
    Hybrid 2 Transport Wheelchair Chairs
    Starting at $287.19
  12. Excel Translator
    Excel Translator
    Starting at $222.08

Items 1-12 of 31

Set Descending Direction

Transport Chairs Have Numerous Benefits

Aside from normal transferring applications, there are a lot of other benefits that come with using a lightweight travel wheelchair in general. For starters, transport chairs are extremely lightweight. Many users can benefit from using a travel wheelchair that is lightweight and portable. Some people who may want to consider using a transport wheelchair for their mobility needs are:

The Elderly

Senior citizens often have to be transported from place to place, but plenty of them have more basic transferring needs even within their own home. Other uses for transport chairs may include helping an elderly patient from his car to the doctor’s office or transporting him in the hospital. Many hospitals will help here, but it’s always important to have a solution ready for any situation.

Users Who Have Limited Handicaps

Individuals who have short-term handicaps or minimal mobility needs may need a transport wheelchair to get from one place to another. Some of these users may not require a transport wheelchair for a long time, and require such help only after a surgical procedure. Therefore, these patients may want to have a travel wheelchair to get around. Travel chairs are commonly used with patients who also can’t push themselves around. Hybrid wheelchairs can also offer some self-propelled capabilities for those users who can use their arms easily to get back and forth for a while.

Users Who Want the Bare Minimum

Some people don’t want to pay the higher prices for all of the extra bells and whistles they can get in manual or even electric wheelchairs. Therefore, they may wish to purchase a simple wheelchair that can still help with their basic needs. These portable wheelchairs designed for travel can offer exceptional mobility for these individuals and can be used in a rehabilitation center and personal home, alike.

Users of Electric Wheelchairs

Many people in electric wheelchairs still have unique needs when they are, say, using public transportation, or when they need to be transferred in or out of a vehicle. Other times they may need transport is when they are using a commode. Many power chair users also have to be transported from their electric wheelchair charging outlet to their beds, and these transport chairs can help with that as well.

What Makes Travel Wheelchairs Perfect for Travel?

It was mentioned above that these lightweight transport chairs are used frequently for travel, but many people wonder why. Aside from their weight, almost all transport chairs are foldable in order to achieve complete portability. They are also often smaller than even most manually-driven wheelchairs. This allows them to be taken on airline flights, cruises, and other methods of travel where a user would normally have to stow away their wheelchair.

Be sure to keep in mind that despite their small size, some users who are in a transport chair may still need to be transferred to their seat depending on the airline or travel company’s specifications. Some commercial airlines may end up needing to put a user’s portable transport chair into luggage anyway in order to accommodate other passengers on board.

Space for Personal Belongings

One of the great things about many transport chairs is that the manufacturers are aware that if someone is leaving home for a time, he may need to take personal belongings with him. Some lightweight travel wheelchairs come with carry bags in order to accommodate this, allowing users to bring their personal items (such as a wallet or purse). Many users even utilize these storage compartments to carry items such as spare oxygen tanks and other necessary medical equipment.

A transport chair’s design allows for extra attachments that can enhance user safety and user comfort. The frames are comprised of durable metals and hard plastic or rubber, while the seats and armrests are often padded for comfort (and to avoid bruising). The sturdy metal frame makes the wheelchair quite safe, and provides room for items such as oxygen tank attachments. Other accessories and replacement parts can be purchased and easily replaced on travel chairs, where custom parts may be necessary in order to accommodate electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and even manual wheelchairs.

Travel Chairs Aren’t Expensive

One thing to consider when purchasing any wheelchair, especially one with transporting abilities, is the price. Manufacturers understand the value of a dollar, and therefore they make transport travel chairs so they are wallet-friendly for users. Some wheelchairs cost upwards of a thousand dollars, and electric wheelchairs can sometimes cost anywhere from $1,400 dollars, to the tens of thousands. Most of the top brands of transport chairs offer their models at lower prices, because of the minimal materials and features they have. Some transport chairs are even less than $150.


At AvaCare Medical, we want people to enjoy traveling as much as possible. If you’re looking to find the perfect travel chair, we can provide you with one at a great price! We highly encourage you to look through our selection, and if you have any questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at 1-877-813-7799, or chat online with a live representative during business hours.