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Anti Thrust Cushion / Wheelchair Cushion to Prevent Sliding Forward

While many cushions offer pressure relief and posture support, sometimes a user simply needs to find an anti-thrust cushion that will provide positioning stability and support. This type of wheelchair cushion is used to prevent sliding forward, since many manual wheelchair users are susceptible to this during motion. AvaCare Medical has a full selection of positioning cushions from the top brands on the market! Read more...

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Reasons Why a User May Need Positioning

Many wheelchair users tend to slide forward in their wheelchair seats on a normal basis. For the elderly, the severely disabled, and even bariatric users, this can be a problem. Seat positioning and stability is important, and sliding forward (forcing constant readjustment) can cause many skin problems, from pressure sores (bedsores), friction sores, and even skin tears. 

Most manual wheelchairs and transport chairs are designed to envelope the users in a hammock-like shape, yet they may not provide the exceptional support and comfort that a user needs. Depending on a person’s age and their handicap severity, an anti-thrust cushion for a wheelchair will give more support and stability simply because the users aren’t able to hold themselves up as easily (or reposition themselves frequently).

Types of Anti-Thrust Cushions

Just like wheelchair cushions for other issues, there is more than one type of non-slip wheelchair cushion, but, like any other cushion type, they’re made of various materials. Here are some popular types of wheelchair positioning cushions you can find at AvaCare Medical:

Gel Wheelchair Support Cushions

Gel wheelchair support cushions are made often with a T-Gel™ compound or a silicone compound and provide exceptional relief from pressure, as well as added support and strength to a person’s seat. Gel can help aid in making a non-slip wheelchair pad more firm, while adding to the shape and function. Of course, gel also provides great moisture wicking capabilities to wheelchair pads as well.

Air Cushions

Air cushions are the premium cushion choice, with full adjustability in terms of positioning stability. These wheelchair support pillows are often a little more expensive than foam or gel, and they require a little more maintenance (regular checks for air leaks, patching, etc.), but many users utilize these confidently. They are able to adjust their own pressure depending on the firmness set by the user, and they also provide more anti-thrust support.

Gel/Fluid Hybrid Cushions

These cushions are a one-of-a-kind, and are made by combining multiple cushion materials. Some of these cushions are even made with a mixture of foam and fluid to ensure proper distribution of pressure, while fitting the contour of the wheelchair slide free wheelchair pad itself. This helps to provide more secure positioning when the user needs more wheelchair seat support.

Wheelchair Pommel Cushions

Wheelchair Pommels are a unique seat cushion type. These anti slip wheelchair cushions feature a larger center piece on the front of the wheelchair cushion itself. This large piece of harder foam in the groin section helps to hold them in place, preventing the user from sliding around. Some people use these in conjunction with back support pads, to improve posture. They are also used for patients that continuously have problems with their knees or legs hitting together.

Back Cushions

Posture is everything when it comes to remaining in a wheelchair for long periods of time. That’s why back cushions exist. These can also feature multiple types of materials in them. Some of these sit straight cushions provide a great deal of lumbar support due to having either a harder foam base or an air sack. Other types of back cushions may include custom wedges which ensure that a person is able to be sit against the seat (or up against the backrest or back cushion) in a way that allows for correct posture.

Contoured Cushions

Some contoured cushions can be custom made; they are able to be molded to a person’s body shape. Others simply offer a more feasible solution to positioning. These pillows are generally contoured in a way that is similar to a person’s sitting position, in order to provide ultimate posterior support, while keeping the legs separated just enough to keep the individual in place. Many of these wheelchair cushions are made out of high-quality memory foam or firmer foam, and vary in both thickness and firmness.

Coccyx Cushions

A coccyx cushion is a uniquely innovative cushion that sits below a person’s legs, on the posterior side of the person’s body. It features a midsection cutout and is intended to provide support in order to help a person stay in place. Some coccyx cushions are also designed to aid in pressure sore relief as well.

Bariatric Anti-thrust Cushions

Whether a user is looking merely for a comfortable seat pad or a larger geriatric pad, there are bariatric cushions available to help with anti-thrust (i.e. they prevent the user from moving out of place) as well. These can hold larger weights, as they have higher weight capacities. Bariatric cushions may utilize air, gel, or foam just the same as other anti-thrust cushions. 

No-Lean Cushions

These cushions are specifically designed for those who are given to leaning unduly toward one side when seated. This is often caused by pelvic obliquity, but nevertheless, all users have a right to be more comfortable!

Keeping Anti-Thrust Cushions in Good Condition

Some people believe that anti thrust cushions are the same as having a pillow or just an extra cushion. This often leads to misuse and abuse of the user’s wheelchair cushion, and this can shorten its life. It’s important to realize that every single type of wheelchair cushion is meant for different applications and varying medical needs. Therefore, ensuring that a user finds the right type remains extremely important. The shape of a wheelchair cushion can also be a contributing and important factor when choosing a wheelchair cushion.


Here at AvaCare Medical, we take pride in knowing that we can provide a large line of anti-thrust cushion options to suit each person’s needs. At the same time, our goal is to ensure that your comfort needs are met! If you should have any questions, concerns, or just need some general help with our product line, you can always call us toll-free. If you aren’t able to browse our site until after-hours, you can always send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!