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Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions / Bariatric Pressure Relieving Cushion

Bariatric wheelchair cushions have higher weight capacities and better shape retaining capabilities. When you need a bariatric seat cushion for your wheelchair (or any other medical device), you can check out AvaCare Medical’s selection of bariatric cushions which can provide you with unsurpassed comfort. We carry top brands in the medical industry, such as Skil-Care, Roscoe Medical, and EHOB for all of your bariatric needs. Read more...

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  1. Skil-Care Tri-Foam Gel Infused Visco Bariatric Solid Seat Cushion w LSII Cover
  2. EHOB Waffle Bariatric Cushion, 22" X 28" X 2"
    EHOB Waffle Bariatric Cushion, 22" X 28" X 2"
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  3. Waffle Bariatric Seat Cushion Cover
  4. Skil-Care Bariatric Gel and Foam Seat Cushion
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  5. Skil-Care Adjustable Lateral Support
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5 Items

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Regular vs. Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions 

Bariatric cushions have the same usage as standard wheelchair cushions and wedges. The difference, however, is not only how they’re made, but who they’re made for. They are designed to help heavier, larger users, and can greatly assist these individuals with positioning stability. These cushions are often designed to hold up to 750 pounds. Many users can also tell bariatric chair cushions apart from others due to their increased size and increased thickness.

Types of Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions 

While there is a wide variety of wheelchair cushions stocked by AvaCare Medical that can easily support weights up to 350 or 400 pounds, there are a select few bariatric cushions that feature additional support even for those who aren’t in need of bariatric ratings. They, too, come in a variety of styles just as any other kind of cushion. Some of these include:

Lateral Support Cushions

Lateral cushions are specially made for spinal positioning and increased back stability. These pillows are intended to help straighten patients’ or users’ backs while they are sitting, and sometimes they may include a lumbar support section in the back. Most importantly, though, they fit snugly around a patient (while not being tight) to help protect and pad a user’s ribs, hips, and back.

Waffle Bariatric Seat Cushions

One of the most popular bariatric cushions, these are able to accommodate 700 pounds without losing their shape. They are made to fit manual wheelchairs with wider-than-normal seats in order to cater to their patients’ needs for comfort. While they offer basic stability, they are primarily made with high-quality materials that offer excellent bed sore relief. Therefore, these bariatric, pressure-relieving cushions are used frequently by elderly or handicapped individuals who are confined to their wheelchairs all day.

Wheelchair Back Cushions

Bariatric users often use wheelchair back cushions, since they often have obesity-related spinal issues. These bariatric wheelchair back cushions, intended as they are for heavier individuals, offer additional posturing and lumbar support when placed behind the user. They are often used in conjunction with seat cushions or wedges in order to obtain perfect posture and seat positioning.

Bariatric Pressure Cushions

These cushions, similar to waffle cushions, are primarily used as means of relieving pressure on the bones, joints, and even skin of the user. Heavier people are more prone to developing bed sores when they are sitting in their wheelchairs all day, and therefore, they need an option to help make them comfortable and treat or prevent these sores. Bariatric pressure cushions are optimized to provide sustainable relief for their users as well as additional protection against moisture and bacterial infection.

Gel Cushions

Bariatric gel cushions’ durability makes them a suitable option for larger users. These heavy duty wheelchair cushions also help to provide a cooling effect for their users because they are made of material that doesn’t hold heat readily. The silicone gel is also easier to maintain and clean, and can last longer than foam alone. Therefore, many gel wheelchair cushions and wheelchair pads are able to be cleaned and maintained easily.

These Cushions Are to Be Used Correctly

Some people don’t always follow the manufacturer recommendations. As such, they are likely to suffer extra injuries or pressure sores. Since every bit of comfort makes a difference, it is important to use the cushions correctly. Here’s what to keep in mind the most when it comes to bariatric wheelchair cushions.

Weight Capacity

Some bariatric wheelchairs are designed for users 350 pounds or higher. These wheelchair pillows can withstand the weight of the user without losing their shape. Of course, depending on the material, some cushions, such as foam ones, may end up deteriorating faster than others, such as gel options.

The Seat Size

Bariatric wheelchairs often have larger seat sizes as well. The user should make sure that the seat cushion is not too small or too large for even weight distribution. The best way to choose a proper wheelchair cushion is to measure the width from the inside of the arms, and then measure the front of the seat to the backrest. Once that is completed, it is easy to know what size a user may need. Even so, there is usually some leeway for a few inches of room. It is possible to choose a seat cushion that is a little bit less than the width or the height, but it isn’t recommended to go much smaller than that.

Stability for Positioning

Another thing to consider when using a wheelchair is that if proper positioning and posture are needed, the wheelchair cushion type needs to be purchased solely for that reason. Someone for who posture correction or maintenance is essential, it may be useful to utilize a contoured cushion or even a wedge. Of course, any bariatric wheelchair cushion that is intended for use as a back cushion is not recommended for sitting on.


Bariatric wheelchair cushions should be cleaned regularly and maintained well. Most versions allow for easy cleaning. If possible, a waterproof cover should be used at all times to guard the cushion from coming into contact with any sort of moisture, and becoming damp and moldy. Some of the best wheelchair cushions are those that are easy to clean by simply wiping them down. Others may have removable covers that can be thrown into the washer.

AvaCare Medical has the right bariatric wheelchair cushions for each individual’s needs. For assistance in ordering your wheelchair cushion, or just to get in touch with us, you can call us toll-free at 1-877-813-7799 during business hours. You can also message us, and we’ll respond as promptly as we can to your email.