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Best Wheelchair Cushions / Best Wheelchair Seat Cushion

If you or someone you love is suffering from chronic pain or discomfort, it’s important to find the best wheelchair cushions, from the most reputable brands. AvaCare Medical is here to supply you with the best wheelchair seat cushion possible so you can travel or rest with ease, without any health or skin issues. There are many things that one may want to consider when looking for a wheelchair cushion, as the one you need greatly depends on your requirements. Read more...

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  1. Coccyx Cushion For Wheelchair
    Coccyx Cushion For Wheelchair
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  2. Convoluted Wheelchair Cushion, 18" x 16", Navy Cover
  3. Vectra Wheelchair Cushion
    Vectra Wheelchair Cushion
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  4. Gel Supreme Wheelchair Cushion
    Gel Supreme Wheelchair Cushion
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  5. Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion
  6. Roscoe Foam Wheelchair Cushions
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6 Items

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Cushion Types Have Significant Differences

While there are wheelchair cushions that offer similar functionality as other types of cushions, there are definitely different uses for each kind. In order to ensure thatUsers with unique needs may also want to consider looking into each type of wheelchair cushion as well in order to ensure they are getting the most benefits out of the one they select when compared to alternatives. Of course, the ultimate goal is comfort, but this can mean different things for different users. Therefore, many of the best wheelchair seat cushions offer more than one benefit for the user, including stability, bed sore prevention, climate and microbial control, and maintenance. Of course, price vs. quality is something to look for as well.

There are many wheelchair cushions on the market, and the best ones are available for most users. These may range in size and vary in terms of seat width and seat depth. When choosing a wheelchair cushion, bedside cushion, or other style, one needs to consider the shape and size, as well as the weight of the cushion. The size and shape of the wheelchair also may affect the price just as much as the material. Here are some different types of wheelchair cushions on the market:

Air Cushions

Air cushions are some of the best wheelchair cushions on the market. They inflate and are extremely helpful to people when it comes to bed sore treatment and prevention. These cushions are able to provide exceptional relief from pressure, don’t weigh a lot, and they are extremely low maintenance. Although they are often offered at higher prices, they are also one of the most durable cushion options, and many of them come with additional patch kits so they can continuously provide positioning stability.

Foam Cushions

The more budget-friendly foam cushions are still some of the most popular options available. Foam is lightweight, durable, and requires hardly any maintenance at all. Indeed, many times these cushions come with covers that can be easily washed in a standard or front-loading washing machine and dryer. They offer exceptional pressure relief for a wallet-friendly price, but they don’t last as long as some other wheelchair cushions. The thickness of the foam can range from anywhere between 1 and 4 inches. Both standard foam and memory foam versions can be covered and contoured. One of the great things about foam is that it can be purchased in various densities. Of course, the denser the foam, the higher the price.

Gel Cushions

Gel cushions are some of the most popular cushions on the market, and actually generate more sales than foam cushions. Part of the reason is that the durability of this material is much higher than foam. Of course, there are also many “hybrid cushions” on the market, which contain a mixture of foam and silicone gel, and there are cushions that are comprised nearly entirely of silicone gel pads. When looking for the best gel cushion for wheelchairs, a user can find one that is designed for optimal pressure relief, stability and positioning. Some of these pillows even help to keep the body cool and control sweating. Many gel pads are covered with removable covers that can easily be washed and put back on if there are any issues with incontinence or sweating.

Special Comfort Cushions

Specially designed comfort cushions are very popular and mostly feature basic designs. They allow users to get moderate pressure relief and skin protection. They’re often installed on top of an existing cushion. Some models are specifically designed for the purpose of comfort. These wheelchair pillows are extremely popular, and they are great for people who need to just have a little softer seating. They aren’t generally suitable for someone who would need immense pressure relief (such as the elderly) or those who require a cushion that will help to improve posture.

Bariatric Cushions

Most cushions have an average weight capacity of 250 to 300 pounds. This means that once this weight is exceeded, the cushion may have a harder time retaining its original shape with prolonged use. Bariatric cushions are usually utilized by individuals who may need a wider and deeper seat cushion, or who require higher weight tolerances than the norm. They often retain their original shape and are made of denser materials in order to do so, thus resulting in slightly higher prices than standard wheelchair cushions.

Back Cushions

Back cushions and wedges still count as wheelchair cushions. If a user needs to correct his posture (or simply maintain it), these can provide additional support to target areas of the back. They may also be used along a cushion in order to provide a fit that offers the optimal amount of comfort, stability, and overall posterior health.

Are the Best Wheelchair Cushions Limited to Seats?

While most of the bestselling wheelchair cushions at AvaCare are for seats, other versions exist, such as laptop cushions, armrest cushions, and more. Many of these are made with the same materials that make wheelchair cushions popular, and they offer some of the same benefits. These, like our wheelchair cushions, offer comfort at affordable prices.


If you’re looking to purchase the best wheelchair cushions available, we can help! If you have questions about comfort, you can always check out our Wheelchair Comfort Guide, but be sure to give us a call so we can assist you! If you aren’t able to reach us by phone, you can easily chat with us online, or simply send us an email anytime!