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Cushions for Pressure Sores / Gel Pads for Bed Sores

When a user is confined to a wheelchair for an extended period of time, he may need to get cushions for pressure sores (also known as bed sores). Pressure sore cushions aren’t limited to just a wheelchair; they can also be used in a bed or even on a regular chair. AvaCare has a special assortment of seat & wheelchair cushions to help ease pain and even help treat and prevent them from developing. Read more...

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  1. Protekt O2 Cushion
    Protekt O2 Cushion
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  2. Sofsheep Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat Pad
  3. Gel Supreme Wheelchair Cushion
    Gel Supreme Wheelchair Cushion
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  4. Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion
  5. Skil-Care Anti-Thrust Gel Foam Cushion for Geri Chair 20 x 18"
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5 Items

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Various Materials of Pressure Sore Cushions

There are many different materials that a seat cushion for bed sores can be made from. Bedsore chair cushions aren’t like normal seat cushions. They may be made with similar materials, though, such as gel, rubber, foam, and even sheepskin. Some of the best seat cushions for preventing pressure sores are:

Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion (14888) by Drive Medical

Gel foam cushions are designed to enable the user to have the ultimate experience in comfort, as well as to help relieve pressure. These seat cushions for pressure sores have a special bladder made of silicone gel that is inside extremely dense foam in order to provide a moldable option for the user. This convenient gel pad for preventing sores also features a water-resistant nylon cover that is also machine washable since accidents are sometimes known to happen. Having a gel pad for pressure ulcers like the General Use Gel grade (“E” 2”) in this Drive Medical seat cushion encourages comfort and mitigates the risk of sores.

Gel Supreme Wheelchair Cushion (KHPKBGSxxxx) by Gel Supreme

Gel supreme has gel cushions for pressure sores at an affordable price. Being a deluxe model gel and foam hybrid cushion, the Gel Supreme cushion has a 300 pound weight capacity, and has multiple utilization options and is easy to use. This means these cushions are able to be used with beds as well. The foam in these medical cushions for bed sores is also fire resistant, and the gel inside exists in an aqueous form in order to help distribute weight evenly. This particular model of gel cushion for bed sores also has a removable and washable cover.

Protekt O2 Cushion (LV7800X) by Proactive Medical

Proactive Medical is relatively new to the medical market, having only begun to introduce products in 2012. But don’t let that fool you, as they can provide one of the best pressure sore cushions on the market. If you’re looking for the best wheelchair cushion for pressure sores, this product can truly deliver. There are air adjustable cells that allow proper redistribution as well as protection for skin tissues. Their dual valve compartments are able to adapt to pelvic problems, sacral seating capabilities, and allow proper posture control. All Protekt O2 cushions also come with an easy to use hand pump, a 2-year warranty, and even a patch kit.

Anti-Thrust Gel Foam Cushion for Geri Chair (75985300) by Skil-Care

Positioning problems are one of the primary reasons some people develop sores, and Skil-Care understands this. They’ve designed this anti-thrust geriatric chair cushion for bed sores with every user in mind. The outer cover is a waterproof material that is designed to allow users to simply wipe them clean if needed, and which can also stretch and flex according to the user’s needs. The cover’s flexibility enables this chair cushion to prevent pressure sores and even treat them.

Soft Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat pad (SHP111) by SoftSheep

This naturally enhanced seat cushion for a wheelchair prevents pressure ulcers. Softsheep offers numerous sheepskin pads for wheelchair backs, seats, and even armrest covers. Sheepskin offers excellent medical benefits and can be used with other wheelchair seat cushions to prevent bed sores. The lambswool on these wheelchair pads prevent bed sores and are extremely soft, which offers users a smoother and more relaxing ride in comfort. The soft sheepskin wheelchair seat pad is an extremely popular option.

Total Comfort Seat pad (HFWC4485) by Hermell Products, Inc.

Hermell Products is one of the highest rated providers in the country. If you’re looking for the best seat cushion to prevent pressure sores, you should definitely not pass up this item. The product is one of the lightest on the market, and it has a dual semi-waterproof cover so it can be washed in any washer/dryer. Every Total Comfort seat pad has a Velcro hook that can adjust and secure itself to any sized chair. This is one of the few actual “wheelchair pillows” on the market, and it is filled with polyester fiber that renders it very durable and also makes it one of the best wheelchair cushions for bed sores out there. 

Pressure Relief Cushions: Price Ranges

Some people wonder about the price of medical cushions, as there are some which can be found as low as the $20 range, while others can easily reach over $200. There is good reason for this though: All wheelchair seat cushions for pressure sores must meet specific medical-grade code requirements, and, in order to ensure that they are compliant with these requirements, they have to pass a litany of tests. These testing procedures can ensure that you are getting a premium product, and many of these tests alone cost the medical industry billions of dollars. Therefore, it’s important to know that all pressure sore relief cushions are optimally designed to both treat and prevent bed sores while providing the exceptional benefits that all other wheelchair cushions offer. 


If you’re thinking about looking through our cushions for pressure sores, AvaCare Medical wants to hear from you. Nobody wants to see a loved one suffering from pain or from more serious problems that can arise from a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, our premium pressure sore relief cushions can provide not only the relief that you or a loved one may need, but can also help to treat any that they (or you) may already have! 

To ensure confidence when purchasing one of these cushions, we strongly encourage you to look through every single product description, read our “How to Avoid Bed Sores” guide, and/or give us a call with any of your questions and concerns. Don’t feel like talking on the phone? You can always chat with a representative live on-site during business hours or send us an email at any time.