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Sheepskin for Wheelchairs / Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat Cover

Sheepskin for wheelchairs are a great wheelchair cover choice if you suffer from bedsores, skin issues, or you simply want to enjoy a bit of extra soft, plush cushioning. AvaCare Medical has a wonderful line of sheepskin wheelchair seat covers to fit your chair. These cushions offer exceptional padding and greatly enhance your comfort. Read more...

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Benefits of Sheepskin for Wheelchairs 

Wheelchair cushions and covers offer more than just a little bit of padding. While they aren’t as pronounced and as thick as a regular foam or other cushion materials, sheepskin pads for wheelchairs are a natural way to get rid of and prevent bed sores. They are an excellent option for ambulatory patients, and they provide soft, comfortable relief. There are numerous benefits, not the least of which is ease of washing. Here is a more comprehensive list of benefits that sheepskin wheelchair covers have to offer:

Naturally Insulate Static Electricity

Some types of foam and fabric covers and cushions do unfortunately have the ability to seemingly randomly and sometimes frequently generate a static electricity charge. Sheepskin helps to ground that static electricity out and actually insulates the energy so that when the body uses it, static is drastically reduced.

Extremely Absorbent

Sweat, as well as other forms of moisture, are absorbed almost instantly. Of course, this doesn’t mean that sheepskin stays dry 100% of the time, but for things like sweat, it’s able to both absorb and evaporate it much faster than other forms of fabric or materials used in wheelchair pads are able to.

Helps with Proper Circulation

Sheepskin is made to allow the body to breathe. In addition to keeping the user comfortable, it helps to absorb sweat, so that it is able to help increase blood circulation throughout the body.

Naturally Healing

Many people choose sheepskin when it comes to having bedsores or other skin issues because of its naturally healing properties. Sheepskin itself is able to boost immune systems, fight infections, and provide relief and prevent bed sores.

Naturally Antibacterial and Resistant to Dirt

The components sheepskin fabric is naturally comprised of are resistant to bacteria and don’t collect dirt like other furs or fabrics. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to ever be washed, but it does mean that even with normal everyday use (without accidents), a user can feel comfortable knowing that it is naturally clean.


Lanolin is a natural ingredient that nourishes the skin of not only animals but also our own bodies. Sheepskin is naturally high in lanolin, and this ingredient helps to absorb and keep the wool dry, as well as keep a user’s skin soft. 

Adds Soft Cushioning

Along with lanolin, the inherent comfort of sheepskin combines nicely to produce a quality product for your wheelchair. Most sheepskin is made with the untouched wool that is closest to the sheep’s body, and when a long-wool version is purchased, it is left untouched for the sole purpose of creating a sheepskin product. This allows for a natural plush, softer than almost any other fur, to be made.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some people are concerned when it comes to sheepskin products because they are made from sheep – and we understand. Therefore, here are some popular questions and answers to help you better comprehend why you may want to choose sheepskin for wheelchairs.

Is Sheepskin Animal Friendly?

This question is in the center of a lively debate. Yes, it is true that sheepskins are of course derived from sheep. However, they are made from sheep that have already died during the food supply process. The skins are unadulterated and pure. Once the animal is dead, it’s better to use all parts of it rather than waste it, and that is the mindset behind making a sheepskin seat cushion.

Do Sheepskins last a long time?

Sheepskin can actually last an extremely long time, as it’s a natural product. Some people have been able to use their sheepskin products for over 20 years because, as long as it is used and maintained properly, this high-quality material can retain its softness and shape for decades.

How do I wash Sheepskin?

A user should wash sheepskin in a separate washing machine load. This way they’re not susceptible to color bleeding. The water should be lukewarm (no higher than about 105 degrees Fahrenheit). It should, however, be hung to dry ALWAYS and never thrown in the dryer to tumble dry. A user should also never iron a sheepskin wheelchair pad.

Will sheepskin keep skin warm?

One of the great things about sheepskin is that during the summer months, the fact that it lets the body and skin breathe naturally can help keep users cool when necessary, but the extra fur helps to also protect against cold in the winter months. This means that it can keep a person either cool or warm, and have all of the additional benefits of an extra layer of clothing.

Are Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat Covers Expensive?

Sheepskin cushions and pads can be considered pricey to some, but considering that they can last for a long time, they actually come out to be very cost-effective. Sheepskin is also less expensive considering its quality when compared to other natural products. AvaCare Medical has sheepskin covers and support pads available for less than $100, which is a great price.

Here at AvaCare Medical, we want to ensure that you have an easy time finding the comfort you need. If you are considering sheepskin for your wheelchair, we want to make sure that you are able to compare the relevant products and have a positive purchase and delivery experience. 

Should you have any questions, concerns, or you need some assistance with your order, we’d love to hear from you! Simply give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 or chat with us online during business hours. You can also send an email at any time!