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Wheelchair Cushion Covers / Wheelchair Seat Covers

AvaCare Medical has some of the best wheelchair covers available today, and you can purchase covers in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs! The many wheelchair seat cover options allow the user to choose the one that works best for his needs. Read more...

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Why Wheelchair Cushion Covers Are Needed

Wheelchair covers are not merely an accessory or a commodity when it comes to purchasing a wheelchair cushion; they’re indeed a necessity. Some users believe that it is merely to protect the cover itself, but wheelchair seat cushion covers are also necessary for protecting the user. Of course, covers can also protect the cushion itself underneath the user.

Cushion covers offer protection for all wheelchair cushions and cushion types, and they are meant to repel moisture, help to decrease the temperature of the cushion material, and eliminate UV exposure and dirt buildup. All of these factors can damage and even ruin wheelchair cushions. It is important for the elements to be deflected so the cushion can do its job to provide protection and stability, maintaining its usefulness long term.

Types of Wheelchair Seat Covers 

Wheelchair seat covers are meant to cover different styles and types of wheelchair cushions, but they can also have multiple purposes. Just like the numerous options of wheelchair cushions themselves, there is likewise a large selection of wheelchair cushion covers. Some types of wheelchair pad covers are:

  • Bariatric Covers: Waffle seat covers are generally meant for the larger seat cushions. Some are meant to protect waffle seats, and therefore they provide a little bit of looseness so they can cover the entire cushion much like a pillowcase protects a pillow. They can also add to the cushion’s firmness.
  • Coccyx Cutout Covers: These covers are specially designed to fit coccyx wheelchair cushions. They have a special cutaway design, and simply slide over each ‘leg cushion” of the coccyx cushion. Coccyx wheelchair cushion covers may be moisture-resistant or simply soft to help a person in terms of adding pressure relief, and friction relief as well.
  • Low-Profile Cushion Covers: Low-profile cushions, such as the ROHO cushions sold here at AvaCare Medical, are often considered the go-to option for inflatable air cushions. Low-profile cushions are cushions that aren’t as thick or high as others with elongated air cells. 
  • High-Profile Covers: High-profile wheelchair seat covers are meant to do the same as low-profile covers, but they are generally an essential accessory when it comes to using air pressure relief cushions like the ROHO cushions with longer air “cells”. These are often anti-friction and have a bit of flexibility in order to accommodate the varying size of the inflated air cushions. They also often feature waterproof materials on top or over the whole cover.
  • Incontinence Covers: These covers are a little thicker, and often denser because their primary purpose is to deflect moisture. Getting rid of moisture is something that almost every cover should do, but incontinence covers are designed to handle accidents so the user or caregiver can clean up messes easier. An added benefit is that they are often machine washable. One thing to keep in mind is that incontinence covers don’t absorb the moisture, but rather, they rather deflect it altogether. There are a lot of benefits to these covers, and they are often a little more expensive because the materials are thicker. At the same time, they provide exceptional resistance to moisture so the cushions themselves are protected.
  • Stretch Covers: Stretch covers often provide a great deal of friction and pressure relief, and they’re able to be used on various cushion types. Many users will use these on hybrid cushions or those with gel pads. Thus, they can continue to provide relief while allowing the user’s skin to breathe, making them perfect to aid in pressure sore relief.
  • Universal Covers: Universal covers are made for almost every type of wheelchair cushion. They provide many various benefits while having a specific measurement in order to ensure that they fit the cushion that a user has, no matter the type. Of course, they aren’t necessarily always meant to fit every single cushion, as some high profile cushions may need a specific cushion cover for the air cushion itself.

Wheelchair Cushions Can Be Changed Out

One thing to realize is that with all of the choices of wheelchair covers out there, users have to be extremely careful when choosing covers for their wheelchair cushion. This is to ensure that they are able to meet all their needs every second of the day. Many users will have more difficult days just like anyone else. Some days, an incontinence cover may be required, while a more breathable model, although a bit of a risky venture, may be desired during hot summer days. 

One Cover Stands Out as an All-In-One

Wheelchair cushion covers and cushions made of sheepskin are provide numerous benefits for wheelchair users each day. Sheepskin versions have a lot of benefits in terms of providing maximum breathability and increased resistance to moisture, and, at the same time, they are pretty easy to maintain. Though they may be more costly, they are able to better withstand the tests of time. Some users have reported having their sheepskin cushions and cushion covers for decades because of their superior durability.

The Price of Wheelchair Cushion Covers

Wheelchair cushion cover prices, as mentioned earlier, depend on a variety of factors just like the cushions themselves. Our wheelchair cushion covers range in price from just over $21 all the way up to about $135.

AvaCare Medical knows how much it means to have a good wheelchair cushion cover for your cushion. All of our seat cushion covers and replacement covers are made with care from the top manufacturers of medical supplies, like EHOB, Invacare, Roho Inc., and Skil-Care. 

If you ever have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. Our representatives can even help you make your selection, and then assist throughout your entire order process. Give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 or chat onsite with a live representative today!