Shower Chair Guide: Choosing and Using the Best Shower Chair

What is a Shower Chair? A shower chair (also known as a tub seat, bath chair, or various other names) is a water resistant chair that may or may not include a backrest and armrest. This type of durable medical equipment usually features a slip-resistant seat as well as rubber or suction cup-style feet to [...]

Effective Ways to Treat Painful Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

What is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain which is caused due to inflammation of the thick band tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot and is the connection between your toes and heel bone. Plantar fasciitis can be self-diagnosed: See if you feel a sharp [...]

Guide To Buying Your First Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Suddenly finding yourself in the position of needing to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is not necessarily something anyone would say is an enjoyable experience. To be in this position usually means that you or a loved one have been through a trauma, an accident or an illness, and, unfortunately, now require the use [...]

Mobility Scooter Guide: Pick the Best Model for You or Your Loved Ones

Mobility scooters are one of the most reliable modes of transportation for seniors and people who can’t walk by themselves. They ensure a safe driving experience, and they minimize the energy spent on going from one place to the other. Mobility scooters are considered medical equipment because they are specially made for people who have [...]

Does Medicare Cover Medical Supplies? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Medicare will often cover medical supplies and equipment that are needed in your home. However, there is a certain kind of medical supplies that Medicare will not cover. For Medicare to cover medical equipment, they need to be durable, meaning that they must be able to be used repeatedly without being damaged. Usually, this means [...]