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Guest Posting for AvaCare Medical

Write for AvaCare Medical

At AvaCare Medical, one of the nation's largest online medical supplies and equipment stores, we aim to provide our customers with more than just excellent products and superb service. To this end, we have created a large library of resources as well as a blog where we share important tips on managing their conditions and improving their lifestyles.

Whether we are providing guidance on how to manage incontinence using the many products available, or improving home safety or mobility and independence, our blog posts are informative, helpful and easy to read. We are always happy to accept guest post submissions written with a similar focus. All submissions are reviewed by our editorial team to ensure that each post fills our requirements.

Most importantly, we are very careful that, as a medical supply company, we cover topics which are not merely relevant to seniors or people with disabilities, but rather something that is directly related to our product offerings. In this way, we use our position and knowledge to offer customers much-needed insight into the world of medical supplies and equipment.

If you would like to write for us, please keep in mind the following general factors which go into deciding whether or not we can publish an article that is pitched to us:

  • 1. The writing must be original and never published anywhere else online
  • 2. The submission should be quality writing and directly related to medical supplies and equipment
  • 3. Requested links must point to high quality sites relevant to the medical industry or senior living
  • 4. Articles may have a maximum of 3 outgoing links and must have a minimum of 500 words
  • 5. All submissions that contain low quality, unnatural, spammy or offensive content will be disregarded

Before you create a post for submission, we recommend that you read some of the following articles to get an idea of the style we prefer. We also advise potential guest writers to submit topic ideas to ensure that it is something that is well aligned with our brand voice.

In the case of approval, AvaCare Medical reserves the right to make edits to the post in order to provide our readers with a high quality, relevant read.

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