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Bladder Control Pads / Best Incontinence Pads for Bladder Leakage

For those who experience light to moderate urinary incontinence, regular underwear lined with bladder control pads or incontinence liners can often provide sufficient protection at a lower price. In order to maximize protection, many bladder leakage pads are designed to be gender specific, with more absorbent material placed where the patient needs it most. Read More...

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  1. Super Absorbent Postpartum Pads
    Super Absorbent Postpartum Pads
    Starting at $45.46
  2. QuickChange Male Incontinence Wrap One Size Fits Most
  3. Attends Extended Wear Incontinence Liner
    Attends Extended Wear Incontinence Liner
    Starting at $48.35
  4. Butterfly Incontinence Liner
    Butterfly Incontinence Liner
    Starting at $19.17
  5. Hartmann MoliCare Premium Form Extra Bladder Control Pad
  6. Abena Man Incontinence Pads
    Abena Man Incontinence Pads
    Starting at $3.94
  7. Abena Light Incontinence Pad for Women
    Abena Light Incontinence Pad for Women
    Starting at $3.54
  8. TENA Intimates Ultimate Pad
    TENA Intimates Ultimate Pad
    Starting at $27.41
  9. Dignity Stackables Bladder Control Pad
    Dignity Stackables Bladder Control Pad
    Starting at $14.34
  10. Tranquility Male Guard Bladder Control Pad
    Tranquility Male Guard Bladder Control Pad
    Starting at $32.50
  11. Tranquility Select Light Personal Care Bladder Control Pad
  12. FitRight Bladder Control Pads
    FitRight Bladder Control Pads
    Starting at $4.00

Items 1-12 of 119

Set Descending Direction

With a range of light to maximum absorbency levels, liners for incontinence are ideal for active, independent individuals with occasional or light urinary incontinence, as well as those with very light fecal incontinence.

Types of Adult Bladder Control Pads & Liners

Adult bladder control pads and liners are worn inside normal underwear and offer light to maximum protection for independent, mobile individuals with mild or occasional urinary incontinence (or very light fecal incontinence). 

Bladder control pads and pant liners are equipped with adhesive tape that keeps it in place, allowing for a discreet and comfortable wear as well as reliable protection.

The best bladder control pads often feature a core that is filled with polymer gel, which gives the pad its absorbency.

There are many different types of bladder protection pads and liners; find the ones that will allow you to manage urine leaks effectively and discreetly.

Incontinence Pads for Sensitive Skin

To prevent skin problems from occurring, it’s important to choose urine absorbent pads that work quickly to draw moisture away from the skin. Avoid perfumed pads. 100% cotton incontinence pads, or bladder incontinence pads topped with a cotton layer, are a great choice for sensitive skin, since they allow air to circulate, and they feature enhanced moisture-wicking capabilities; cotton incontinence pads absorb moisture within a minute timeframe. 

Light Incontinence Liners

  • Pantiliners/Light Pads – Thin urine pads for incontinence are comfortable and provide protection for men and women with light incontinence. Incontinence panty liners can be used as stress incontinence pads or overactive bladder pads.
  • Men’s ShieldsShields for men are ultralight and are positioned in the front area of the underwear for targeted protection.

Moderate Incontinence Liners

  • Liners/Shaped Pads – These incontinence liners have higher liquid capacities and serve as an alternative to adult briefs and pull up underwear for independent men and women with moderate urinary incontinence.
  • Men’s Guards – Incontinence guards are designed for active men who are looking to use men’s incontinence pads for moderate urinary incontinence.

Other Incontinence Liner Types

  • Women’s Pads and Liners – These adult incontinence pads and liners are available in a wide range of sizes and absorbency levels for active, independent women with incontinence. Incontinence pads for women are available in multiple sizing options including long, slim, compact, thick, and many more variations.
  • Pad & Pant System – Unlike most bladder control pads, these pads are designed to be worn together with knit underpants and provide comfortable protection for men and women with varying levels of incontinence.
  • Doublers/Booster Pads – Also not intended for use with regular underwear, double-up liners, commonly known as booster pads, are large incontinence pads designed to be worn in protective underwear and briefs to provide an extra level of protection. Booster pads are often needed for adults with very heavy incontinence issues, when even the most absorbent briefs fall short of their absorbency needs.

Best Incontinence Pads for Adults

Choosing the right incontinence pads or urine pads for adults can be a decision fraught with apprehension. It can often take quite a bit of trial and error until you figure out which pads for urine incontinence work best for your needs. 

To help you find the best bladder pads faster, we’ve provided you with this list of only the best incontinence pads for adults. Choose from these, and your search for the best bladder leak pads for your needs shouldn’t take half as long!

Poise Incontinence Pads

Poise incontinence pads are available in several absorbencies. They are comfortable, have fast-acting moisture wicking and odor control properties. The contoured fit offers maximum protection and discreetness, and also prevents bunching. These urine protection pads are known to be 10x more dry than the best period pads! Poise incontinence pads feature nearly impenetrable leak blocks on the sides, to prevent those sneaky leaks from escaping. Poise bladder pads provide optimal coverage, and come in various thicknesses and sizes. They allow you to stay poised and confident like usual!

Prevail Pads

Prevail pads provide comfortable protection for anyone with incontinence; they are one of the best pads for urine leakage. Their 100% breathable composition allows for optimum air circulation and prevents heat from building up. The breathability is conducive to skin health. The MaxSorb Gel core efficiently absorbs and contains moisture, and Omni-Odor Guard neutralizes unpleasant smells within milliseconds. Like the Poise incontinence pads mentioned previously, the Prevail pads will also keep you 10X more dry than even the best period pads will. These pads allow you to prevail over the effects of incontinence and get on with life!

Always Incontinence Pads

Always incontinence pads are super slim and unobtrusive. They offer premium protection without any awkward bulkiness. The innovative RapidDry core transforms liquid into a gel substance to prevent leakage and odors. Also, the OdorLock Technology neutralizes any smells, and actually also has a fresh, light scent. Always bladder pads can hold up to 4 times more liquid than similarly sized period pads. These pads feature Double LeakGuards to prevent moisture from slipping out the sides. Always bladder leak pads are available in several absorbencies and 2 different lengths.

Best Incontinence Pads for Runners

Finding the best incontinence pads for runners or for exercise isn’t that complicated, if one is aware of what to look for. The best incontinence pads for runners will feature an adhesive backing to ensure the pad stays in place even while the wearer is moving about. It should be breathable, and allow for air circulation. When choosing an incontinence pad for exercise, try to pick one that’s of a longer length, to provide more coverage just in case. This can be especially helpful when the user is moving around; shifting, running, jumping, etcetera, while wearing the pad.

At AvaCare Medical, we carry the best pads for urinary incontinence, as well as liners and male guards, including Poise pads and Depends for men and women. To learn more about the options available in this category, check out our helpful Pads, Liners & Guards Dictionary. If you’re unsure about the product you need, try our samples program or give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 – we’re here to help you!