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Incontinence Liners / Underwear Liners for Adults

Incontinence liner pads are thicker than light pads, and provide a wider area of protection. They are often shaped anatomically and are used as a discreet alternative to adult diapers and protective underwear. Whether you need something for moderate urinary incontinence or for use as light bowel incontinence liners, we’ve got what you need. Read More...

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  1. Tena Serenity Overnight Pad, 28/Pkg
  2. MoliForm Soft Liners
    MoliForm Soft Liners
    Starting at $62.54
  3. Dignity Plus Super Liner 4" x 12" Adhesive
    Dignity Plus Super Liner 4" x 12" Adhesive
    Starting at $13.62
  4. Contour Plus Bladder Control Pads
    Contour Plus Bladder Control Pads
    Starting at $6.56
  5. Attends Guard for Men
    Attends Guard for Men
    Starting at $9.97
  6. MoliMed Maxi Incontinence Pad
  7. FitRight Active Male Guards
    FitRight Active Male Guards
    Starting at $21.22
  8. Super Absorbent Postpartum Pads
    Super Absorbent Postpartum Pads
    Starting at $45.46
  9. Attends Extended Wear Incontinence Liner
    Attends Extended Wear Incontinence Liner
    Starting at $48.35
  10. Hartmann MoliCare Premium Form Extra Bladder Control Pad
  11. Abena Man Incontinence Pads
    Abena Man Incontinence Pads
    Starting at $3.94
  12. Abena Light Incontinence Pad for Women
    Abena Light Incontinence Pad for Women
    Starting at $3.54

Items 1-12 of 99

Set Descending Direction

As many people are aware, the variety of products available to help one manage incontinence is exorbitant. There are all different products; some designed for light incontinence, some for mild, some for moderate, and some for total incontinence.

Incontinence liners are designed for active individuals with moderate urinary incontinence. They contain more liquid than light pads or pantiliners, but not as much as a diaper or pullup. 

Liners are waterproof, since they were purposefully designed to hold in liquid and prevent leakage. Therefore, they are not meant for use as an added protective layer in a diaper or pull up (see diaper doublers), since they won’t let liquid seep into the diaper, and will likely require the individual to have to change more often than he’d need to if he was only wearing a diaper. 

Rather, incontinence liner pads are underwear liners for adults; they are designed to be placed inside ordinary underwear. 

Why Choose Incontinence Liners?

Incontinence liners provide discreet yet effective protection. They absorb liquid at a rapid pace, thereby ensuring that the skin stays as dry as possible to prevent irritation. 

These liners are remarkably thin; so much so that no one besides you will realize they’re there, and even you yourself may forget that you’re wearing them because they aren’t bulky or irritating at all.

Incontinence liners allow you to stay prepared; they often come individually wrapped so that you stash one in your purse so you have it when you need it. 

These are quite compact and perfect to take along anywhere. Due to their small size, bladder control liners can be used and disposed of discreetly.

Incontinence Liners vs. Period Pads

Incontinence liners are designed to draw urine into the core. Period pads are designed to pull in other slower flowing fluids. Since urine flows at a much faster rate, period pads can’t absorb them quickly enough. Therefore, urine leaks are much more likely with period pads. 

Also, incontinence liners were designed to neutralize the odor of urine. Period pads don’t have this odor neutralizing component (they may have deodorants to mask the smell, but they don’t neutralize the source like bladder leak liners will).

Get the best incontinence liners at AvaCare Medical! Choose from our extensive selection of both bowel incontinence liners and regular incontinence liners that provide the discreet protection every person deserves. 

Look and feel poised and confident, as usual!

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