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Bed Alarm / Medical Restraints

Keep your loved ones safe with safety products and alarms for the elderly such as bed alarms, medical restraints and chair alarms. Many of these personal safety products are designed for patients with dementia or similar conditions, especially those who are prone to wandering or are at risk of harming themselves or others. Read More...

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  1. Skil-Care Econo Alarm System
    Skil-Care Econo Alarm System
    Starting at $27.79
  2. SkiL-Care BedPro UnderMattress Bed Sensor Pad Alarm System
  3. SkiL-Care Padded Hand Control Mitt
  4. Quick-Release Twice-as-Tough Cuff
    Quick-Release Twice-as-Tough Cuff
    Starting at $48.78
  5. Locking Twice-as-Tough Cuff
    Locking Twice-as-Tough Cuff
    Starting at $135.02
  6. Non-Locking Twice-as-Tough Cuff
    Non-Locking Twice-as-Tough Cuff
    Starting at $47.36
  7. Heelbo Limbo Snap Hook Limb Restraint
    Heelbo Limbo Snap Hook Limb Restraint
    Starting at $27.58
  8. Split Siderail Protector Vinyl Cover 36" x 16" H x 1/2"Thick
  9. Double-Security Mesh Back Style Mitts
  10. Soft Hand Mitt
    Soft Hand Mitt
  11. Deluxe Quilted Limb Holder, 12-1/4" x 3-3/4" Cuff, 6" - 10" Slide Buckle
  12. Universal Key for Lock Cuff and Belt, Silver, Adult

Items 1-12 of 81

Set Descending Direction

Bed Alarms & Fall Monitors

Monitoring devices such as bed alarms and chair alarms allow caregivers to monitor or supervise patient movements to provide better care and prevent falls even when they can’t be in the room.

Of the various patient monitoring systems, one of the most common types is a bed alarm for the elderly which includes a sensor pad which is placed underneath the patient and automatically sets off an alarm if the patient gets up or falls. With a sensor mat, caregivers can choose whether to be alerted when the patient sits up or gets out of bed by placing the pad either under the patient’s shoulders or their hips.

Another great option is a floor mat alarm, which is designed to set off an alarm in a separate room when the patient gets out of bed or approaches the door.

Other safety alarms for elderly patients such as pull-cord alarms are designed as a tether rather than a sensor pad. These products sound an alarm when the tether, which is attached to the patient and the bed or wheelchair, is strained.

Possibly the most convenient of all patient movement monitoring systems is the Wireless Bedside Alarm, which emits a large, invisible “curtain” that provides a large area of protection and alerts caregivers if the patients falls or attempts to leave their bed.

Medical Restraints

For patients who are confused or otherwise mentally impaired, medical restraints (also known as hospital restraints) may be necessary to prevent the patient from falling, wandering or injuring themselves or others.

Some facilities prefer a mitten restraints as a patient restraint alternative. While Posey restraints are commonly used to prevent patients from scratching or hurting other patients or themselves, they are specifically helpful to keep patients from pulling out IV lines or otherwise interfering with medical tubing and equipment. Posey mitts do not tie the patient’s hands down but keep the fingers enmeshed so that their movement is limited.

Other Safety Products for the Elderly

This category includes other important safety products for the elderly, including but not limited to:
  • Enuresis Alarms: These alarms for bedwetting have been proven to help reduce nighttime accidents at night and may be helpful for some patients with incontinence.
  • Medical ID Bracelets: These medical ID jewelry products save lives for individuals who have medical conditions such as diabetes or epilepsy, drug and food allergies or prescribed medications that emergency responders should know about.
  • Smoking Apron: For individuals who have limited mobility, smoking poses a danger since they may not be able to move quickly enough to prevent fires caused by falling ash or a dropped cigarette. Enter the smoker’s apron, which provides fireproof protection for the smoker’s chest and lap, securing easily around the neck and, in many cases, on the arms of a wheelchair or geri chair.

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