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Wheelchair Alarms / Chair Alarms for Elderly

Shop our chair alarms for elderly people and those with cognitive disorders. These chair alarm pads can be used as geri-chair and wheelchair alarms., and they can also be placed on most standard chairs. So, if you’re looking for a chair sensor pad alarm, browse our selection now. At AvaCare Medical, we carry only the best chair alarms for elderly and disabled people, from the most trusted brands out there, at prices we know you’ll appreciate. Shop now! Read More...

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  1. Skil-Care Econo Alarm System
    Skil-Care Econo Alarm System
    Starting at $27.79
  2. Square Chair Sensor Pad, 13" X 13"
  3. Pressure Sensitive Bed Chair Patient Alarm
    Pressure Sensitive Bed Chair Patient Alarm
    Starting at $80.56
  4. SkiL-Care MultiPro Alarm System
  5. SkiL-Care ChairPro Chair Sensor Pad Alarm System
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  6. Replacement Sensor Pad for ChairPro Alarm System
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  7. MultiPro Chair Sensor Pad Alarm System
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  8. SkiL-Care ChairPro Gel-Foam Pad Alarm System 20" x 16' x 2.5"
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  9. SkiL-Care ChairPro Seat Belt Alarm System 50"L
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9 Items

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What is a Chair Alarm?

A chair alarm is a device that alerts the caregiver when a patient who is sitting attempts to get up from the chair. When the person tries to get up from the chair, the chair alarm senses a reduction in pressure, and sounds a loud noise in response. This noise signals the caregiver that the patient is attempting to get up from the chair. A chair alarm can be used as a wheelchair alarm, or as an alarm for a geri-chair or regular chair. 

Benefits of a Chair Alarm Pad

Many experienced caregivers will tell you that they’ve benefited from using a chair alarm pad for a patient. A chair alarm is beneficial in many different ways. Here are just a few of the most appreciated advantages chair alarms offer caregivers and their patients! 

Fall Prevention

A chair alarm pad is a key component of many comprehensive fall prevention plans. Many elderly people experience falls, and this is especially so for those seniors who are cognitively impaired, and therefore unaware of their abilities. Oftentimes, such individuals attempt endeavors that they cannot master; for instance, they will try getting up from a wheelchair when they have not the balancing skills necessary to walk around safely, without falling down. A chair alarm is a fall prevention aid - it can alert the caregiver in such scenarios, who can then come to the individual and guide him to safety. 

Wander Prevention

Sometimes, an elderly person can try to get somewhere, but get lost while doing so. If this sounds familiar to you because you know an elderly individual who has done this, a chair exit alarm or bed chair alarm for seniors may be something for you to look into. It can be placed on the chair the person sits on; be it a wheelchair or geri-chair, and as soon as the person starts getting up, the alarm will sound. This is where you can come in and assist the person in reaching the place he wants to get to, safely. 

Worry Prevention

By using an alarm pad for chairs, instead of the caregiver feeling anxious that the patient has gotten up, she can simply listen out for the chair alarm. Of course, she should still take responsibility and check on the patient often, but she can relieve just a bit of caregiver stress by not having to be nervous every other minute about if the patient is wandering around. 

Alternative to Restraints

Limb restraints can do the job of keeping a patient in place. However, they are not always recommended by care professionals, because they can cause the patient to feel tied down and trapped, and patients can attempt to get up while being restrained by the restraint, and become injured in the process. Chair sensor mats are a smart alternative to restraints, and they are extremely beneficial: they reduce the risk of the patient wandering off or experiencing a fall, since they alert caregivers who can then come to the aid of the patient. An added advantage of chair alarms over restraints is that there are no risks involved. Chair alarms are used in nursing homes and other medical facilities because they are safe and pose no direct dangers to patients in any way. 

Chair Alarms Buying Guide: What to Look for

Are you interested in investing in a chair alarm? Do you value your patient’s safety, and want to do what it takes to ensure that the person under your watch stays secure? Do you want to relieve your niggling caregiver anxiety in whatever way possible? Then a chair sensor pad alarm is definitely something that is certainly worth the price for you (and the cost is really not too much, anyway!) Here are a few details to look out for when searching for a chair alarm. Get an alarm with these features, and you’ll be happy you did so. 

  • Try to find an alarm that has a long-term warranty, which means the warranty will last for a year.
  • It’s important that the chair alarm pad is water resistant, especially when the user has issues with incontinence.
  • Be sure to find out if the alarm will work when covered by a gel pad or cushion.
  • A wireless chair alarm has the benefit that it can’t be simply unplugged.
  • There are bed chair alarms that can be used for dual purposes.
  • Find out whether or not the alarm turns off easily. Some will prefer that it turn off easily, but others would rather it not, so that the patient won’t be able to turn off the alarm on his own.

Find the best bed and chair alarms for elderly people on AvaCare Medical now! Choose between options from the most trusted medical manufacturing brands, such as Drive Medical, Medline, and other reputable companies. Whether you’re looking for any seat alarm for elderly people, or a specific option such as the Posey chair sensor pad, we carry what you need. We have chair alarms for home use, bed and chair alarms for use in nursing homes, and more. Check out our full line of chair alarms today!


If you have any questions or even concerns regarding chair alarms or any other medical supplies item we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our customer service team is willing and able to answer your questions, and can assist you with placing your order. Give them a call at 1.877.813.7799, or email them at [email protected] today, and experience the customer service at a whole different level. Shop now!