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Incontinence Products & Supplies

Even difficult conditions like incontinence can be made manageable with incontinence products such as bed pads, disposable gloves, and adult diapers. Here, you’ll find everything necessary to provide discreet, comfortable and skin-safe protection for all types of patients and every level of bowel or urinary incontinence. Read more...

At AvaCare Medical, we make shopping for incontinence products easier than ever with AvaCare Express, our hassle-free reorder program. With this service you can set up to have automatic deliveries of the products you need at the intervals you want. This is especially convenient for caregivers who require having items delivered to their patients but don’t have sufficient time to be busy with it on a regular basis.

What is Wearable Protection?

Wearable protection is the first line of defense when it comes to incontinence management. For inactive or heavily incontinent patients, try our adult diapers with tabs for excellent absorbency and leakage protection throughout the day or night. If you’re looking for better comfort and discretion, try absorbent reusable or disposable adult pull ups, which pull on and off like normal underwear. Similar to incontinence underwear, belted undergarments offer increased airflow and easier changing due to their adjustable belts and open sides. Individuals with lower levels of urinary incontinence should choose from our variety of bladder control pads and incontinence liners, which can be worn inside normal underwear.

Shopping for Bladder Control Products

Incontinence is a common occurrence among elderly individuals. Some people will purchase bladder control products at their local pharmacy, but if mobility becomes an issue, it may make it difficult for the person to get out and about. 

During such circumstances, instead of straining oneself to get out to the store, one can order adult incontinence products from AvaCare Medical without ever even having to step outside. This way, even if one may not be able to get out of the house, he can still have adult incontinence products discreetly delivered right to his doorstep.

Best Incontinence Products

AvaCare Medical works to ensure that people are able to get the best incontinence products available. Which incontinence supplies brands manufacture the best products? This is a question frequently asked by seniors who require bladder leak protection. There are many manufacturers, and also a variety of factors that determine which incontinence products are the best.

  • Some people may need plus size incontinence products. When this is the case, one may have a difficult time finding such an item in stores. Others may suffer from light bladder leakage, and thus need some good protection against that. 
  • Stress can cause a need for maximum absorbency incontinence products, especially in older adults.
  • Overnight leakage can be very uncomfortable. Often, a person will require incontinence products that are more absorbent. Some will even choose to use a combination of several incontinence products at the same time, to ensure maximum leak prevention.

Adult Incontinence Products: Features to Look for 

Before shopping for incontinence products, it is important to find out which features will be important for your needs, and which products will be best for you. Here are some things to look for when shopping for bladder leakage products:

Diapers and Briefs

  • Size and fit – waist size (preferred) or standard sizes (XS through 4X)
  • Tabs for security – single tabs, double tabs, resealable, etc.
  • Absorbency level – regular, moderate, overnight/maximum, etc.
  • Brand name – different brands are known to have different levels of quality

Bed Pads & Chucks

  • Width and length – longer sizes are available for more coverage of the bed
  • Absorbency – moisture repelling capability, level of absorbency
  • Purpose of use – some are designed for nighttime use, while others can be used during the day.

Belted Undergarments

These are similar to regular diapers, but have special waistbands which make them more discreet. Look for:

  • Size and fit – waistband size as well as hip size
  • Elasticity – the amount the waistband is able to stretch
  • Material – different materials have a higher capacity for absorbency. Also, some materials will be hypoallergenic.
  • Absorbency level - regular, light, maximum, etc. 
  • Brand name - choose a reputable brand 


  • Material – gloves can be latex, nitrile, or vinyl.
  • Size – XS through XXL
  • Purpose of use – touching food, exam, sterile, etc.
  • Textured – some gloves are textured for better grip, while others are smooth.

Pull Up Underwear

  • Size and fit
  • Padding
  • Absorbency level
  • Brand name
  • Nighttime or daytime use

Pads, Liners & Guards

  • Absorbency
  • Size
  • Wings or Wingless
  • Self-adhesive (to adhere to underwear)
  • Shape or contour

Bedpans, Urinals & Collectors

  • Disposable or reusable
  • Grip handles
  • Urine specimen collection type/seal
  • Commode collection or regular collection pan
  • Material
  • Ease of cleaning

Wipes and Washcloths

  • Flushable or non-flushable – be advised that certain sewer systems don’t recommend the usage of flushable wipes for flushing
  • Hypoallergenic – some wipes may irritate one’s skin
  • Ingredients
  • Dry wipes or wet wipes
  • Wipes for other problems (hemorrhoids, cleaning, sanitizing)

Incontinence Product Types

Here, you’ll find the bowel and urinary incontinence products which provide discreet, comfortable and skin-safe protection for all types of patients and every level of bowel or urinary incontinence.

  • When incontinence is an issue, soiling the furniture and bedding is an issue, too. Keep your home clean and dry with chucks of every size and absorbency level. If you’re not sure how to choose the best chux pads to suit your needs, read more in our bed chucks buying guide.
  • We also carry waterproof mattress covers to keep your mattresses stain-free and dry. Check out our full selection of disposable and reusable mattress protectors in bed accessories.
  • Avoid messy clean-ups with our fecal incontinence products and portable urinals and bedpans. You can also make cleaning easier and more hygienic with cleaning equipment like adult washcloths, wipes, and medical gloves. For more clean-up options like moisturizers and sprays, visit our skin care page.

Where to Find Incontinence Products

Since buying the appropriate incontinence supplies for seniors is so important (your health depends on it!), it is important for you to be able to order them so that they can be delivered to you wherever you may be. Fortunately, we deliver nationwide to 48 of the 50 continental United States!

At AvaCare Medical, we are committed to providing answers to any questions you may have. That’s why we have a special department dedicated to medical incontinence supplies, as well as helpful articles such as this incontinence product buying guide. If you’re not sure which incontinence products will work for you, order some free samples today!