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Phone Amplifier / Hearing Aid Accessories

If you’re looking for a phone amplifier or hearing aid accessories, this category has the products to help you with all your communication device needs. Read More...

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Phone Amplifiers

An inline telephone amplifier is a simple, easy-to-install product that amplifies sound to increase the volume of any home or office phone line up to 20 times with the simple push or slide of a button. This product is ideal for individuals who are hearing impaired or even just people who work in noisy places.

Hearing Aid Accessories

There are many important and helpful hearing accessories and cleaning products. Some of these products include:

  • Hearing Aid Batteries: In order to ensure that the batteries you are purchasing fit your hearing aids, it’s important to check the size number. For example, “hearing aid batteries 13” refers to size 13 batteries.
  • Hearing Aid Dryer: Also known as hearing aid dehumidifier, this product is a great way of prolonging the life of hearing aids and improving sound quality. Hearing aid dryers easily and effectively care for hearing aids while you sleep, often with no batteries or electricity necessary. In addition, these products are often an ideal way to safely store hearing aids when they’re not being used.
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit: These all-in-one care kits provide the tools you need to care for your hearing aids, including a magnetic batter replacement tool, a wax removal brush and pick, a tube and vent cleaner and a nifty little tool to pop open the batter compartment.

Other accessories include hearing aid phone pads, hearing aid battery replacement tools and impact noise reducer ear plugs which lower volume level without muffling sound.