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About Avacare Medical

As family members age, we are offered a time to give to our loved ones and enable them to enjoy their golden years surrounded by warmth and family. However, this stage can also be fraught with tension and anxiety, as life’s little stresses get in the way. That’s why at AvaCare Medical, our healthcare professionals are waiting to help you find the medical supplies and equipment that are right for you, making life easier – and more affordable – for you and your loved ones.

 “Your level of service to your customers is unparalleled. I mean, it’s unbelievable the way you guys work to expedite a $2 order like it’s a $2,000 order.” –Jim, manufacturer representative

The fast and flawless service everyone is raving about is thanks to the way we treat every order – as if it’s our first. Be it 3 PM or 3 AM, we’re here for you, responding to your requests and doing everything possible to ensure your absolute satisfaction. Are you the 5:29 AM order that is placed on the 27th of each month? We know you, we are expecting your order, and by 5:31 we will be working on processing it.

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