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Nicoderm Patches | Best Nicotine Gum & Smoke Patches

If you’re trying to quit smoking, a good way to do it successfully would be to stock up on Nicoderm patches, stop smoking gum, Nicotine lozenges, or other smoking cessation products. Read More...

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According to the FDA, by utilizing such products, you are increasing your chances of quitting for good by 50%. Studies have also found that only 5% of smokers succeed in quitting without the help of a smoking cessation product, while over 30% of those who do use such products succeed in quitting.

The purpose of smoking cessation products is to prevent smoking withdrawal symptoms which can occur if someone suddenly stops smoking cold turkey. These products are very effective, and entirely safe. 

Here are some details about our most popular smoking cessation products.

Nicoderm Patch

The Nicoderm patch is a square-shaped smoke patch between 1 & 3 inches. The exact size will vary according to the dosage of nicotine the patch contains. This smoke patch delivers nicotine faster than other patches, and is known to be the best smoking patch available. Some call it a “quit smoking patch” or a “stop smoking patch” since the ultimate purpose of it is to get a person to stop smoking.

How to Apply Nicoderm Patches

The Nicoderm CQ patch can be applied anywhere on the body, as long as it’s an area that’s not cracked, oily, or irritated. The spot should be clean of any skin care products such as makeup or skin cream. The area should also be as hairless as possible.

When putting on the smoke patch, gently press the adhesive side against your skin for a few seconds, and rub it a bit along the edges to make sure that it sticks. If the patch gets loose of comes off, apply a new one and get rid of the other one.

Whenever you put on a new patch, place it in a different spot on your body so that your skin does not become irritated.

How to Use Nicoderm CQ Patches

There are three types of Nicoderm patches; step 1, step 2 and step 3. These three steps of Nicotine patch dosing help you to quit gradually.

Nicotine Patch Dosing

Step 1

Nicotine patch 21 mg

Someone who’s been smoking 10+ cigarettes a day 

Step 2

Nicotine patch 14 mg

Someone who smokes fewer than 10 cigarettes a day


6 weeks after step 1

Step 3

Nicotine patch 7 mg

One who began at Step 1: Begin Step 3 two weeks after starting Step 2, & continue Step 3 for 2 weeks.


One who began at Step 2: Start Step 3 after 6 weeks of Step 2, and continue step 3 for 2 weeks.

These 3 steps prevent the lousy feelings and withdrawal symptoms that come along with stopping to smoke entirely all at once. 

Nicoderm patches can be worn all day, but if that’s not possible, they should be worn for at least 16 hours each day. 

If the Nicoderm CQ patch is causing you to have sleep issues, you may want to remove the smoke patch before you go to sleep. 

If as soon as you wake up you’re craving Nicotine, it’s likely best for you to wear it all day, even at night. 

Nicotine Patch Side Effects

Using a Nicotine patch may cause the following side effects in some individuals: 

  • Itchy, stinging skin at the place where the patch is
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Heartburn
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety

For the first 4 days, it’s normal to have these side effects. However, if these side effects are extremely uncomfortable for you or persist for more than 4 days, consult your doctor. 

Quit Smoking Gum

Quit smoking gum is very helpful in calming those cravings and lowering the high anxiety levels that smoking cessation often causes. This smoking cessation product is often referred to as Nicotine Chewing Gum due to the Nicotine it contains. 

Quit smoking gum is sugar-free and can be purchased without a prescription. 

How to Use Nicotine Gum

For the first 6 weeks, chew at least 9 pieces of quit smoking gum a day. The best routine would be to chew one piece every hour or two. After six weeks have passed chew one piece every 2-4 hours for 3 weeks. Following that, for the next 3 weeks, have one piece of gum every 4-8 hours. 

In order to benefit fully from chewing Nicotine gum, the steps below must be followed. 

  1. Don’t eat or drink anything for 15 minutes. This will help the Nicotine to enter your system properly. 
  2. After 15 minutes, remove the gum from the wrapper, and place it in your mouth.
  3. Slowly chew it, and keep chewing until there is a tingling feeling in your mouth. 
  4. When you feel tingling, stop chewing and push the quit smoking gum with your tongue to the side of your mouth, between the cheek and gums. 
  5. When the tingling has subsided, move the gum back to the middle of your mouth until the tingling sensation is back. Then repeat step 3. 
  6. Keep alternating between steps 3 and 4 until the gum loses its tingliness (this should take about a half hour). Try to switch spots between your teeth & gums; don’t keep moving the gum back to the exact same area.
  7. When the quit smoking gum is no longer tingly, that means the Nicotine in it has been used up, and you can stop chewing it. 

Nicotine Gum Side Effects: Is Nicotine gum bad for you? 

Quit smoking gum does can have side effects. Although they are considered to be relatively safe, they can cause minor effects such as hiccups, heartburn, high blood pressure, faster heart rate, nausea, indigestion, a cough or sore throat, or pain in the mouth. 

The following are the more serious possible side effects of Nicotine gum: 

  • Transfer of Nicotine dependence from cigarettes to gum
  • Can be harmful to a fetus (although less harmful than seriously smoking)

Quit Smoking Lozenges

Quit smoking lozenges are small, hard, sugar-free tablets that contain nicotine. These take about a half hour to dissolve in the mouth and send nicotine into the body. Lozenges do not require a doctor’s prescription, but should still be used carefully, and not abused. 

Quit smoking lozenges should be taken every hour or two for the first 6 weeks, then every 2-4 hours for the next 3 weeks, and then every 4-8 hours for the last 3 weeks. 

Like when taking quit smoking chewing gum, one should not eat or drink for 15 minutes before taking a quit smoking lozenge. 

Important Fast Facts Regarding Nicotine Replacement Therapy

  • All three of these smoking cessation products; quit smoking gum, smoke patches, and quit smoking lozenges are all Nicotine Replacement Therapy products. 
  • These items allow you to gradually lower the amount of Nicotine in your blood in a safe and effective manner. In order to get weaned off Nicotine with the help of any of these products, one must follow the product's instructions. 
  • NRT’s can become addictive if not taken properly; this is why it is so crucial to follow directions for product use. 

If you’re looking to quit smoking, you can increase your chances of success by taking NRT products! To ensure that the products are helpful for you, be sure to follow the instructions for use. 

AvaCare Medical offers the best Nicotine gum, stop smoking lozenges, and Nicoderm patches so that you can finally quit smoking for good!