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Bedside Commode / Commode Chair

When getting to the bathroom on time becomes an issue, a bedside commode or commode chair may be the solution you need. These portable toilet chairs act as a bedside toilet and have a waste receptacle that is easy to remove and empty. Read more...

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  1. McKesson Heavy Duty Folding Commode Chair
  2. Knockdown Commode
    Knockdown Commode
  3. Carex Commode Liner
    Carex Commode Liner
  4. McKesson Commode Chair
    McKesson Commode Chair
  5. McKesson Commode Chair w Steel Back Bar, 4 per Case
  6. Lumex Commode Pail, Large Capacity
    Lumex Commode Pail, Large Capacity
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  7. Pails w/ Lid & Handles
    Pails w/ Lid & Handles
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  8. Universal Replacement Pails
    Universal Replacement Pails
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  9. Splash Shield for Commode
    Splash Shield for Commode
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  10. Extra Wide Bedside Commode, Case
  11. Commode Seat Cushion, 16.5"
    Commode Seat Cushion, 16.5"
  12. Uplift Commode Assist
    Uplift Commode Assist

Items 1-12 of 62

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Benefits of Using a Commode Chair

Urge Incontinence

Individuals who have unexpected, immediate urges to use the restroom may require a bedside commode to prevent accidents at night. This is especially relevant for those who have high mobility and want to preserve their dignity and independence. While severely disabled patients may simply line their beds with a waterproof bed pad or wear a disposable diaper, someone who has full mobility will often prefer the option of staying clean and dry by using a more easily accessible toilet.

Mobility Limitations

Elderly people or those with disabilities who have full bladder control may still struggle with getting to the bathroom in time during the night. This is common when a person has the ability to get up and walk around but struggles due to pain, confusion, or slow movements. Instead of stumbling through their homes, or needing to rush to the bathroom, these people can greatly benefit from having a bedside toilet bench seat that they can use, and just empty in the morning.

Some of the reasons why a bedside toilet may be required even for individuals who have no problem getting to the bathroom independently and with enough time during the day are as follows:

  • Sleeping people are less attuned to the nerve signals responsible for letting them know when their bladder is full, leading them to having a shorter window in which they are aware of the need to urinate.
  • Elderly patients with dementia face serious risks of falling and otherwise hurting themselves in the dark.
  • Individuals with disabilities that require mobility aids of any sort - such as wheelchairs, knee walkers, or prosthetics - may have a more difficult time getting up and getting themselves into a fully mobile state.
  • Some people are hooked up nightly to machines (such as CPAPs or health monitors), tubes, IV drip lines, or other devices that make it difficult to move far away from their bed.

Bathroom Modification

Aside from patients who have urge incontinence or mobility issues, there are other situations in which a person may benefit from owning a bedside commode. For example, restrooms often need special modification when it comes to having a toilet seat designed for a disabled person. Since buying a medical toilet seat or chair is significantly cheaper than permanent bathroom modifications, many individuals (and institutions) choose to save money by buying a commode that can double up as a toilet safety frame and even a toilet seat riser..

Different Types of Commodes

There are numerous types of adult potty chairs out there on the market. Often, an individual will choose a type of commode toilet depending on where he’ll be keeping it or features he feels are important. With that being said, finding a toilet seat for a disabled person may be different than the kind of commode one would need for an elderly person. Some popular types of medical commode chairs are:

  • 3-in-1 Commode: 3-in-1 commodes are multi-functioning commodes, serving as a bedside commode, a toilet safety frame as well as a raised toilet seat. These are excellent commodes for the disabled and seniors, as they offer some mobility functionality and can be applicable in more than one area.
  • Drop-arm Commode: Drop-arm commodes are designed with arms that drop out of the way for safer transfers to and from the commode.
  • Bariatric Commode: As heavy duty commode for heavier individuals, bariatric commodes are built with high quality materials to provide reliable support.
  • Shower Commode Chair: Commode shower chairs conveniently double up as shower chairs. In other words, these rust-free commodes are simply shower chairs with built-in toilets. They are available in many different shapes and sizes. These are essentially designed to serve as restroom commodes that can be used for perineal care while the person is in the bath or shower. 
  • Folding Commode: Folding commodes fold easily for storage and travel purposes.
  • Wheelchair Commode: The commode wheelchair is a commode which is designed like a standard manual or transport wheelchair.
  • Padded Commode: Increase your comfort by choosing one of our padded commodes, which feature padded seats and/or arms.

Additional Features

Additional features can help increase the functionality and ease of use to the person’s toilet transfer bench. A lot of people may want to have special accessories for their toilet transfer bench to make them more comfortable, and also to ease the process of cleanup. Some accessories which are commonly purchased for commode chairs are:

  • Commode Liners: Commode liners make clean-up even easier, allowing the caregiver the ability to easily and efficiently dispose of any waste.
  • Special Padded Seats: These seats can make the user much more comfortable. They can be purchased at great prices. The user or caregiver should always be sure to look into the sizing before purchasing the commode, to see if there are any padded seat cushions or replacement seats that will fit.
  • Splash Guards: Getting a splash guard is a proactive way of ensuring that waste goes into the commode pail, and doesn’t splash into other areas. This helps in terms of perineal care, as well as cleanliness and sanitation measures of the area surrounding the commode.

Are Commodes Expensive?

Commode chairs have a wide price range, depending on the features included and the quality of the materials, as well as the weight capacity. If your need for a bedside commode is temporary, a lower-end portable commode may be sufficient. For more permanent use, or for heavier users, look for higher-quality commodes that will stand up to thorough use. Some cheap commodes actually offer comparable functionality to the higher-end ones, while being more cost effective. 

There are a lot of things that affect the price of a commode. One of the primary factors that will influence the commode cost is what the commode is constructed from. Extra features can also make a difference to the final price. Does the commode need to have any customization to it, such as commode grab bars? In terms of material, can a person get by with using plastic, or will he need a more heavy duty, stainless steel commode? 


If you need help finding the right commode for your individual needs, or your patients’ if you’re a caregiver, then you can simply give us a call at 1-877-813-7799, or you can email us during (or even after) business hours. We’ll be happy to provide you with informative and helpful answers to your questions.