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Commode Over Toilet / Over Toilet Chair

An over toilet commode is a chair that fits over the toilet which can usually be adjusted. An over toilet chair makes sitting down and getting up so much easier. You can change the height according to what you need. Read More...

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  1. Knockdown Commode
    Knockdown Commode
  2. McKesson Heavy Duty Folding Commode Chair
  3. McKesson Commode Chair
    McKesson Commode Chair
  4. Mariner Rehab Shower Chair with Rust-resistant Aluminum Frames
  5. Extra Wide Bedside Commode, Case
  6. Uplift Commode Assist
    Uplift Commode Assist
  7. Mariner Rehab Shower Chair
    Mariner Rehab Shower Chair
  8. Mariner Rust-Resistant Rehab Shower Chair
  9. PVC Shower Commode Chair
    PVC Shower Commode Chair
  10. Drop-Arm Commode
    Drop-Arm Commode
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  11. Bedside Commode with Microban
  12. Folding Steel Commode
    Folding Steel Commode

Items 1-12 of 35

Set Descending Direction

How to Set Up an Over Toilet Seat

Over toilet seats usually come with the classic commode bucket. In order to set up your commode as an over toilet seat, the bucket must be removed. Any seat designed to be used as a commode that fits over the toilet will have a bucket that is easy to remove. 

Essential Features of an Over the Commode Seat

Any over the commode seat will come with a removable bucket. It will also usually have an adjustable bucket. If you want a commode that goes over the toilet, be sure that there is no x-brace blocking it from going over the toilet. 

Extra Features for a Commode Over Toilet Seat

The following are several features that, although not necessary, are nice extras to have. If you’re looking for the best over toilet seat, here’s what you’ll want to look out for. 

🗹 Wheels

Wheels allow the over toilet frame to be moved easily when necessary. This can be quite practical when there are several people sharing the same bathroom and some of them want to use an over toilet commode chair while others don’t. Wheels allow for the commode over toilet seat to be moved easily and smoothly whenever necessary. 

🗹 Foldable 

If the bathroom is on the smaller side and used by several people, some who want to use the chair that goes over the toilet and some who don’t, having a foldable over the toilet seat for elderly or infirm family members can save on space. 

🗹 Padded

Padded over the toilet potty chairs for adults are very comfortable, for cold days and all-year-round. 

🗹 Bariatric

If the person searching for an over toilet commode seat is on the heavier side, a bariatric bariatric oversized bedside commode will be a good choice, since it can hold more weight and therefore won’t get wobbly or shaky when one sits on it. 

🗹 Drop Arm

An over toilet seat with arms prevents the user from falling while getting onto or off the chair. If you’re interested in finding an over toilet seat for someone who is of limited mobility, get an over toilet commode with arms. 

Whether you’re looking for a bedside commode over toilet, a 3 in 1 commode over toilet, or an oversized bedside commode, search through our large selection of over the toilet handicap seats to find what you need.