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Portable Commodes / Folding Medical Portable Toilet

A portable commode chair is a medical portable toilet that can be transported from one place to another. The portable commode chair is lightweight and relatively easy to move around. For this reason, a portable commode is often used as a travel commode. Read More...

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Individuals who have trouble reaching the bathroom on time (whether due to urge incontinence or reduced mobility ability) often utilize a portable potty chair for adults. The commode chair is placed in an easily accessible location, often near the person’s bedside or near a room where the person spends lots of time, and can be moved to another place whenever necessary. 

Portable Commode Chair vs Folding Commode Chair

There are two types of portable toilet seat for adults: There are portable ones which can be moved around in your home, and folding commode chairs, which can be folded up, and are therefore a great option for when traveling. 

Although the terms are usually used interchangeably, it’s good to be aware that folding commodes are a type of portable commode. 

Some portable commode chairs and folding commode chairs can even be used as transport chairs. 

Portable Commodes: Important Features to Look Out For


A foldable toilet or foldable commode chair can be folded up to enable easy transfers between locations. Since the purpose of a portable potty seat for adults is to be transportable, foldability is a very important factor you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a portable toilet commode, especially if you’ll be using the folding toilet chair for travel. It’s what allows for the medical portable toilet to be moved about easily.


Wheels are another feature that allow the folding commode portable toilet seat to be as portable as possible. 

Drop Arm

Drop arms are especially imperative when the user’s mobility is limited, since they allow for easy transferring. They also make the foldable toilet chair more safe by keeping the user secure.

Padded Portable Commode

Padded portable commodes are undeniably more comfortable than the standard portable commode seat. Some padded commodes don’t only feature a padded seat; they also come with padded armrests. Padded commodes are not as easy to clean as the ones that are not padded, but generally, if cleaned up immediately following use, it’s not that hard to clean it.


Individuals on the heavier side require more stable support than the average commode user. For these people, there are bariatric commodes, which were expressly designed to hold over 300 pounds. 

Did you know this about bariatric portable commodes?

Transportable bariatric commodes can hold up to a thousand pounds!


Generally, most non-padded commodes are waterproof, but there are some commodes specifically designed for use in the shower. It’s best to use a portable commode that was made to be used in the shower for that purpose, since such a commode is usually your safest option for use in the shower, being that it was designed for that purpose. 

Portable Commode with Lid

When choosing a foldable toilet chair, you may prefer one with a lid. When the bucket is covered with a lid, it’s more respectable and odors are contained better.

Types of Portable Commodes

There are three main types of portable commodes. There is the standard travel commode chair, which can technically be utilized in any situation. Then there is the portable bedside toilet, and the portable shower commode chair. 

Portable Travel Commode Chair

This is the standard, basic travel commode chair available. It can come with different features and benefits. Below are several specialized commode seats; each one of these portable toilet chairs are designed for distinct circumstances.

Portable Bedside Commode

A portable bedside commode is a portable commode chair that is kept at the bedside at night so that there is no for anyone need to trek to the restroom while half asleep. A portable bedside toilet can drastically reduce the risk of nighttime falls. If you are looking for the optimal option, try to find a folding bedside commode that features a lid which will contain odors. 

Portable Shower Commode Chair

The portable shower commode chair is most commonly comprised of PVC, which is a kind of synthetic plastic. The travel folding shower commode chair usually features wheels, so that it can be moved from one place to the next easily and smoothly.

Portable Over Toilet Chair

Some folding commode portable toilet seats can be moved over the toilet. They often feature drop arms and are higher up, and therefore easier for the person to sit down on than the standard toilet. 

AvaCare Medical offers a vast selection of foldable toilet seats for adults. Choose from Drive Portable Toilets, Guardian Portable Toilets, and other folding portable commodes on our site. Whether you’re in need of a foldable bedside commode with a lid, an over the toilet portable commode chair, or a standard medical supplies portable toilet, you’ll find it at AvaCare Medical, everyone’s favorite e-source for quality medical supplies and information. 

If you have any concerns or questions regarding foldable toilet seats for adults, call us. We want you to be totally satisfied with your choice, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just dial 1.877.813.7799 or chat with us onsite.