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Commode Wheelchairs / Commode with Wheels

A commode wheelchair is a commode with wheels that looks similar to a wheelchair. This toilet chair with wheels has an opening in the seat where a waste receptacle is placed. The wheeled commode chair allows for easy hygiene maintenance for those of limited mobility. Read More...

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A wheelchair with a built-in toilet can be kept in any place in the house. Some keep it in the bathroom, many keep it right near the user’s bed for nighttime use, and still others have it right outside the family room. 

Set yours up in or right near any place you spend a lot of time in. You can always switch the location; you can even keep your commode wheelchair in your bedroom at night and in a different room during the day. 

A Guide to Finding the Best Commode Wheelchair for Your Needs

Questions to Keep in Mind

Finding a wheelchair with a commode seat can be a complicated process. You may be unsure what’s important to look out for. Take a minute to answer the questions below to see if the popular feature it relates to is necessary for your needs or not. 

Q: Will I be traveling with the commode wheelchair?

🗹Yes ☐No

Then you’ll want a commode chair that can fold up. Look for a foldable commode with wheels.

Q: Will I be using the commode in a small bathroom which others who don’t need the commode will also be using?

🗹Yes ☐No

That’s another reason to get a foldable commode chair.

Q: Do I have pressure-sensitive skin that is prone to bedsores?

🗹Yes ☐No

Then you’ll be better off with a padded wheelchair with a toilet seat.

Q: Do I plan to use the toilet chair with wheels in the shower?

🗹Yes ☐No

You’d do well to look for a water resistant and rust resistant wheelchair with a commode seat.

Q: Do I want a commode wheelchair that offers support for getting on and off of it?

🗹Yes ☐No

Try a drop arm commode with wheels; the drop arms can be raised and lowered and offer the user assistance when getting onto and off the wheelchair. 

Q: Will I be using this as a bedside commode with wheels?

🗹Yes ☐No

If you will be using this commode in your bedroom, you may want to find a commode that features a pail which has a lid. This will contain unpleasant odors until morning so that you can go back to sleep without having to empty the pail in the dark of the night.

Q: Do I plan to use the commode over the toilet? 

🗹Yes ☐No

Then be sure there is no x-brace in the back of it, since that will prevent it from going over the toilet. Also, make sure the bucket is removable.

These are some important questions to think about; when searching for the best commode wheelchair, you may want to keep an eye open for the ones that have the features you now feel are necessary for you.

Browse the full selection of wheelchairs with toilet seats on AvaCare Medical today. Choose from drop arm wheelchairs with built in toilets, bariatric shower commode chairs with wheels, and many other types of wheelchair commode chairs. 

If there are any questions you still have regarding wheeled commode chairs, contact us at 1.877.813.7799 and we’ll be happy to address your concerns and help you decide on the best wheelchair for your needs.