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Best Thermometers / Forehead Thermometer & Rectal Thermometer

Whether you’re looking for a forehead thermometer, ear thermometer or a rectal thermometer, we have the best thermometer for your needs. With some of the best thermometers from brands such as Braun, Vicks, Kinsa and more, you’re sure to find a thermometer that will help you manage your family’s wellness for years to come. Read More...

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  1. McKesson Forehead Temperature Strip
    McKesson Forehead Temperature Strip
    Starting at $99.16
  2. Thermometer Sheaths
    Thermometer Sheaths
    Starting at $5.23
  3. Geratherm Oral Thermometer
  4. McKesson LUMEON Tympanic Thermometer Probe Cover
  5. Exergen Probe Cover
    Exergen Probe Cover
    Starting at $5.98
  6. McKesson Digital Oral Thermometer Sheath
    McKesson Digital Oral Thermometer Sheath
    Starting at $2.51
  7. McKesson Digital Oral Thermometer
    McKesson Digital Oral Thermometer
    Starting at $5.17
  8. Exergen Resposable TemporalScanner Thermometer Cap 250 per Bag
  9. ThermoScan Ear Thermometer
    ThermoScan Ear Thermometer
  10. AirLife Tempo2 Thermometer, Each
  11. Geratherm Digital Baby Color Choice Thermometer
  12. Filac EZ Electronic Thermometer

Items 1-12 of 43

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Rectal Thermometers

If you’re looking for the most accurate thermometer, you’ll want to consider a rectal thermometer. Admittedly, this is one of the less comfortable ways of taking one’s temperature, however it is by far the most accurate according to all medical professionals.

For this reason, you may want to consider choosing a rectal thermometer with a soft, flexible tip that reduces discomfort. One great option to improve comfort during rectal thermometer readings include using a lubricant such as KY Jelly to make insertion quick and painless. However, avoid using Vaseline or other petroleum jelly products, which may affect the reading accuracy.

If you are looking for a baby thermometer, it is vital to use rectal thermometers to get a true reading, especially if your child is between zero and three months of age. If you do choose a rectal thermometer for infants, look for a short-tipped rectal thermometer so you don’t need to worry about sticking it in further than necessary and causing pain.

Oral Thermometers

Oral thermometers, when used correctly, can provide a very accurate reading of a patient’s body temperature. When using an oral thermometer, be sure that the patient keeps their mouth closed while it is in place.

Temporal / Forehead Thermometers

The next best option is a forehead thermometer. For self-monitoring, or to get a quick measurement on a child, a good-quality forehead thermometer can do the job. Different forehead thermometers use varied methods of getting a temporal reading; some are swiped across the forehead, some just touch the forehead and others are no-touch thermometers that read the temperature from a few millimeters away.

Best Thermometers for Kids and Adults: A Guide

With thousands of thermometers to choose from, it’s no doubt people are constantly on the lookout for the best thermometer. Whether you need the best forehead or digital thermometer or you just need a really affordable but reliable option, this list will quickly narrow down your options for you. So let’s jump right in!

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  1. Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer

Rated as the Best Thermometer for at-home use thanks to its professional quality, high accuracy and speed. This thermometer takes consistently accurate readings rectally, orally, or under the arm in about eight seconds. The thermometer’s large display gives sound and color interpretive feedback along with a fever alarm, and it’s very affordable, too!

  1. Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer

Rated as the Best Smartphone Thermometer and known as the World’s Smartest Thermometer, this digital thermometer option is easy to use for oral, rectal or under-the-arm temperature readings. With everything stored right on your phone, you’ll always have the answers you need at the doctor’s office or in the hospital. Response time for the Kinsa thermometer is about 10 seconds, and if the patient is a child, the phone app even has a bubble-popping game that parents love to provide as a distraction during the temperature read.

  1. Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer

Rated as the Best Temporal Thermometer, the Braun thermometer is also one of the fastest on today’s market, with its 0.5 seconds response time making it roughly 200% faster than standard thermometers. Super easy to use, this non-contact thermometer for kids and adults can take readings even while the patient sleeps, and the bluetooth feature can be set up to dial your doctor’s beeper whenever the temperature is 101 degrees or more. This thermometer is the first of its kind, allowing both no-touch readings and standard forehead readings through touch. You can even turn off the volume to avoid loud fever alarm sounds, a feature sadly lacking in so many other thermometers.

  1. FeverFrida Smart Thermometer

Rated as the Best Baby Thermometer System, this may be the only way to reliably monitor your baby’s temperature around the clock without disturbing him. The comfortable patches included sit directly on the skin and send real-time readings straight to your phone, alerting you when the temperature goes too high.

  1. Allegiance Economy Digital Thermometer

Rated as the Best Economy Thermometer, this thermometer claims to provide quick, accurate readings and offers great features including memory storage and a fever alarm, and also includes disposable probe covers for quick and hygienic readings.