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Heating Pads / Hot & Cold Pack

Whether you’re looking for pain relief, swelling reduction or to soothe injured areas, we have the microwavable heating pad, hot/cold compress or ice pack for all your heat and cold therapy needs. Check out our full selection including shoulder and neck heating pads, reusable gel ice packs for knees, back pain and more, and instant hot and cold packs to provide on-the-spot therapy. Read More...

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  1. Standard Perineal Cold Packs
  2. Biofreeze Professional Cold Therapy Pain Relief
  3. Polar Ice Wrap
    Polar Ice Wrap
    Starting at $24.98
  4. IMAK Pain Relief Mask
    IMAK Pain Relief Mask
  5. Infant Heel Warmer w/ Tape
    Infant Heel Warmer w/ Tape
  6. Aqua Relief System Therapy Pads
    Aqua Relief System Therapy Pads
    Starting at $34.13
  7. Bed Buddy Back Wrap
    Bed Buddy Back Wrap
    Starting at $33.81
  8. Elasto Gel Sinus Mask Hot/Cold Micro
  9. Relief Pak ColdSpot Black Urethane Cold Pack
    Relief Pak ColdSpot Black Urethane Cold Pack
    Starting at $29.33
  10. ThermaCare Menstrual Pain Therapy Heat Wraps
  11. Infrared Automatic Moist Heat Pad, Digital
    Infrared Automatic Moist Heat Pad, Digital
    Starting at $79.30
  12. Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Knee Wrap
    Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Knee Wrap
    Starting at $295.92

Items 1-12 of 150

Set Descending Direction

While there are many hot/cold packs that offer both options in one convenient product, the benefits of heat therapy and cold therapy are very distinct.

Cold Therapy

Apply a cold compress (or cold pack) to the site of injury for immediate pain relief through numbing, as well as to reduce bleeding and inflammation. Options include instant cold packs, which are activated by a simple squeeze or fold.

We also carry perineal cold packs, which are used after delivery to relieve pain and swelling.

Heat Therapy

Hot compresses or hot packs can provide excellent soothing and pain relief wherever you might need it, whether you suffer from chronic pain, or you have a recent injury or painful spasms. The heat brings blood to the area to promote healing and reduce stiffness, which is helpful when muscles get tight. Heat can also ease the aching of sore muscles after exercise.

Electric Heating Pad: To get the therapy best suited to your needs, use a heating pad with a selection of heat setting options. To activate, simply plug the pad in and select the ideal settings for your situation.

A moist heating pad can be especially soothing, much like a hot shower. Since water is a better heat transmitter than air, moist heating pads provide deeper muscle penetration to hasten the healing process and encourage relaxation by increasing the blood flow and oxygen levels to the area. Other benefits of moist heat therapy include longer-lasting pain relief, and that, unlike dry heat, it does not cause the skin to dry out over time.


  • Heat therapy should not be used in the first 48 hours following injury.
  • To avoid the risk of burns, use heating pad devices with caution, protecting sensitive skin from coming in direct contact with the heating pad.


If you need help selecting the ideal product, give us a call and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you!