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Independent Living Aids / Aids for Daily Living

With our large selection of independent living aids, you can keep your dignity and autonomy intact throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for aids for daily living such as hearing aid batteries, arthritis gloves or sock aids, we have the products you need. We carry a full line of arthritis aids, heat and cold therapy products, transfer aids and more to help you with all your daily activities. Read More...

Pain Relief

  • Arthritis Pain Relief: Pain caused by arthritis can be lessened with arthritis aids such as therapeutic gloves and other great products.
  • Muscular Pain Relief: Relieve muscular pain with a variety of massage tools designed for physical and emotional relief. For mobility assistance and to avoid bending and stretching, see our category for grab bars, reachers and grippers.
  • Local Pain Relief: For pain relief exactly where you need it, try our selection of hot & cold therapy products.

Disability Aids

Shop reading and low vision products such as magnifying glasses, eye test charts, reading glasses and more for all your eye care and reading needs.

Getting dressed on your own shouldn’t have to be a luxury, and with dressing aids like hip kits, sock helpers and more, it won’t be.

Another area of daily routine that can be affected by disability is communication. In this regard, as well, we can help you maintain your independence with disability products such as hearing aid accessories and phone amplifiers.

Transfer aids such as leg lifters, transfer boards and transfer discs can help ease yourself or your patient into new positions.

For individuals with limited flexibility, adult sippy cups, adult bibs and other eating aids allow for independence and dignity during mealtime.

Personal Aids for the Elderly

Take your meds as prescribed with pill crushers and cutters and keep it all organized with the help of a convenient pill organizer or case, all found in the medication aid category. You can also find handy medication alerts there, or check our alarms & personal safety category for other safety alerts including bed alarms, chair alarms and more.

Other personal aids include bath and body aids, from sitz baths to peri bottles to shampoo trays and everything in between.

Make your life easier today. Browse our independent living products and you’ll wonder how you lived without them until now. If you need help, give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 – one of our professional caregivers is waiting to guide you to your perfect senior aids purchase.