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Adult Pull Ups / Incontinence Underwear

Independent individuals with heavy incontinence can have the look and feel of normal underwear with adult pull ups, or incontinence underwear. Adult underwear is designed for those who are active and want to maintain their dignity while keeping their clothes dry and their skin healthy. Read more...

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  1. Attends Premier Pull On Heavy Absorbency Disposable Underwear
  2. FitRight Ultra Underwear for Women
    FitRight Ultra Underwear for Women
    Starting at $50.83
  3. FitRight Ultra Underwear for Men
    FitRight Ultra Underwear for Men
    Starting at $50.87
  4. FitRight Restore Protective Underwear
    FitRight Restore Protective Underwear
    Starting at $69.21
  5. TENA Women Absorbent Underwear
    TENA Women Absorbent Underwear
    Starting at $23.47
  6. Simplicity Extra Protection Underwear Moderate Absorbency
  7. Abri-Flex SPECIAL Protective Underwear
    Abri-Flex SPECIAL Protective Underwear
    Starting at $40.42
  8. Abri-Flex Premium Protective Underwear, Level 2 Absorbency
  9. Tena Overnight Heavy Absorbency
    Tena Overnight Heavy Absorbency
    Starting at $22.53
  10. Abri-Flex Premium Protective Underwear, Level 3 Absorbency
  11. TENA Protective Underwear, Overnight Super
    TENA Protective Underwear, Overnight Super
    Starting at $20.13
  12. TENA Stretch Plus Briefs
    TENA Stretch Plus Briefs
    Starting at $25.92

Items 1-12 of 100

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Advantages of Choosing Adult Pull-Ups

Discreet and comfortable, the best pull up diapers for adults provide protection for higher levels of urinary incontinence and/or mild fecal incontinence. Another benefit adult pull up diapers and incontinence briefs offer is that they go on and come off just like normal underwear, which helps the user maintain their dignity and independence. Some pull up underwear styles also offer tear-away sides so they can be removed quickly and easily without the user removing their pants. 

Disposable Briefs vs. Washable Pull-Ups

Some pull up underwear are disposable, while others are reusable. Both types offer the same level of leak prevention for bowel incontinence, but there are many key differences between the two.

One exclusive benefit of disposable briefs is that they have a greater liquid capacity than washable incontinence underwear. Disposable adult diaper panties are also more convenient since they can be discarded once they are soiled. Furthermore, the dry technology commonly found in disposable incontinence products helps to decrease the likelihood of issues such as bacterial infections, skin exposure to bacteria, and other complications.

The other kind of pull ups are washable incontinence panties. Washable underwear doesn’t feature tabs or even singular waistbands, but they definitely protect the wearer from urine leakage. Washable pull-ups often are comprised of materials such as cotton and elastic, and sometimes feature additional padding to offer the same comfort that synthetic-made disposable incontinence undergarments provide.

Comfort for the Wearer

When it comes to traveling, many people prefer pull ups over other forms of incontinence wear. Adult pullups help prevent chafing, and lessen the amount of friction between the body and the pull up. Also known as continence pants, these can be worn as a form of underwear or worn inside regular underwear to help the user feel more comfortable.

Aside from the undeniable comfort pull ups offer, they can also keep the wearer feeling confident and protected. According to many studies, it has been also proven that wearing an adult pull up will not cause any more incontinence than what is already there.

Adult Underwear vs. Diapers

Like adult diapers, incontinence underwear offer top-tier absorbency; the primary distinction is that adult pull-ups don't have tabs. The reason waterproof underwear for adults don’t have tabs is because they are designed for active, independent individuals.

A pull-up can’t be put on unless the user’s pants were removed. For this reason, the better option for self-changing is underwear. Diapers for adults are more popular among caregivers. In essence, whether to choose adult diapers or pull ups can often depend on whether or not a person is able to dress himself.

How to Choose Adult Pull-Up Diapers

There are many different types of underwear diapers for adults. Although disposable adult underwear is commonly preferred for their convenience, large selection and high absorbency levels, many patients and caregivers choose to go with reusable protective underwear for adults, which are both more cost-efficient and environment-friendly than their disposable counterparts.

Adult Pull-Up Absorbency

Maximum absorbency urinary incontinence underwear, also known as overnight underwear, are ideal for longer periods of time, such as overnight use. The cores of these adult pull ups are packed with absorbent polymers that absorb a high amount of liquid and wick moisture away from the skin to keep it dry throughout the night. For added protection for your bedding, consider purchasing reusable or disposable bed pads.

When purchasing adult pull ups or incontinence pants, you may want to consider looking for a product that is designed with cloth-like outer material, which makes the bladder underwear soft and quiet for a more discreet and comfortable wear.

Adult Pull-Up Sizing

Once you decide what type of adult incontinence underwear you prefer, you will need to choose a size that will work for your needs. The best way to figure out what size bladder leak underwear you need is to find your waist size (or that of your patient or loved one) and check which size includes that measurement in its waist size range. Avoid choosing an adult diaper pants size based on labels such as Small or Medium, since these sizes vary by company and even by product and are not a reliable way to determine your best fit.

Be aware that there is a significant difference in women’s sizes when compared to men’s sizes. Both men and women’s underwear come in a range of sizes, but women’s panties are often smaller in size when compared to men’s. Many brands offer unisex measurements, but there are some which are specific to women or men, and will therefore be sized more appropriately. 

The ideal method for figuring out the proper size is to pick the size that makes sense in comparison to the person’s pants pants. Also, keep in mind that a woman may want a size 23 panty, while a man would want a size 34 for men’s incontinence wear.

Anti-Leak Guards

Another thing to consider is the size of the leg opening, since leg openings that aren’t snug-fitting may cause leaks, especially when the pull-up underwear is being used for overnight protection. To prevent this issue, many pull-up diapers are equipped with anti-leak guards, which are basically cuffs on the legs to offer extra protection against leakage.

Overnight vs. Standard Protective Underwear

Overnight underwear is more expensive than regular underwear diapers for adults, but it offers more absorbency. Instead of only using these costlier adult incontinence briefs, it may be more cost-efficient to have 2 packs; one of regular disposable or washable underwear for during the day, and one of the more protective overnight underwear, for nighttime use or when extra protection is necessary. 

Incontinence Underwear Samples Program

Our money-back samples program lets you see for yourself which incontinence underwear works best for your individual needs before you make your first full order. 

Browse AvaCare Medical’s selection of bladder control underwear to discover the best incontinence underwear for leakage that’s available today.

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