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Overnight Underwear / Leak Proof Underwear for Adults

Overnight underwear are specially designed leak proof underwear for adults that have a higher liquid capacity and improved features to ensure a comfortable night. These incontinence products are available in an assortment of sizes, so that each individual can find one that fits properly and securely. Read more...

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Why Wear Overnight Underwear?

In order to be considered overnight underwear for adults, pull ups must have a very large absorbency capacity. Therefore, overnight incontinence underwear can hold more liquid than any other kind of underwear, and provide the highest level of protection from leakage. If you want (and need) maximum protection, go with overnight incontinence underwear, which is the most leak-proof underwear for adults. 

Overnight Underwear vs. Adult Diapers

Overnight underwear for adults are similar to adult diapers in that they are both worn to prevent leakage. However, there is a distinct difference between the two: Diapers feature tab closures on the sides, and pull-ups don’t.

The benefit of overnight incontinence underwear over diapers is that they are remarkably easier to deal with when it comes to self-changing, and they are more similar to regular underwear. They can also be pulled down when necessary and then pulled back up (hence the name pull up). For these reasons, they are preferred by many seniors and adults with incontinence who still have significant mobility. 

OVERNIGHT PULL-UP ADULT DIAPERS: Pull-Ups and Adult Diapers both offer various benefits. Compare the features below to see which of the two will best meet your needs. Ease of independent changes; Underwear-like feel & fit; Discreet wear; Excellent comfort; Ease of caregiver changes; Reusable tabs for adjustable fit; Bowel Incontinence protection

How to Choose Leak Proof Underwear for Adults

If you or a loved one are interested in overnight underwear for adults, here are the most important factors you want to look out for. 

Absorbency Capacity

Of all types of underwear, those labeled as overnight generally feature maximum absorbency. However, even so, the absorbency capacity of different brands of overnight underwear will vary. Therefore, it is imperative to check the absorbency capacity of any product before purchasing. 

For overnight incontinence underwear, the typical necessary capacity is between 400 & 600 milliliters. One can choose leak proof pants for adults depending on how much absorbency he requires. If the underwear is not absorbent enough, he can choose new ones that have a greater liquid capacity.

Skin Safe Design

To prevent rashes and redness and promote skin integrity, be sure to confirm that the underwear you are considering has moisture-wicking properties. Quick-acting moisture-wicking properties will work swiftly to lock the moisture into the core of the underwear, and thereby ensure that urine is kept off the person’s skin for as long as possible. 

Adequate Coverage

In order to prevent leakage, the diaper must provide adequate coverage and fit correctly. If there is too much space between the legs and the legholes of the diaper, urine may drip out of the sides of the diaper before it even has a chance to get sucked into the core. For this reason, it is imperative to find underwear that is not only absorbent enough, but also fits properly.

Best Overnight Pull-Ups for Adults

Figuring out which are the most absorbent adult pull ups can be overwhelming when faced with a huge selection. Therefore, we’ve done some thorough research and narrowed down the options so that you can find the best overnight pull ups for adults easily and efficiently.

Protection Plus Overnight Underwear

Protection Plus Overnight Underwear for Men and Women are not only contoured to feel similar to regular underwear; they also feature anti-leak guards and odor control capabilities. These overnight pull ups for adults keep the skin relatively dry by means of fast-acting moisture-wicking technologies that gently pull liquid away from the skin and into the core of the pull-up. Protection Plus Underwear provides the wearer with unprecedented protection from leaks, and helps to protect skin from rashes and redness. Check out our Protection Plus Overnight Underwear page to see reviews and more details about this great product.

Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear

Premium Overnight Pull-Up Underwear is another quality choice of overnight adult briefs. This pull up can hold over a quart of liquid. This makes it ideal for those who have heavy nighttime incontinence. The Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear for Adults are comprised of breathable cloth-like materials for a comfortable feel. Side seams allow for easy removal, and leg cuffs are an additional preventative measure for leaks. These overnight incontinence underwear are practical, absorbent and comfortable; everything you need in a pull-up. 

Wellness Underwear 

Wellness Leak Proof Underwear for Adults are very practical, since they can last between 8 and 12 hours. This makes them more cost-efficient than many other brands of pull-ups. They can be worn the entire night long. The IconTek technology inside each pair of Wellness underwear wicks liquid away from the body and thereby prevents skin issues and irritation. 

Check out the selection of overnight underwear for adults at AvaCare Medical! We carry overnight underwear for men and women, and unisex options as well. If you have any questions regarding which pull-ups are most ideal for you, browse our blog, chat with us on site, or give us a call at 1.877.813.7799.