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Best Incontinence Underwear / Best Pull Up Diapers for Adults

Incontinence underwear can be worn conveniently under clothing during the day or at night to help avoid embarrassing leaks. Finding the best incontinence underwear shouldn’t be a difficult task. The four most important factors to keep in mind are materials, sizing, absorbency levels, and comfort. Read more...

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  1. Tranquility Premium OverNight Underwear
    Tranquility Premium OverNight Underwear
    Starting at $21.04
  2. Protection Plus Extended Wear Overnight Underwear
  3. Protection Plus Classic Underwear
    Protection Plus Classic Underwear
    Starting at $16.19
  4. Wellness Underwear
    Wellness Underwear
    Starting at $20.51
  5. FitRight Ultra Underwear
    FitRight Ultra Underwear
    Starting at $14.38
  6. Wings Incontinence Knit Pant
    Wings Incontinence Knit Pant
    Starting at $9.15
  7. FitRight Extra Underwear
    FitRight Extra Underwear
    Starting at $15.86
  8. MediBrief Mesh Brief
    MediBrief Mesh Brief
    Starting at $2.40
  9. Protection Plus Super Underwear
    Protection Plus Super Underwear
    Starting at $19.18
  10. Premium Knit Underpants
    Premium Knit Underpants
    Starting at $7.98
  11. TENA Plus Absorbency Protective Underwear
    TENA Plus Absorbency Protective Underwear
    Starting at $16.85
  12. Tena Classic Protective Underwear
    Tena Classic Protective Underwear
    Starting at $15.33

Items 1-12 of 24

Set Descending Direction

Different Types of Incontinence Wear

There are many options when it comes to choosing the best incontinence underwear:

Adult Diapers

The best incontinence briefs for adults feature side tabs that attach to the front of the garment. They are fitted for high leakage events and are designed to manage moderate to severe incontinence. This type of incontinence underwear is often worn by individuals who have limited mobility or are entirely inactive. 

Pull Up Underwear

Pull-Up incontinence underwear is most often used by those who maintain active lifestyles. Most pull-up incontinence underwear can accommodate those with heavier incontinence. Some brands of this type of underwear offer both reusable and disposable versions. The best pull up diapers for adults can be pulled up just like regular underwear. Pull-up underwear can be used during the daytime or at night. 

Pads and Liners

Another option for managing incontinence would be to use pads or liners, which are worn inside regular underwear. These offer light to heavy protection for those who experience occasional incontinence, but are still mobile and active. An adhesive strip on the back of the liner helps to keep it in place in the underwear, thus preventing it from needlessly sliding out of place. 

Choosing the Right Incontinence Underwear

Choosing which type of incontinence underwear to get is a personal decision that will vary by each individual, according to his needs. For instance, diapers can be a great option for some, but may not be the ideal choice for anyone. There are various types of incontinence underwear available today, all of which offer unique user benefits. Pull ups offer users the ability to stay mobile and active with discreet protection that can help manage more serious needs than pads and liners can. Pads and liners offer the most discreet protection to individuals with light incontinence.

Specific Features to Look For

When browsing through the best incontinence underwear, look for the following features. On diapers and pull ups, try to find anti-leak guards, which make the diaper or pull-up fit more snugly around the legs to prevent undue leaking. For overnight use, maximum absorbency should be determined based on incontinence levels and individual need. The best incontinence underwear will be well-fitting, and constructed from breathable material. 

Absorbency Levels 

The level of absorption of the underwear can be one of the main factors that determines which type of incontinence underwear is best for you. To determine the need of absorption, one should assess his level of incontinence. If the person also has bowel incontinence, this factor should have bearing on determining which solution is best.

Changing Frequency

Users who are bedridden or who have limited mobility may require products such as incontinence diapers, which are easier for caregivers to apply. These incontinence briefs allow for changing to be done as often as needed, without much help from the inactive or immobile user. 

Sizing Consideration

Determine the appropriate size of incontinence underwear by measuring the size of the user’s hips or waist. If the wearer seems to be in between sizes, rather go with a product that is a bit too large than a bit too tight. Incontinence diapers, briefs, and underwear come in a range of sizes extending from small to 2XL. Incontinence pads and liners, which are placed inside underwear, often do not feature the same available sizing.

One can determine the appropriate pad or liner based on its absorbency level. This method of measurement is also used with diapers and pants, to help users get maximum protection from their incontinence underwear. 

Other Options to Consider

Costs influence many medical choices, and choosing the best incontinence underwear is no exception. Reusable incontinence underwear may carry a higher expense on the initial purchase, but they can be washed and reused, and, ergo, prove cheaper in the long run. However, many disposable incontinence underwear choices can be less expensive to purchase, and can be discarded after one use. For this reason, although reusable incontinence underwear may turn out to be more cost-efficient in the long run, disposable underwear can sometimes be a better choice for those who have a hard time accomplishing daily living tasks, such as laundry, or those who simply do not want to wash and reuse the garments. Reusable incontinence underwear is often intended to resemble regular underwear, which provides dual benefits of comfort and protection. There are also disposable incontinence briefs and pants that resemble normal underwear. Disposable options as well as reusable ones are intended to help users maintain their dignity.

Incontinence Products Are Extremely Safe 

Safety concerns are often not considered when it comes to incontinence underwear, but is actually an extremely important factor. In order to find the best incontinence underwear, users should consider their safety with their garment choice. Some materials can cause skin irritation and erosion. To help avoid these types of issues, look for materials that are breathable, and remember to change incontinence underwear as often as needed. 

Comfort is Crucial

When looking for the best incontinence underwear, comfort remains high on the priority list of concerns. Each type of incontinence garment provides users with different levels of protection and comfort, as each specific type may differ compared to others. Adult diapers may seem to be a viable option for many, but for some, the comfort of the tabs may not be sufficient. Tabs can become undone on active individuals, and when such occurs, it becomes quite uncomfortable for the user. Some users may find reusable incontinence underwear to be more comfortable, since it feels more like normal underwear. The best disposable incontinence pants often feels very similar to everyday underwear, and yet provides higher absorbency levels. They can then be thrown away after use. 

If you have a problem choosing the best incontinence underwear, then we will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. You can give us a call at 1-877-813-7799 or send us an email so that we can help you find the right product! Should you wish to try something before you decide to decide to buy it, then be sure to check out our sample program!