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Plus Size Incontinence Underwear / Largest Size Pull-Ups

If you’re looking for the largest size pull ups, bariatric or plus size incontinence underwear is probably what you need. These are extra large pull ups for adults with incontinence. They are designed for self-use by those with typical or moderately deficient mobility skills. Read more...

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  1. Attends Bariatric Underwear XX-Large
  2. Select XXL Disposable Absorbent Underwear
  3. TENA Comfort Pants
    TENA Comfort Pants
    Starting at $4.69
  4. MediBrief Seamless Knit Pant
    MediBrief Seamless Knit Pant
    Starting at $4.06
  5. HealthDri Men's Heavy Briefs
    HealthDri Men's Heavy Briefs
    Starting at $29.92
  6. Wings Incontinence Knit Pant
    Wings Incontinence Knit Pant
    Starting at $9.15
  7. FitRight 2XL Size Protective Underwear,2X-Large

7 Items

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What Does Bariatric Mean?

The word bariatric comes from the Greek word “baros,” which means weight. Examples of other words with the same root (baros) include baroscope; which is an instrument that shows changes in air pressure, and barometer; an instrument that measures air pressure.

Bariatric is the medical term for the treatment of obesity, and is also used in context with any term related to being overweight. Bariatric products are items that are specially crafted for those with obesity; for example, bariatric disposable underwear. 

Bariatric underwear are pull ups that are larger than the standard extra large pull ups for adults. These are typically worn by those with incontinence who weigh 300 pounds or more. 

People who have a BMI of 40 or above (extreme obesity) are about four times as likely than the average person to have incontinence. This is likely due to increased intra-abdominal pressure (extra weight in the stomach area). The intra-abdominal pressure can put stress on the pelvic floor muscles, and this is often the reason for incontinence in people of heavier weight. 

Those with obesity often develop a condition known as Panniculus. Panniculus is when skin folds develop as a result of excess subcutaneous fat in the lower abdominal region.

If you or your loved one has Panniculus, in order to prevent this area from harboring excess moisture which can lead to a build-up of fungi or bacteria, it is very important to ensure that the bariatric incontinence underwear you choose have significant breathability overall, or feature stretchy side panels which promote airflow. The breathability will prevent heat build-up, and thus reduce moisture in the area.

Plus Size Incontinence Underwear at AvaCare Medical

Browse the full selection of plus size incontinence briefs or underwear on AvaCare Medical. Our bariatric pull up briefs are high quality, easy to pull up and take off, and feature varying levels of absorbency so you can choose the level you need. Our bariatric adult briefs can fit waist sizes up to over 77 inches. Many of these pull ups feature the maximum absorbency often required by bariatric users. 

The plus size disposable underwear we carry are of top quality, from the best brands, including Prevail & TENA. These well-fitting briefs are designed to offer maximum coverage and protection, while allowing the wearer to stay comfortable. 

Chart of the Largest Size Pull Ups

See the chart below for a thorough overview of all our biggest size pull ups. You can also view many more incontinence panties, plus size or otherwise, on our website.

Product Max Waist (in.) Cost Per Pull Up*

Attends Bariatric Underwear 2X



Select Disposable Absorbent Underwear 2X



TENA Comfort Pants 2X/3X


$2. 54

HealthDri Men's Heavy Briefs 4X



Wings Incontinence Knit Pants 4 XL**



MediBrief Seamless Knit Pant Large/XL**



* Approximate cost based on prices as of 8/19

** Knit pants must be worn with absorbent pads