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Bath Aids for Elderly: Hip Protectors & Perineal Bottle

We have all of your bath and body needs as well as personal hygiene products, whether you need a sitz bath to soothe irritation or you’re looking for a peri bottle. Check out our selection of bath products, such as shampoo, bedside hair rinser or shampoo basin, shaving cream and razors and more. Read More...

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  1. Double-Sided Nonsterile Shave Prep Razor,Blue
  2. Manicure Sticks, Wood, 4.5"
    Manicure Sticks, Wood, 4.5"
    Starting at $0.43
  3. Nail Clippers,Chrome
    Nail Clippers,Chrome
    Starting at $6.27
  4. Simply Soft Premium Skin Cleansing and Makeup Remover Wipes
  5. Hip Protectors, Medium
    Hip Protectors, Medium
  6. Wash-Up Wet Wipes
    Wash-Up Wet Wipes
  7. MedSpa Alcohol-Free Aftershave Lotion, 4 oz
  8. Fingernail Cleaner Pick Tool, White
  9. Nail Brushes, Blue
    Nail Brushes, Blue
  10. Hair Picks, Black
    Hair Picks, Black
  11. Plastic Baby Comb, Ivory
    Plastic Baby Comb, Ivory
  12. Baby Comb and Brush Sets, Ivory

Items 1-12 of 134

Set Descending Direction

Sitz Bath

The word sitz is derived from the German word for sitting, “sitzen.” A sitz bath is a warm bath in which an individual sits to relieve pain in the genital area, whether the discomfort is due to hemorrhoids, episiotomies, vaginal delivery, anal fissures or other conditions and infections.

Sitz baths are also found to be helpful for individuals suffering from incontinence (by providing muscle toning), diarrhea or constipation.

You can get a basin designed especially for a sitz bath, which fits over the toilet seat and allows you to soak your bottom in warm water to accelerate the healing process and offer relief from burning, inflammation and soreness.

Hip Protectors and More

Hip protectors are designed to either absorb the impact of falls or direct the energy of the fall away from the hip. These products are used by individual caregivers and nursing homes as part of a comprehensive effort to help keep fall-risk patients safe.

Other protective products include elbow protectors, sheepskin heel protectors for pressure sores, elbow pads and more.

Bath Aids for the Elderly

Other great products you can find in this category includes products that allow a caregiver to wash patients’ hair when a shower isn’t an option (with items such as shampoo trays or basins), provide a longer reach for patients with hip pain or other mobility issues, and more.

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