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Pain Relief Cream / Antifungal Powder / TriDerma

At AvaCare Medical, we carry a full line of pain relief creams, antifungal powders, TriDerma skin care products and more. These specialized skin repair products are designed to improve and maintain skin health for individuals with various skin sensitivities and conditions. Read More...

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  1. Remedy Dermatology Hand & Body Moisturizing Cream
  2. Remedy Dermatology Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion
  3. Garcoa Moisturizing Cream, 16oz Jar
  4. TENA Unscented Moisturizer
    TENA Unscented Moisturizer
    Starting at $5.09
  5. Colgate Afta Pre-Electric Pre-Shave
    Colgate Afta Pre-Electric Pre-Shave
    Starting at $2.56
  6. Caldesene Body Powder
    Caldesene Body Powder
  7. Aquagel Lubricating Jelly Gel
    Aquagel Lubricating Jelly Gel
    Starting at $1.86
  8. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Jar
    Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Jar
    Starting at $2.24
  9. PDI Lubricating Jelly Individual Packets
    PDI Lubricating Jelly Individual Packets
    Starting at $0.14
  10. McKesson First Aid Antibiotic
    McKesson First Aid Antibiotic
    Starting at $0.14
  11. McKesson Lubricating Jelly
    McKesson Lubricating Jelly
    Starting at $0.08
  12. Polysporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment
    Polysporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment
    Starting at $10.32

Items 1-12 of 73

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Antifungal Powder

Antifungal powder is designed to treat, moisturize and sooth fungal diseases. Use antifungal ointment and other otc antifungal medications to relieve itching, cracking, burning and irritation caused by infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, and yeast infections.

Try popular products such as Remedy Phytoplex antifungal powder, Remedy Olivamine antifungal cream and more!

Skin Repair Creams

With a full line of skin healing creams from leading brands such as TriDerma, you can find what you need to address facial redness, psoriasis, bruising and more.

  • Dry Skin: Hydrate dry, scaly skin with hydrocerin cream or lotion, or try a specialized dryness product from TriDerma.
  • Facial Redness Repair: TriDerma Facial Redness Repair is a popular medical skin cream that heals blemishes and reduces skin redness and puffiness. Ideal for individuals with Rosacea or sensitive skin, this skin repair cream helps maintain an even, healthy complexion.
  • Psoriasis Control: Manage psoriasis with TriDerma Psoriasis Control, which helps prevent flare-ups and maintain healthy skin head to toe.
  • Bruise Relief: For individuals with thin skin or skin that bruises easily or heals slowly, try bruise healing cream to gently but effectively soothe and heal skin.

Also in this category, you’ll find great products like sunblock, pain relief cream and pain relief gel, the bestseller Remedy Phytoplex nourishing skin cream, vein healing cream, eczema healing cream and more.

If you need help choosing the correct product, give us a call – one of our customer service representatives is waiting to help you!