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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? You’re not alone!
Here are some frequently asked questions and our answers.
If you’re unsure about something, call us at 1.877.813.7799 or contact us - we’re here to help!

My Account

1. How do I log into my account?
Click on My Account, and enter your email address and password in the space provided in order to access your AvaCare Medical account.

Placing Orders

1. I can’t seem to find the right product to fill my needs. What should I do?
2. How do I place my order once I found what I want?
3. Which payment types does AvaCare Medical accept?
4. Do you accept insurance?
5. Is online ordering with AvaCare Medical secure?
6. Does AvaCare Medical charge sales tax?
7. What is your shipping policy?
8. How do I use a coupon code/gift certificate?

Existing Orders

1. I already placed my order. How can I find out what’s going on with it?
2. I changed my mind about an order I already placed. What can I do now?
3. I have lots to say about a product I bought. How can I let others know what I think?

AvaCare Medical Programs

1. Is there any easy way to have a product automatically re-ordered on a regular basis?
2. Do you offer free samples?
3. How does your Price Match Guarantee program work?
4. Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?
5. Can I get a discount for referring a friend to AvaCare Medical?
6. Do you offer discounts for veterans?