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Bed Rails for Seniors / Adult Bed rails

Bed rails for adults increase safety by preventing falls. In addition, if you're looking for a product that offers help getting out of bed for the elderly, a bed cane can be used as a mobility assistance device to make transfers easier. Bed assist rails also aid in positioning oneself and getting up into a sitting or standing position while in bed. Read More...

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  1. EZ Adjust Bed Rail
    EZ Adjust Bed Rail
  2. Freedom Grip Bed Rail
    Freedom Grip Bed Rail
  3. Advantage Rail
    Advantage Rail
  4. Bariatric Half Bed Rail for MDR107004
  5. SkiL-Care Classic Bed Side Rail Bumper Pad
    SkiL-Care Classic Bed Side Rail Bumper Pad
    Starting at $77.97
  6. Endurance Adjustable Hand Bed Rail
    Endurance Adjustable Hand Bed Rail
    Starting at $79.81
  7. SafetySure SafeGuard Handle Cover for 2025 Bedrail
  8. Vinyl Bed Rail Cushions (One Pair 60" Long)
  9. Security Bed Rail
    Security Bed Rail
    Starting at $101.43
  10. Low Bed Package
    Low Bed Package
    Starting at $1,402.93
  11. Hermell Bed Rail Pad
    Hermell Bed Rail Pad
    Starting at $38.51
  12. SlantRail Reversible Bed Rail

Items 1-12 of 58

Set Descending Direction

Bed rails for seniors are usually portable, and many are length and height adjustable to adapt to your needs.

Bed Rails for Adults

The primary purpose for bed rails for elderly individuals is to provide fall protection so that users can sleep safely and securely.

One popular bed guard rail for adults is the Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail, which is length adjustable, folds out of the way when it’s not in use, and features a full organizer pouch for extra convenience.

Bed Canes

Bed canes, also known as bed assist rails or bed handles, are used to shift positions while in bed, as well as for transferring independently in and out of bed. Although bed canes usually do not provide fall protection, it is important that the product you choose has a sufficient weight capacity to safely bear the weight of the user during transfers and positioning.

If you’re looking for a bed assist rail, you may want to consider the best-selling Bed Assist Bar, which features tool-free assembly, a universal design that makes it compatible with moth bed types and sizes, as well as a convenient storage pouch. For extra safety, these adjustable bed rails (and many rails like this one) are equipped with safety straps that secure to the bed.

Whether you’re looking for something to prevent falls or to assist with positioning, be sure to check the specifications when selecting adult bed rails to ensure that it will fit the bed you use. Please be aware that Sleep Number beds, platform and water beds, as well as beds with box springs that have been detached, are not compatible with our bed rails for elderly.

If you need help finding the right product, give us a call and one of our professional caregivers will be happy to assist you.