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Digital Pregnancy Test / Ovulation, Breast Milk, Colon & Other Testing Kits

AvaCare Medical carries a full selection of the best digital pregnancy tests, ovulation predictor kit, and other at home test kits. Aside from pregnancy-related tests such as First Response Pregnancy, they also have at home Colon tests, and alcohol breast milk tests. Read More...

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Most Accurate Pregnancy Tests

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The most accurate pregnancy tests that can be taken at home can be about 99% accurate. The longer you wait to take a pregnancy test, the more accurate the results will be. Instead of testing just days after ovulation, waiting until after the first day of your expected period will make it more likely for you to get an accurate testing. The most accurate pregnancy tests available today include the following ones:

First Response Pregnancy Tests

First response pregnancy tests are known to be the most accurate pregnancy tests around. They can test for pregnancy up to 5 days before your period begins! They are 99% accurate when tested on the day of the missed period. They are more than 15% more sensitive than Clearblue Easy Earliest Results, so if accuracy is more important to you than speed, a First Response Pregnancy Test is what you want.

Easy Pregnancy Test Kits

Digital pregnancy tests are most likely the most easy pregnancy test kits to use and to read.

Digital Pregnancy Test

A digital pregnancy test is a quick and simple way to discover if you’re pregnant. According to the makers of the First Response Pregnancy Tests, these tests are 99% accurate when taken a day before your expected period, but only 60% accurate when taken 5 days before. A digital pregnancy test can provide results in under 5 minutes, and can pick up on pregnancy even before you miss your period.

The Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test is the most popular digital pregnancy test to be found. This is the most accurate and most sensitive digital pregnancy test to be found. It’s easy to use, and easy to read.

Ovulation Predictor Kit

An Ovulation Predictor Kit uses an ovulation stick to help women identify the best time to have intercourse by tracking when ovulation occurs. The period of ovulation is the best time for intercourse.

Here’s How an Ovulation Predictor Kit Works:

An Ovulation predictor kit identifies the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge that usually occurs 1 to 2 days before ovulation begins. This surge is usually a sign that ovulation will occur in the next day or two. However, do take note that although the LH surge usually forecasts ovulation, it doesn’t always; sometimes, the LH surge occurs and is not followed by ovulation. Conditions which may cause the ovulation predictor kit to show inaccurate results include pregnancy, menopause, and recent pregnancy, and LH surge that isn’t followed by ovulation.

Early Result Pregnancy Test

An early result pregnancy test is usually the quickest way to determine if you are expecting during your cycle. The most sensitive early result pregnancy tests can be done four to five days before your period, so that you can know even without waiting for a missed period. However, early result pregnancy tests are not always accurate. They can tell you that you are pregnant, but they cannot fully assure you that you are not. False negatives are an often occurrence when it comes to early result pregnancy tests. Early result pregnancy tests may also have you noticing very early miscarriages that you’d otherwise never even know about. However, if you’d like to know whether you’re pregnant or not as early as possible, this is doubtlessly the best way to do that!

Other At Home Tests

Aside from digital pregnancy tests, ovulation predictor kits, and similar tests, AvaCare Medical also offers other at home tests, such as the following:

Alcohol Breast Milk Test

An alcohol breast milk test analyzes the breast milk and determines whether or not the alcohol has left the milk. An alcohol breast milk test is an accurate and easy way to figure out when the best time to breast feed is after drinking alcohol. Most alcohol breast milk tests work by letting out a bit of milk on a breast milk test strip, and then checking test results 2 minutes later. If the breast milk test strip has changed in color, that’s an indication of the presence of alcohol.

After drinking milk that contains alcohol, infants wake up more often, and sleep more fitfully. Taking an alcohol breast milk test, such as the MilkScreen, is an easy way to prevent this.

At-Home Colon Test

An at-home colon test checks for colorectal cancer. These tests have become quite accurate over time, and are a convenient alternative to undergoing a colonoscopy in a healthcare facility. An at-home colon test will check if there’s blood in your stool (blood in the stool is often an indicator of colorectal cancer) or if there are any unusual growths. Colorectal cancer is an extremely common form of cancer; over 100,000 people in the US alone are diagnosed with this disease each year. It is the fourth largest cause of death today (Richter, 2019). Therefore, once a person reaches 50 years of age, it's important to take an at-home colon test every few years even if you have no family history of colon cancer.

Most Accurate Pregnancy & Ovulation Tests Available Today: Quickest - Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test; Most Sensitive - First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test; Best Digital - Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test; Best Ovulation Test - First Response Easy Read Ovulation Test; Best Priced - Wondfo Pregnancy Test

Whether you require an at home colon test, a digital pregnancy test, an ovulation predictor kit, or anything similar, AvaCare Medical is here to provide you with exactly what you need. Give us a call at 1.877.813.7799, and we’ll be happy to assist you!



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