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IV fluids can be safely and efficiently administered in the hospital or at home with an IV drip attached to an IV pole. Our IV poles are built with sturdy, wheeled bases for safe and easy transport, and the hooks are specially designed to keep the IV bag in place. Read More...

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  1. Chrome Four Leg IV Poles
    Chrome Four Leg IV Poles
  2. Alumunim Five Leg IV Pole
    Alumunim Five Leg IV Pole
  3. Aluminum Deluxe Five Leg IV Pole
  4. 6-Leg Heavy-Duty IV Poles and Accessories
  5. Tech-Med IV Stand
    Tech-Med IV Stand
    Starting at $36.10
  6. Economy Removable Top I. V. Pole
    Out of Stock
  7. Mayo Instrument Stand, Double Post
    Out of Stock
  8. Mayo Instrument Stand, Single Post
    Out of Stock
  9. McKesson Economy 4 Leg 2 Hook IV Stand
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  10. Mayo Instrument Stand with Wheeled Base
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10 Items

Set Descending Direction

Both the four- and five-leg IV stand options provide stability and prevent tipping. IV stands can be adjusted to the preferred height quickly and easily.

For an intravenous pole built to last, choose any of the options on this page. Remember, all orders over $50 qualify for free shipping!