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Dry Mouth Spray / Mouth Moisturizer

Many seniors take medications that can cause xerostomia, which is also referred to as dry mouth. If you or a loved one suffers from dry mouth, find relief now with Biotene dry mouth remedies and products such as dry mouth spray, mouthwashes, rinses and more. Read More...

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Hundreds of prescription medications are known to cause dry mouth, and the more medicines you take, the more likely you are to suffer from dry mouth.

OTC cold remedies, antidepressants, and antihistamines are just a few of the common medications that cause dry mouth. Dry mouth can oftentimes come along as a side effect with certain medical conditions including diabetes, stroke, and yeast infection (thrush).

Symptoms of dry mouth include the following:

  • A red, parched look around the mouth
  • Difficulty eating or speaking
  • Halitosis
  • Burning sensation on the lips or tongue
  • Trouble swallowing
  • You start drinking more water during meals
  • Stickiness around the lips
  • Saliva has a white tinge and is thicker than normal
  • Your adhesive dentures have become loose and ill-fitting

If you are suffering from several of these symptoms, you most likely have dry mouth.

How to Remedy Dry Mouth

To help remedy severe dry mouth, regular use of a dry mouth spray or mouth moisturizer may be in order. You can also try using a saliva substitute or a dry mouth gel to replace natural saliva. In addition, a dry mouth toothpaste formula may be beneficial as it is made without the mouth-drying ingredients standard toothpastes include.

Here are some solutions for preventing or eradicating mild to moderate dry mouth and reducing symptoms of severe dry mouth. These dry mouth remedies are natural and easy solutions that work.

  • Water: Sipping water brings a temporary, brief dry mouth relief.
  • Drinks: Avoid acidic drinks and drinks with caffeine, because these dry out the mouth.
  • Tobacco: Don’t chew or smoke tobacco; it is a catalyst for dry mouth.
  • Inhalation: Breath through your nose as much as possible.
  • Sugar-Free Candies & Gum: Candies and gum that is sugar-free contains xylitol. Therefore, sucking or chewing such candy or gum can help prevent or eradicate minor dry mouth.
  • Mouthwashes: During your tooth-brushing regimen, use an alcohol-free mouthwash that contains xylitol, which increases saliva production in the mouth, or, even better, use a mouthwash that is specifically designed for dry mouth, such as Biotene Mouthwash / Dry Mouth Rinse, for optimum release.
  • Oral Rinse: If you need a quick but effective way to reduce dry mouth, try Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse.
  • Toothpaste: A dry mouth toothpaste is also helpful in moisturizing the mouth, and also prevent cavities and strengthen the teeth.
  • Humidifier: Since at night the mouth secretes less saliva, dry mouth can get worse at night. Also, sleeping with your mouth open can increase dry mouth. Use a humidifier to increase the humidity in your bedroom while you sleep.

Dry mouth often includes chapped lips. Chapped, bleeding lips are also quite common in the cold winter months, and they can hurt. You can prevent your lips from bleeding or allow them to heal by applying Vaseline, Blistex or a different lip balm.

Lip protectant and/or mouth moisturizer should ideally be applied as soon as you notice or feel that your lips or mouth are beginning to dry out.

Adhesive Dentures & Dry Mouth

Adhesive dentures don’t cause dry mouth, but can make it worse, and lead to oral infection. To prevent this, if possible, change to wearing implant dentures which don’t exacerbate xerostomia to such an extent.