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Adult Wipes / Disposable Wipes

When purchasing washcloths and disposable wipes for adults, there are many different options to consider. You can choose between wet, dry or flushable adult wipes. Other types available include incontinence or perineal wipes, baby wipes, large wipes for adults, and adult wipes with aloe or other soothing additives. Read more...

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  1. Baby Wipes Plus
    Baby Wipes Plus
    Starting at $5.65
  2. ReadyFlush SELECT Flushable Scented Wipes, 48 Ct, 12 Packs per Case
  3. ReadyBath Evolve Bathing Cloths Unscented 8 Count, 30 Packs per Case
  4. ReadyCleanse Perineal Care Cleansing Cloth, 5 Count, 30 Packs per Case
  5. Purell Sanitizing Skin Wipe Canister
    Purell Sanitizing Skin Wipe Canister
    Starting at $12.50
  6. Theraworx Bath Wipe Specialty Care
    Theraworx Bath Wipe Specialty Care
    Starting at $5.68
  7. Bedside-Care EasiCleanse Bath Wipe
    Bedside-Care EasiCleanse Bath Wipe
    Starting at $2.88
  8. TENA UltraFlush Personal Wipe
    TENA UltraFlush Personal Wipe
    Starting at $5.84
  9. TENA Classic Bath Wipe
    TENA Classic Bath Wipe
    Starting at $3.90
  10. TENA Ultra Bath Wipe
    TENA Ultra Bath Wipe
    Starting at $4.82
  11. Abena Personal Wipe
    Abena Personal Wipe
    Starting at $6.59
  12. dynarex Personal Wipe Soft Pack
    dynarex Personal Wipe Soft Pack
    Starting at $2.98

Items 1-12 of 90

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Dry Wipes vs. Wet Wipes for Adults

Wet wipes for adults or children allow for convenient cleansing, and this is especially true with wipes that are disposable. Another benefit of wet wipes is the large selection available, including scented and unscented wipes as well as flushable wipes for adults.

Disposable washcloths, also known as dry wipes, are preferred for their lack of chemicals. Although they are less convenient than pre-moistened wipes, they are fairly simple to use. Disposable dry washcloths can easily provide user comfort by wetting with warm water.

Usually, standard dry wipes cost less than regular wet wipes. The lower price is due to the lack of solution in the dry wipes. Another benefit of dry wipes is its versatility for use as a “wet wipe” if needed. Rather than having all of the different solutions and ingredients that come with wet wipes, a dry wipe can simply be wetted with water, and then used. This process avoids harsh ingredients that may irritate the skin, so that the user can remain comfortable. 

Dry wipes are also a viable solution when it comes to absorption needs. Since they contain no additive ingredients, they often offer higher absorbency than a wet wipe will. The downside to using these wipes, however, is that for some, they may not clean as well, or they may be too soft. Many dry wipes have adequate absorbency to serve in clean-up scenarios as well.

Flushable Wipes

User friendly and environment friendly flushable wipes for adults are designed to be durable enough for use but gentle enough to decompose in the toilet. It is important to note, however, that even flushable wipes may not be safe for septic systems. They are not recommended to be flushed because even though they should break down quicker, they still may clog sewer drains, and for this reason, it is important to not flush too many down at once.

Wipes for Bathing

Other wipes are intended for use in bathing. Personal hygiene wipes and bath wipes come with properties that cleanse thoroughly, and can even be used to provide a senior with a sanitizing ‘bath,’ sans water. They can also be used as hand cleansing wipes. The soaps that are used in these wipes are hypoallergenic and able to remove dirt and grime as well as oil in most cases. Many even have antibacterial properties. Rather than being completely wet to the extent that the ingredients are absorbed in the body, many of these wipes also feature rapidly evaporating ingredients in order to ensure that a person can get clean and dry quickly.

Difference Between Baby Wipes and Wet Wipes

One key difference is that baby wipes themselves may not have as many antibacterial ingredients in them. As we grow older, it is more common for fecal matter to increase the growth of bacteria; therefore, bacteria can also grow after someone wipes urine onto a baby wipe. Some culture studies have shown that wet wipes and incontinence wipes for adults can eliminate bacteria before it has a chance to start growing, and thus, the ingredients work to keep things like fungi, bacteria, and mold from growing in the area.

Aside from their usage as skin cleaning wipes, these adult wipes can technically be used to clean surfaces in one’s home. All of AvaCare Medical’s adult wipes are safe enough for use on anyone. They are designed to be used for anyone with incontinence, no matter his age.

Skin-Friendly Wipes

There are many benefits to using skin-friendly wipes. Some wipes (wet or dry) may cause problems or discomfort due the included fragrance. Other wipes contain forms of alcohol. It’s important for a person to consider these factors if he experiences any sort of irritation. Skin-friendly wipes often don’t have any side effects, and some of their benefits are as follows:

  • Soft and durable: For efficient cleaning that won’t cause damage to the skin over time, be sure to choose a wipe that is not only soft but also durable. Often, a wipe with a quilted texture will offer both of these fundamental features. 
  • Unscented wipes: If your patient or loved one has delicate skin, look for unscented disposable baby wipes for adults. The lack of fragrances will make irritation less likely to occur.
  • Alcohol free: You can also look out for disposable wipes for adults, that are alcohol free. Alcohol-free wipes for adults are less flammable, and less likely to irritate skin. Wipes that contain alcohol can often cause the skin to become inflamed, damaged, or dried out.
  • Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic disposable wipes for adults contain less substances which are known to bring about an allergic reaction.
  • Aloe, vitamin E, and chamomile: Wipes with aloe offer a more soothing experience. You can even find wipes that contain vitamin E and chamomile to moisturize and comfort the skin.
  • Baby wipes: Baby wipes are designed to be gentle on soft, delicate baby skin and are perfectly sized for your little one. Therefore, AvaCare Medical offers all the best baby wipes - for adults.


At AvaCare Medical, we care about you and the products you choose. If you’re having a hard time choosing the best adult wipes, then we highly suggest utilizing our samples program to find the right product for you. We’re always here to answer your questions as well, so be sure to give us a call at 1-877-813-7799. You can also email us or chat with us online during our business hours.