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Grab Bars / Safety Grab Rails

Toilet safety rails and bathroom grab bars for elderly and disabled individuals serve as a safe support system for climbing over the tub wall while getting in and out of the bath, getting up from or sitting down on a shower chair or the toilet, and maintaining one’s balance while standing in the shower. Read more...

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  1. Toilet Safety Rails
    Toilet Safety Rails
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  2. SuperPole Bariatric
    SuperPole Bariatric
  3. McKesson Wall Mount Grab Bar White Steel
    McKesson Wall Mount Grab Bar White Steel
    Starting at $13.41
  4. Parallel Bar
    Parallel Bar
  5. McKesson Bathtub Grab Bar Powder Coated White 14.5"
  6. Suction Cup Grab Bar, 12", White and Beige
  7. Hinged Left Rail
    Hinged Left Rail
  8. Healthsmart Suction Grab Bar
    Healthsmart Suction Grab Bar
    Starting at $29.70
  9. Steel Knurled Grab Bar
    Steel Knurled Grab Bar
    Starting at $26.58
  10. Cardinal Health Grab Bar
    Cardinal Health Grab Bar
    Starting at $7.49
  11. Textured Wall Grab Bar
    Textured Wall Grab Bar
    Starting at $18.96
  12. White Wall Grab Bar
    White Wall Grab Bar
    Starting at $23.73

Items 1-12 of 47

Set Descending Direction

Grab Bar Style

When choosing the ideal safety grab bars, you’ll need to consider the size, weight capacity, and style. Long security grab bars will provide a larger area of support, while grab bars with a higher weight capacity may be necessary for heavier individuals. You may want to choose bathroom grab bars that contrast with the color of the wall to make it easier for seniors to see and use – especially in the case of dementia.

There should be a 1 ½ inch clearance between the grab bar and the wall. The grab bar diameter should be either 1 ¼ or 1 ½ inches. Men often prefer the larger size and ladies the smaller size since men’s hands are usually larger than women’s. Chrome grab bars are often constructed to a heavy-duty standard to accommodate those who need added security and to hold higher weight capacities. 

Grab Bar Grips & Finish

Another necessary factor to consider is the actual grab bar grip itself. There are grab bar handles that one can grip more easily than other grab bar handles. For instance, some floor grab bars feature rubber grips that allow the user to maintain his balance so that he won’t slip or fall. If the user feels unsteady, he can simply grasp the home care grab bar tightly in order to regain his balance. 

When optimal support is crucial, steel grab bars will be much sturdier than plastic or other weaker materials. Depending on where the grab bar railing needs to be installed, a smaller or shorter grab bar may be considered. Some people even opt to place 6-inch grab bars near their commode or toilet.

Most grab bar railings are constructed of chrome, steel, or aluminum. It’s important that the finish of grab bars for the shower will provide enough traction so that one can hold onto them even when wet. Look for textured grab bars, or ones with a brushed finish that won’t be too rough on the skin but will allow for sufficient traction, such as knurled grab bars and knurled chrome grab bars. 

Suction Grab Bars

If you’re dealing with a temporary condition or injury, it may be worth considering temporary bathroom suction grab bars, which require no drilling. Keep in mind that grab bars and toilet safety rails that attach with suction cups can help you maintain your balance, but are not intended to support your full body weight in case of a fall. In addition, there are also clamp-on tub rails that grip the wall of the tub without scratching or damaging the surface. Like suction grab bars, clamp-on tub rails feature tool-free installation.

Installing Grab Bars

To find the most secure grab bars possible, one may want to look into getting one that can be bolted into a wall. Securing the grab bars to the wall can be difficult, especially for mobility-challenged users. In such circumstances, it may be beneficial to hire someone to install the grab bars. 

It is important to ensure that the wall has plenty of structural support at the location where the bars will be secured. This can be achieved in several ways. One method would be to ensure that there are support beams (wall studs) behind where the bar will be installed. If there don’t seem to be support beams behind the bar, one can always install a piece of hardwood or plywood on the wall where the mounted bar needs to attach. 

Benefits of Grab Rails

Grab rails offer significant benefits, for seniors as well as for individuals of other ages and stages. Having assist bars installed can help to prevent injury and prolong independence. Sometimes, people with limited mobility are afraid to shower due to a fear of falling. This can lead to skin problems and infections. Installing grab rails can reduce shower-related anxiety, and therefore help you to maintain hygiene without fears. 

Finding the Best Grab Bars for Your Needs

There are many quality grab bars, but not all of them will be applicable for everyone. Different people require different types of grab bars, depending on their needs and abilities. 


Anyone with limited mobility who requires reliable support would be best off having wall-mounted grab bars installed. These medical hand grab bars are the most stable, and can be installed in any room of your home, including the bathroom. In the bathroom, one can also utilize towel bar grab bars, which, aside from providing support, also have a space to sling towels through, so that they function as a towel rack.


These are for people who have a hard time lifting themselves onto and off of the toilet. People with very limited mobility will definitely want a toilet safety frame for support, but even those who can move around may find that a toilet safety frame makes life easier. 


Suction grab bars have an advantage over wall-mounted ones: They will not leave gaping holes in your walls after they’ve been removed. However, these handrail grab bars do not offer adequate support for those of limited mobility. They are designed to be used to help someone maintain balance (not for full-body support).


Security poles offer full support. They are perfect for those with very limited mobility, although of course they can be utilized by those with more mobility as well. They are often installed in the shower so that one can hold onto it while showering. Sometimes they’re placed in the living room or bedroom, near a couch or bed. One benefit of a security pole is that it doesn’t need to be attached to a wall, and therefore can be placed anywhere needed, and not only on the side of the room. 


Tub grab bars provide a nice amount of support. They can be used by those with limited mobility for getting in and out of the tub. They can also help with balance. 

AvaCare Medical is proud to offer a full selection of the best grab bars for seniors. Choose from curved grab bars, adjustable grab bars, grab bar towel racks, and many other types of specialty grab bars available now on AvaCare Medical. At AvaCare Medical, your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we guarantee the best prices – if you find an identical home care grab bar for a better price, contact us; we promise to match it!