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No Drill Grab Bars / Clamp-On Grab Bars

Browse the selection of no drill grab bars on our site today. Choose from clamp on grab bars, no drill shower grab bars, and other types of temporary grab bars available now on AvaCare Medical. Read More...

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  1. SuperPole Bariatric
    SuperPole Bariatric
  2. Suction Cup Grab Bar, 12", White and Beige
  3. Healthsmart Suction Grab Bar
    Healthsmart Suction Grab Bar
    Starting at $29.70
  4. Tri-Grip Bathtub Rail
    Tri-Grip Bathtub Rail
    Starting at $55.93
  5. Carex Bathtub Rail
    Carex Bathtub Rail
    Starting at $35.82
  6. Carex White Bathtub Rail
    Carex White Bathtub Rail
  7. Dual Level Bathtub Rail
    Dual Level Bathtub Rail
  8. Safe-ER-Grip Swivel Assist
    Safe-ER-Grip Swivel Assist
  9. SuperPole
  10. SuperPole Bariatric w/ Super Bar
  11. Mabis DMI Suction Grab Bar
    Mabis DMI Suction Grab Bar
  12. Bathtub Safety Rail, Retail

Items 1-12 of 23

Set Descending Direction

Many individuals prefer no drill bathroom grab bars to wall-mounted ones, since they are so much easier to install and they won’t damage your walls. However, no drill grab bars are sometimes intended for temporary use. If you’d prefer for your grab bar to be installed permanently, read through this guide to see which no drill grab bars can be utilized for the long-term.

Clamp On Bathtub Grab Bar 

The clamp on bathtub grab bar is a durable tub clamp bar that can be for either short or long term use. Clamp on tub rails are often both height and width adjustable, and features a tightening clamp which holds it in place. It comes with non-marring rubber pads under it, to prevent the bathtub surface of the tub from getting scratched. There is usually a textured handle which is easy to grasp even with damp hands. This clamp on grab bar offers much assistance with entering and exiting the tub, and will not damage your home in the least. Place it on the outer side of your tub. If you are using the tub clamp grab bar for the long-term, be sure to check the bar every month or so to see if its still adequately tightened and firmly in place, and adjust it if necessary. 

Suction Grab Bars

Suction grab bars can be placed in any location around the house. These grab bars attach to the wall by means of suction cups. Bear in mind that suction bars are optimal for use as temporary grab bars; they should not be installed for permanent use. A suction bar is designed to help individuals maintain balance, and does not offer enough support to hold a person’s full weight. It is ideal for anyone who wants something to be there in case he needs a bit of assistance steadying himself, or for someone with a temporary injury. If you are looking for temporary shower grab bars, suction grab bars are a great option. 

Transfer Poles

The difference between transfer poles and standard grab bars is that most grab bars are attached to a wall. Transfer poles, in contrast, are held in place by the floor and the ceiling. Transfer poles can be used as temporary bathroom grab bars, or alternatively, installed in any other room in your home that has a non-slanted ceiling. 

Advantages of No Drill Grab Bars

No drill grab bars offer many distinct benefits. They are easy to install, with tool-free installation, are unlikely to damage your walls in the least, and can be used for both commercial and residential locations. Furthermore, grab bars that require no drilling are usually easily portable, and therefore an ideal choice for those who travel often. They can also be moved from one room to another if necessary, without leaving behind holes or marks on the wall. 

Do you feel that having a grab bar could be helpful, but you don’t want to damage your walls? Choose from the many choices of no drill grab bars on AvaCare Medical now: We have no drill shower bars, clamp on bathtub grab bars, and security poles for you to choose from. Be proactive and shop now!